IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2013-02-25

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th1ahi replaceafill.16:31
th1aWe just lost menesis...16:31
replaceafillhey th1a16:31
th1aOK, so we're ready to package the bugfix release.16:32
replaceafilldid you get a response from glenda about the completion reports?16:32
th1aNot yet.  She's reall not sure.16:33
th1aRegardless, I'm afraid you're probably going to have to have a serious crack at these journal bugs.16:34
th1aI don't think we can wait for yvl to do them.16:34
th1aWe might need some kind of much larger scale test harness.16:35
th1aLike that simulates creating a few months of journal entries.16:35
th1aWe have two sites with the same bugs though.16:36
replaceafillthis one, right?16:37
th1aThat one and the duplicate periods.16:38
th1aAppearing and disappearing scores but also Thailand has that and duplicate periods.16:39
th1aWe'd blamed that on Jeff's setup, but it seems to be something else as well.16:40
th1aWe can ask questions of Thailand too.16:40
replaceafilli'll try to reproduce their timetable16:40
replaceafilland assign it to a section16:40
th1aYes... we may need a more comprehensive and complex test case.16:43
th1aIn both cases it didn't seem to come up immediately.16:43
th1aLike, maybe it comes up in the second term?16:44
replaceafillor when you click different months in the term16:44
th1aSo do mulitple terms, linked sections...16:44
th1aIt is something that doesn't come up in the simplest case.16:44
replaceafillgot it16:44
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replaceafillth1a, so, i'll park my completion report changes in a branch until we decide what to do, ok?16:46
replaceafillin the meantime i'll switch to the journal16:46
replaceafilli could probably add the pdf for the journal too16:46
replaceafilli remember there was a second bug for the journal...16:47
replaceafillbut i can't find it16:47
replaceafillnever mind16:47
replaceafillthat's based on Pujendra's email16:48
replaceafillthe one about the pdf option:16:49
replaceafilli'll focus on those16:49
replaceafill"Also, you should be able to fill down "present.""16:49
replaceafilli don't understand that part16:50
replaceafilli mean, in this bug:16:51
replaceafillagain, never mind:16:51
replaceafillthat one looks like a bigger task16:52
th1aFill down as present is sufficient.16:52
replaceafillbut you'd need a new state in the journal?16:53
replaceafillor you just delete "a's" in the column?16:53
th1aWell, yes.16:54
th1aWe don't need to get into this now.16:54
th1ayvl has a whole branch of work which will be merged for the October release.16:54
th1aIt has just become apparent that we've got severe problems with the existing journal which we need to fix, but we don't need to start a whole iteration on the journal.16:55
th1aSo let's just focus on the bug bugs.16:57
replaceafilljust the first two (affecting jelkner and pujendra)16:58
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th1aThanks replaceafill.17:00
th1amenesis, ayt?17:00
menesisI am17:00
menesisI have worked on scripts17:02
menesisbuildout.cfg is now a local copy17:02
menesisso your edits like develop ../schooltool will not be committed17:03
* replaceafill loves that change :)17:03
menesisthis is in a branch still17:03
menesisbut ready17:03
menesisalso there is a problem with recent buildout 2 release17:03
menesisyou probably ran into it already17:04
menesisbootstrap fails17:04
menesisthere is an update that fixes it17:04
menesisother than that17:05
menesisfound at least 3 problems preventing schooltool to start on 13.0417:06
menesiswas fixing those, have yet to upload17:06
menesisit now runs17:07
menesisonly reports generate an error17:07
menesisbut first I have to package cando fixes17:08
menesiswill be done after the meeting17:09
menesisredirected to the new page in the book17:10
menesisthat's it17:10
th1aOK.  Thanks menesis.17:11
th1aGlad you're getting an early start on the 13.04 issues.17:12
th1aI don't have anything else to add.  Now that I have a little momentum I should be able to keep plowing through with CanDo now.17:13
th1aThe first step is a doozy there.17:14
th1aI guess that's it.17:16
th1aThanks guys.17:16
th1aSee you Wednesday.17:16
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:16
replaceafillthanks everybody17:16
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didacsdhello, how i can install schooltool with LDAP?21:08
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th1aOne thing I've learned from watching this channel is that there's no point in popping up on IRC, asking a question, and leaving five minutes later.21:52
th1aIf you've made it this far, give it a while!21:52
th1aAlso, the question seems quite google-able.21:53
th1aOoh, that blue for required skills is a bit much.22:26
replaceafillhhmm you mean optional skills?22:38
th1aOh, are they optional?  That's a problem too I guess.  ;-)22:40
th1aI guess the B2T skills are optional.22:41
th1aCan we just put a table in there?22:43
th1aInstead of a color coded ul?22:44
replaceafillyou mean in the Help -> Color codes option22:45
replaceafillyeah, we should do something like the Color codes table we use in reports22:45
replaceafillsvg reports*22:45
replaceafillth1a, is the blob directory documented in the book?22:46
th1aNo... I'm looking at the assigned skills view for a course.22:46
th1areplaceafill:  I don't actually think so...22:47
* replaceafill goes to see22:47
th1aWell, I don't remember doing it.22:47
th1aI'd like to move it, are you looking at that bug or just asking?22:47
replaceafilli'm replying an email from a user reporting his photos lost after he moved the database to a vps22:48
th1aOK, I'll add that right now...22:49
th1aOh, it is mentioned.22:49
th1aJust not really explained.22:49
replaceafilli love this kind of email "i'm having this weird problem, but i love the application so much" :D22:51
th1aWell, it is better than "You suck and this doesn't work."22:51
replaceafillok th1a22:52
replaceafilllooking at assigned skills for courses22:52
replaceafillyou want to change the accordions_22:52
th1aWell... it is a relatively low priority.22:52
th1aCan we easily stuff a table in there with a Required column?22:53
replaceafilla table inside the accordion?22:53
replaceafillit shouldn't be difficult22:54
replaceafilllast weekend proved me it's useful to have these low-priority ui fixes filed as bugs22:54
th1aDoing that now.22:55

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