IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2013-03-01

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Balu1122Hi is there any one who can help me with the process to install school tool on a shared hosting???14:39
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th1aBalu1122 needs a little more wait time.15:43
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th1aHow's the js looking, replaceafill?20:53
replaceafillso far i've removed the comment cell view from the journal code and unified the table generation20:57
replaceafillso it's not traversing students twice20:57
replaceafilli'm testing it in jelkner's server, so far so good20:58
th1aSo you think approaching this as a performance issue will solve it?20:58
replaceafilli hope so :(20:59
th1aHm... do you know what's actually breaking in the js?21:00
replaceafillnot yet, i have to add a core checkout to my buildout to replace jquery and add a breakpoint21:01
replaceafilli've been working only with the journal so far21:02
replaceafilland i'm sick btw21:02
replaceafillbut good enough to work :)21:02
th1aAh.  Dengue Fever?21:03
replaceafillno! i caught camila's cold21:03
th1aI didn't think you could catch a cold in the tropics.21:03
th1aWhat do you call it in Spanish?21:04
th1aDoes that also refer to temperature?21:05
replaceafillin our case (camila and me) yes21:05
replaceafillheadache, cough, etc21:05
th1aYou can't catch a cold on the Antarctic plateau.21:07
th1aIt is a sterile environment.21:07
veloutinwell, unless you bring in your own germs, I suppose? :P21:40
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