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th1aHow are we doing replaceafill?16:32
replaceafillhey th1a16:33
replaceafilllast bug remaining: projects16:33
replaceafilli tried my fix16:33
replaceafilland it works16:33
replaceafilli mean, making the project to go to the global skill16:33
replaceafilland then down to the section16:33
replaceafilli was thinking about your suggestion too16:34
replaceafillwe don't need to reconnect projects16:34
replaceafillwe need to reconnect section skills with global skills16:34
th1aYour fix would take some serious evolution too, right?16:34
replaceafillth1a, no, i only modified the projects gradebook16:35
replaceafillthe update grade functionality specifically16:35
replaceafillbut you know i noticed something16:35
replaceafilland this may be the 'real' use case for equivalences16:35
replaceafillcte has two versions of the same course, right?16:35
replaceafillcomputer applications16:35
replaceafillone is for 18 weeks and one for 36 iirc16:36
th1aIf you say so.16:36
replaceafillor whatever16:36
replaceafillthe point16:36
replaceafillis that both courses have almost the same skills16:36
replaceafillincluding the ones for maintaining hardware16:36
replaceafillthe project glenda is testing is in the 36 weeks course16:36
replaceafillbut she was adding skills from the 18 weeks course16:37
replaceafillin any case, the project functionality was broken16:37
replaceafilli just noticed that and though16:37
replaceafill"these skills should be equivalent" :)16:38
replaceafillin my head that's the idea of equivalent16:38
replaceafillif you acquired the skill in one course, it should appear everywhere else16:38
replaceafillbut that's probably a bigger task16:38
replaceafillthan fixing this16:38
th1aThat has been a subject of long philosophical debate.16:38
th1aCTE in general does not want them equivalent.16:39
replaceafillnever mind then :(16:39
th1aAlthough the CS courses you mention might be an exception if we'd point it out to them.16:39
replaceafillok, the other way to fix the issue16:40
replaceafillis through evolution16:40
replaceafillreattaching every section skill to its global skill16:40
replaceafillreattaching = making equivalent again16:40
th1aThe section skills are unattached too?16:40
th1aNot just the project ones.16:40
replaceafillthe project ones are the only one attached to something :)16:41
th1aLet me make it clear that what I don't want is completely changing the implementation to fix this fixed bug in the importer.16:41
th1aIs there some reason the evolution fix isn't as straightforward as I think?16:42
replaceafillthere's not16:42
replaceafilli'm just scared of evolution as usual :)16:42
replaceafillbut it's doable16:42
replaceafilli was writing it actually16:42
replaceafillto see if it works16:42
replaceafill(it will)16:42
replaceafillif we fix it through evolution, then the projects gradebook continues relying on equivalences the same way16:43
replaceafilland we don't touch it16:43
th1aTry to get the evolution to work.16:44
replaceafillbtw, the charts problem is also fixed now16:44
replaceafillwill you answer glenda's latest email? or should i?16:45
th1aI'm writing it now.16:45
replaceafillah, i also discovered a bug in an adapter for projects16:45
replaceafillwhich i already fixed too16:45
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replaceafillth1a, evolution script works18:33
replaceafilli'm going to test it now with acc database18:33
replaceafilland jelkner's18:33
replaceafillto check that doesn't break anything18:33
th1aIt is pretty straightforward?18:40
replaceafillslow, but straightforward18:41
th1aThat's fine.18:56
replaceafillth1a, out-of-the-blue question19:07
replaceafillyou once tried schooltool + sms19:08
replaceafillwhat software were you using for the sms sending part?19:08
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replaceafillor maybe i'm confused and you were not trying to send sms :D19:10
th1aAt one point at least.19:11
th1aI received and sent sms's from the phone connected via USB.19:11
replaceafillmarcela wants me to do the same for her :D19:12
replaceafilla more related to work question19:12
replaceafillwhat's the final decision on the report you hate19:13
replaceafillthe va section report19:13
replaceafillare we creating the pdf for that one?19:13
th1aOh... hm... let me try Glenda one more time on that.19:13
replaceafilli didn't catch a final answer in the last email thread about it19:13
replaceafillah ok :D19:13
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replaceafillhhmm bug in a completion report calculation...?19:28
replaceafilli forget what these columns mean so easily :(19:29
* replaceafill checks his test spreadsheet19:29
replaceafillth1a, can i go through the cando bugs and try to add small ones to the bugfix release?19:32
replaceafilllike this:19:32
replaceafillor this:19:33
th1aI don't think menesis is going to package and release it tonight.19:33
th1aSo yes.19:33
th1aI just made a bunch of those.19:33
replaceafillyeah, those are the ones i'm checkings19:34
th1aOf course, now I'll have to update my documentation!19:34
replaceafillsome are easy to fix19:34
replaceafillwe shouldn't fix them then!19:34
replaceafillthis one is duplicated, right?19:35
replaceafillah no19:35
replaceafillit's the export19:35
replaceafillthe other is the import19:36
th1aWe'll have to warn Glenda about that.19:39
replaceafillah, yes19:39
th1amenesis:  Can we shoot for a bugfix release for CanDo Monday morning?19:59
menesisth1a: yes20:05
th1aThanks menesis.20:24
replaceafillmenesis, i'll email you after i'm done fixing these small bugs, ok?20:37
replaceafillthere's a bunch of small ones :)20:38
replaceafilli wonder if jelkner really refers to the ugly report here:20:42
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