IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2012-12-19

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th1ahi yvl, menesis, replaceafill, aelkner, mobert.16:30
yvlgood morning guys16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
th1aWould you like to start yvl?16:31
yvlI have not done anything concrete somehow16:32
yvldug up the celery work, looked at it16:33
yvllooked at how to put that and reports together16:33
yvldid not finish some more work on current reports16:34
th1ayvl's CPU has been on IOWait.16:34
yvlnamely some config passing to AutoFitGrid's16:34
th1aWaiting on disc...16:35
yvlat some point you have to look at what to do next16:35
yvland why16:35
th1aI'm just kidding.16:35
yvlant I noticed that there will be 3 weeks before sprint16:35
th1aYeah.  It'll be here before we know it.16:36
yvlI thought  I'd start preparing early16:36
yvlhad a small chat with menesis recently16:36
yvlthat refreshed my memory on various unfinished business with celery16:37
yvlhad stuff to do, nothing to show :/16:38
yvlmost of POV is going on holiday Dec 22-3116:38
yvlso next meeting will be in two weeks16:39
th1aI guess that's correct.16:39
yvlI'll look at email now and then16:40
th1aAs will I.16:40
yvlgreat :)16:40
* yvl done16:41
th1aYou might want to jot down some notes to yourself before taking off.16:41
th1aOK.  Cool.  Thanks yvl.16:42
aelkneryvl, can i ask you something?16:42
aelkneri wrote a resource report a while back, did you also write one?16:43
yvl... no16:43
aelkneri know you were working on better reports, but not a resource one, good16:43
yvlI forgot :/16:43
aelknerok, i'll add that to my merge lsit16:44
th1ayvl didn't actually WRITE many reports yet...16:44
aelkneryeah, he was working on certain things, but it's not a waste for e to do the merge16:44
aelknerthat's all i wanted to know16:44
th1aGo ahead aelkner.16:45
aelknerok, i thought i'd list the things that i will be merging16:45
aelkneri might only get to some of them over the vacation, but it's not a dangerous to add them to trunk16:46
aelknereven if people are not around, as that doesn't mean that a release is broken16:46
aelkneranyway, i will merge the resource report and the weighted categoies for report sheets16:47
aelkneralso, i'll be merging the skill scoresystems branch to cando trunk16:47
aelknerth1a, just to double-check, you're ready for that to land in trunk?16:48
th1aBasically trunk is now dev, as far as I know, so yes.16:48
aelknercool, also, the case-insensitive gradebook scoring16:49
aelknerand finally, the comment scoresystem cell modal16:49
aelknerabout that, i was wondering, does anyone know of a modal with form that we have written already16:50
aelknerbesides the report request, that is16:51
aelknerbecause the report request forms work off of the report package special magic directives and all16:51
aelkneris there a simple case where there is a user action that leads to a modal that accepts data16:52
th1aWhat we're trying to do is:16:52
th1aclick on comment cell in gradebook report sheet,16:52
replaceafillaelkner, filldown?16:52
th1aget a modal,16:52
th1aEnter your comment.16:52
aelknerreplaceafill, is that in cando only?16:52
replaceafillaelkner, gradebook16:53
aelknerok, perfect, thanks replaceafill16:53
aelknerthat's it for me16:54
th1aThanks aelkner.16:55
replaceafillso, glenda's report from yesterday made me realize we have a data model issue16:58
replaceafilland i'm not kidding :(16:58
replaceafilli found the cause of the url problem16:59
replaceafillthey removed and assign skills back to the course16:59
replaceafillso, if a teacher already visited a worksheet (section skillset), that becomes... a "ghost"?17:00
replaceafill(not sure what's the right term)17:00
replaceafillthe worksheet in the person's annotations loses its __name__ and __parent__ attribute17:00
replaceafillso when we try to get the current worksheet for the teacher to calculate the url17:01
replaceafillwe get: raise TypeError(_insufficientContext)17:01
replaceafillbecause there's no __name__17:01
replaceafillbut that's not the biggest problem17:02
replaceafillyou can access a existing worksheet (with some hackery)17:02
replaceafilland the current worksheet calculation and remember feature gets fixed17:02
replaceafillthe real problem is that this procedure loses scores!17:03
replaceafilli haven't checked the actual *why*, but i've been able to reproduce in 2 different databases17:03
replaceafillacc and hilt17:03
th1aSo we have one person in the wild with this bug?17:04
replaceafillth1a, yes17:04
replaceafilli'm positive i could help her to get her gradebook back17:05
replaceafillbut it's kind of hard using glenda as a communication proxy17:05
replaceafillanyway, i think i have to keep digging this, right?17:05
replaceafill(and i've been chasing bugs lately)17:06
replaceafilli talked to jelkner17:06
replaceafillabout his journal bug17:06
replaceafilland showed him i was not getting the same17:06
replaceafillusing his database17:06
