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th1a_hi yvl...16:31
yvlhey th1a_16:31
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th1aNow you're the only one here...16:32
th1aSo, how was your break?16:32
yvla bit empty today16:32
yvlpretty good, thanks :)16:32
yvlis replaceafill missing, or?..16:32
yvl(menesis is wandering around the office somewhere)16:33
* th1a checks the dates for PyCon....16:33
th1aThat's not until the 13th.16:33
th1aI'd say missing.16:33
yvlmaybe the internets blew up again16:34
yvlI looked briefly at
yvlit seems that they use cn to "make" the username, and it is most likely unicode16:35
yvlso - unicode usernames16:35
* yvl was not sure how to respond, so left the question open16:36
th1aAnd that's not trivial for us to support, right?16:36
yvlthough it may be quite easy16:36
yvlor not16:36
yvlall we know is that most places handle it, but there are some that crash horribly16:37
th1aOK.  If they restrict themselves to ASCII usernames? or what? It will work?16:37
yvlthey would need ASCII usernames as LDAP attribute somewhere16:37
yvluid tends to be ascii, but not always16:37
th1aOK... does this mean LDAP doesn't reall work, or that LDAP works if you restrict your usernames somehow?16:38
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yvlworks if you restrict usernames to ASCII somehow16:38
yvlit is loosely configurable, so...16:38
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th1aThe easiest way to restrict them is just to create them that way?16:39
yvltoo many implementations16:39
yvlthey can add their own attributes in some16:39
yvlor maybe set them in implementations that have them16:39
th1ahi menesis.16:40
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yvlcn would be your "first name last name"16:40
yvlso it's not likely they'll restrict that16:40
th1aOK, they can map a different LDAP attribute to our username?16:41
yvlI can query windows AD user on schooltool, but I need to add a record on uid attribute to match the "default_login_attr" attribute. Can I use "default_login_attr cn" to match cn attribute cause AD use cn(cn=common name) to locate the user, thanks.16:41
yvlprobably it would be best to finally fix unicode username support and be done with that16:42
menesisthe bug is
menesisand I have assigned it to me..16:43
menesisbut never got back to it16:43
th1aWhy can't I edit that bug?16:43
menesisit is a bug in zope16:44
th1aSo... setting that aside.16:44
th1aWhere do we stand with Celery?16:45
yvlth1a, maybe we can work around that16:45
yvlprinciple id is somewhat under our control16:45
yvlas for celery16:46
menesisI looked at the AD/ldap question and found an attribute sAMAddressName, but  not sure if it is the username16:46
yvlusualy it's simply uid, menesis16:47
yvlin posix style accounts or however that's called16:47
yvlI'm done with celery set up,16:47
yvlmostly done with report task submission16:48
yvlsome 1/3 done with report notifications16:48
yvland... that's it unless I forgot something16:48
th1aOK, thanks yvl.16:49
yvlshould I take a quick look at unicode usernames?16:50
yvlor postpone16:50
th1aI think I may have mentioned once or twice that getting Celery in this release is the top priority.  ;-)16:50
th1aLet's discuss that with menesis first.16:51
menesisI haven't seen yvl's latest celery branch16:54
th1amenesis:  My sense of this process is that it is better to rush something before feature freeze and then fix the bugs than miss the freeze.16:54
th1aOK, so that's step one.16:54
menesisonly uploading bugfixes after feature freeze is easier16:55
menesisI have uploaded the latest releases to raring already16:55
menesisbut this does not include celery and related infrastructure changes16:56
th1aWhat we need here is a big push to the deadline.16:57
yvlso... I'l put up a branch with infrastructure, but no actual celery tasks in use16:59
th1aSo do you guys need to sit down together?16:59
yvlwill that help?16:59
yvlworst case scenario, we can put reports themselves or the imports in the bugfix phase17:00
yvlthat would make hard for menesis to test of course17:01
th1aGiving him a chance to get started now would help, I'm sure.17:01
th1aBetter than waiting.17:01
yvlallright then, we can start from there17:03
yvlif there are no objections ;)17:03
menesisthe important part for me is the configuration files and scripts. supervisor, celery, etc.17:03
menesisdoes not matter if it is not used for anything17:03
th1aOK.  That's the top priority, and actually getting the reports working.17:05
th1aGuess that's it.17:07
th1aI'm actually checking in additions to the book and generally over my writer's block.17:08
menesisand reports don't work in Ubuntu 13.10 . have to debug with versions reportlab = 2.6 z3c.rml = 2.0.0 and fix/workaround it17:08
th1aAnything else?17:13
menesisI have updated buildout/distribute versions17:14
menesisif you get a VersionConflict: We already have ...17:14
menesistry make update17:15
menesisor rm bin/buildout17:15
menesisthen the new version of buildout will be bootstrapped.17:16
yvlfrom the first glance, quick fix for unicode usernames works17:17
th1aWhat does the quick fix entail?17:17
yvlencoding with punycode17:18
yvlthat's it.17:19
th1aDo we have to change views to decode it?17:19
yvlactually - no17:20
yvlat least no, if they work17:20
yvlneed to check everything everywhere to be sure17:20
yvlbut I don't think anything else stores directly, so there should be no backwards compatibility problems17:21
yvlwell, maybe when looking at the ZODB transaction history, it will display, say:17:21
yvl"sb.manager-" in new transactions and "sb.manager" in old ones17:22
th1aOK.  I"ve got you penciled in for bugfixes the rest of the month yvl, so you'll have time to work on that.17:23
yvlmenesis - if you want to play around17:23
menesisI hate punycode for that-17:24
* yvl too17:24
th1aIt is a one line change?17:25
yvlwho knew?17:25
th1aThat's pretty funny.17:25
th1aDo you hate it for aesthetic reasons?17:25
yvlthat little "-" saves lives!17:26
yvlbut anyway - maybe somebody will want to play around17:27
yvlmaybe Douglas17:27
menesismaybe encode('utf-8') would be better17:27
yvljust change some default users' usernames manually17:27
yvlI wouldn't do that after today's chat with mgedmin :)17:27
yvlrule of thumb - don't store UTF-8 in ZODB17:28
yvlor pain.17:28
yvl(python 3)17:28
th1aOK, let's wrap this up gentlemen.17:30
th1aLet's have a good push here through Thursday.17:30
th1aWork together!17:31
th1aThanks guys!17:31
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:31
yvlthanks guys17:32
th1areplaceafill has a cold.  I missed his email for some reason.18:03
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