IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2013-01-23

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replaceafillyvl, you around?15:57
yvlhi :)15:58
replaceafillquick question15:58
replaceafillhey yvl :)15:58
replaceafilli found that viewlet is making the person_profile.pdf view to fail15:58
replaceafilland i don't understand what's used for15:58
replaceafillif i remove that registration, the pdf works as expected15:59
replaceafillwhat's the purpose of that "grid" viewlet in the person profile?16:00
yvlit looks like a debug directive committed in by accident16:05
replaceafillah ok, i thought so :)16:05
replaceafilli can remove it, right?16:05
replaceafilland i finally understood how parts are used :)16:06
replaceafillkk, will do16:07
replaceafillthanks yvl16:07
yvlsorry - they're a bit messy16:07
replaceafillah np, if i can understand them, they're easy enough :P16:07
th1ayvl:  Do you have any idea about what that Active Directory guy needed?16:38
yvlwell, yes16:38
th1aOther than OpenLDAP.  ;-)16:39
yvlhe saw some settings and he did not know what to put there16:39
yvlsadly, neither do I :)16:39
th1aSettings on his AD instance.16:39
yvlbut formed into the query string16:40
th1aI found AD to be a nightmare when I tried to manage it.16:40
yvlI assume whatever is the schema for persons in wins 2012 LDAP16:40
yvlit has uid attributes16:40
yvlbut that's just an assumbtion16:40
yvl* p16:40
yvlI also assume there's some dialog similar that in the link I gave16:41
yvlbut the thing is, people can build these quite freely16:41
yvlit's like SQL databases16:42
yvlsure, they both can be queried with SQL16:42
th1aYes, that's why it would have been nice to have something like CAS that people used as an intermediary.16:42
yvlbut until I know the schema of another database, I don't know how to help16:42
yvlin general, if you're using LDAP, you should have a sysadmin that knows what LDAP is16:43
th1aOr at least the simplest possible LDAP.16:43
yvlor use software that integrates automatically16:43
yvlor - yes - simplest possible LDAP16:43
th1aWhich is not AD!16:43
yvlyes :)16:44
th1aOK.  Thanks.16:45
yvlhope that helped him :|16:46
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replaceafillhhmm if i move cell formatting to the getter of the column, some sorting gets broken...19:30
* replaceafill looks into rml column adapters...19:30
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dreichreplaceafill, hey22:16
replaceafillhi dreich22:16
dreichnot much to report this week from us, I'm afraid22:17
replaceafilloh, anything wrong?22:17
dreichjust a lack of time - I've been really busy wrapping up a play I was directing, and Paul spend the weekend college-interviewing.22:17
replaceafillah, got it22:17
dreich(he's also not going to be here today, school stuff)22:17
replaceafillsame goal for next week?22:18
replaceafillok, let me know if you need help on anything22:18
dreichyeah, thanks!22:18
replaceafilland when you have something for me to review22:18
replaceafillgood luck!22:18
dreichwe've also been trying to work together in person, which'll help22:18
dreichis there anything new from you, by the way?22:19
replaceafillnot really, i'm working on some schooltool.quiz changes i'll deploy this week22:19
replaceafillbut we can talk about them next week22:19
dreichokay, cool22:19
dreichalso, I got the verification on the PyCon scholarship!22:19
replaceafillah great!22:20
dreichalright, I'm out now, then.  Thanks a lot!22:21
replaceafillsee you dreich22:21
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