replaceafillso, we kind of concluded it could be a network issue17:07
replaceafillsimilar to the ssl one17:07
replaceafillthat's the only explanation i could find so far17:07
th1aDo you think it could be some over-agressive proxying?17:07
replaceafilli asked him to try from outside the acc17:07
replaceafilland check for the specific bug17:08
replaceafillth1a, probably17:08
replaceafillbut it's weird he hasn't seen it in the gradebook17:08
replaceafillgradebook and journal use the same approach for sending the form i think17:08
th1aHm.  Good point.17:08
th1aMaybe one is slower?17:08
replaceafillanyway, i'll focus on this glenda issue now17:09
replaceafilli'm on it actuallly17:09
replaceafillthat's it from me17:09
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.17:10
th1amenesis, going twice?17:10
th1aWell, I guess this is aelkner's last "official" meeting as a full-time contractor on the project.17:12
aelkneryes, sadly17:12
th1aThanks for all you've done for SchoolTool, Alan.17:12
replaceafilli want to "officially" thank aelkner for all the things he has done for me and for us17:13
aelknerthanks for having me on the project, it has been an enjoyable ride17:13
th1aIt was not a coincidence that things stabilized on this project after we brought you on board.17:13
th1aNot having a stable second developer (other than PoV) was a nightmare.17:13
aelkneri appreciate you saying that, i'm always glad to bring as much stability as i can17:13
th1aHopefully we'll be bringing you back regularly.17:14
aelkneryeah, i'll be around, and you know how to find me :)17:15
yvlthanks Alan, it was fun working with you!17:15
aelknerthanks to all of you, it has always been a nice team to work on17:15
th1aLet me know where you wrap things up aelkner, we'll go over the comment dialogue, and I'll let you know what to put on your last invoice.17:16
aelkneri'll keep in touch in the short term, including briefly between the holidays17:17
aelkneralso, i'll look for you right after the new year to wrap up the invoice17:17
aelknerand if i accidentally left something in a silly state, i'll be sure to fix it after the new year17:17
th1aHave a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, gentlemen!17:18
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:18
yvlhappy holidays everybody!17:18
aelknerhappy holidays guys, don't drink too much egg nog, at least before driving :)17:18
replaceafillthanks everybody for a fun/busy year17:19
th1areplaceafill:  Maybe we should have some kind of "hiding" for removed course skills?18:41
replaceafilli think *a* problem is that we're using the same skillset id to store in the course18:42
replaceafillsince skillsets have unique ids18:43
replaceafill(i'm still testing it though)18:43
th1aUse relationships instead?18:43
replaceafillthat could probably help18:43
replaceafillbut it'd need a big change imho18:43
replaceafilli'm checking those two views right now18:44
replaceafillremove/assign course skills18:44
replaceafilland tracking why do they remove scores18:44
th1aIt would be a big change.18:46
th1aHm... "Before changing the SSL cache time-out interval, make sure that HTTP Keep-Alives are enabled (HTTP Keep-Alives are enabled by default). SSL sessions do not expire when you use them with HTTP Keep-Alives except when the browser closes the connection."19:04
replaceafillkeep-alive is enabled in the hilt apache server19:05
* replaceafill is testing :)19:07
replaceafillth1a, just fwd'ed you glenda's last email19:36
replaceafillthe user is starting over19:36
th1aOK.  We just have to fix this going forward.19:38
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th1aI'm just poking around the timeline for loading the journal -- there are lots of requests for the student popup menus.20:56
replaceafillit's the same for the gradebook20:56
th1aWhy is that?20:56
replaceafilland the gradebook has more options20:57
replaceafillif you load them separately, the page should load faster20:57
th1aOh, the page itself.20:57
th1aHoping you don't get to the menu immediately.20:57
replaceafillif you do, you get a spinner20:58
replaceafilluntil the menu is ready20:58
replaceafilli'm thinking of moving to virginia for a month20:58
replaceafilljust for the curiosity :D20:58
replaceafilli really don't understand that bug20:59
th1aI'm going to write an email to Matt right now.20:59
replaceafilli'm thinking of setting up ssl in one instance in the vps with jelkner's data21:08
replaceafillmaybe that would reproduce it21:08
th1aHow wouid that reproduce it?21:11
replaceafilli mean, not his journal bug, i mean the issue they discovered in september21:12
th1aYes.  Don't we have to be on their network to see it?21:13
th1aOr just to do some profiling?21:14
replaceafillmy point is that we usually don't run ST behind SSL21:14
replaceafillso we really don't know how it works21:15
replaceafillit's *supposed* to be the same :)21:15
th1aOK, true.21:17
th1aGood point.21:17
* replaceafill goes to get lunch21:21
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