IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2012-12-10

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th1ahi replaceafill, yvl, aelkner, mobert.16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
yvlgood morning16:31
th1aHad a good trip to Arlington on Friday.  CanDo is roaring along.16:32
yvlgood news!16:33
th1aAnd jelkner's global web of connections has us lined up for a Sengal via Arlington hook-up.16:34
th1aA friend there started a school in her home village in Senegal.16:34
th1aOK... replaceafill, would you like to start?16:36
replaceafillok, so i did some server maintaining/updating last week16:36
replaceafillfor ACC, Building to Teach and Social Skills instances16:36
replaceafillimported the new verso xls into ACC16:37
replaceafilleverything seems fine and working16:37
replaceafilli had some trouble with the Social Skills instance because its custom cando is not compatible anymore with latest schooltool/gradebook16:37
replaceafillplus they're using a sandbox16:38
replaceafillbut i figured out the right revision numbers to use16:38
replaceafilland they're up too, with a new set of custom skills imported16:38
replaceafilli did little progress on iep16:39
replaceafillbut i'm willing to finish that this week!16:39
replaceafill(sorry for the delay)16:39
replaceafilli have a question for menesis16:39
replaceafillah, but he's not here :(16:39
replaceafilli want to import schooltool quiz templates into rosetta16:40
replaceafillthe senegal school wants to use it16:40
replaceafilland they'll use everything in french16:40
replaceafillschooltool quiz has its own translation domain and all, but it needs to be translated16:40
replaceafilli think th1a showed rossetta to the senegal folks in his visit16:41
replaceafilland i'll create an instance for them in jelkner's server16:41
replaceafillwe'll see how that goes16:41
replaceafilland i'm just looking at a new problem reported by glenda16:42
replaceafillbut i think the user is confused16:42
replaceafillself.write(ws, index + 1, 2, skillset.external_id)16:42
replaceafillForbiddenAttribute: ('external_id', SkillSet(u'Demonstrating Workplace Readiness Skills: Personal Qualities and People Skills'))16:42
replaceafilli haven't looked the code yet, but i think that's old code for the exporter16:42
replaceafillnot the importer16:42
aelknersure sounds like it16:43
replaceafillthat's been fixed already16:43
replaceafillso i think i'll tell that to glenda16:43
replaceafilland wait for more feedback16:43
replaceafillah, last thing16:44
replaceafilli also fixed the teacher problem in acc16:44
th1aOK.  So we're feeling good about the current bug fixes & update process overall.16:44
replaceafillwhere he was not able to get into one section16:44
replaceafillth1a, i think so16:44
replaceafilli think that's it from me16:45
replaceafillwill reply glenda now16:45
th1aOK.  Thanks.16:46
aelknerok, so you saw my email to glenda and dave with the attached16:47
aelknerso basically, that chapter's finally closed, they have a script that will work from here on out16:47
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aelknerso then i continued the average in report card task16:48
aelknerthe last step was to add the average column to the add grid column view16:49
aelknerand then to have the pdf view for the report card use it, it all worked, including the use of weighted categories16:49
aelknerso i can show you that stuff later if you'd like16:50
aelknerthat's it for me16:51
th1aOK, we could walk through it this afternoon.16:51
aelknerok, 20:00?16:51
th1aYou'll need something new to do.16:51
th1a2:00 is good.16:51
aelknershall we discuss it then?16:51
th1aThanks aelkner.16:52
th1aok, yvl, I see you've got some results to show us (in email).16:52
replaceafillreally nice yvl :)16:53
replaceafilli like the grids16:53
yvlthanks man :)16:53
th1aThey look great!16:53
yvlso, I obviously didn't finish that work yet16:53
yvlstill need to clean up16:54
yvladd proper page splits16:54
yvland attach to some gradebook16:54
th1aI guess diagonals do present a number of design questions when you don't necessarily know the length of the headers.16:54
yvlyeah :)16:55
yvland you have to calculate coordinates by hand, so I even used... MATH16:55
yvllike cos(45o)16:55
yvlbut it all seems to fit nicely16:56
yvlbut anyway16:57
yvlI should be done cleaning up tomorrow16:57
* yvl done16:58
th1aProbably we should do some kind of pre-processing and warn people about layouts that don't fit.16:58
yvlcould you elaborate on that?16:59
yvlI was thinking:16:59
yvla) limiting the label length to take up, say, half of a page, not more16:59
th1aWell, for the report card for example, there is a layout form that goes column by column, so we could even update the space available as you go.16:59
yvlb) when there are too many columns, just split into two tables16:59
th1aOr... we could just shrink the fonts.17:00
yvlor split the tables17:00
yvland add preview ;)17:00
th1aOr, for that matter split the header lines.17:00
th1aAt a certain point that becomes more space saving.17:00
yvlwell, splitting table lines... is manual17:01
yvlI should mention, that header on this table is an "illustration"17:01
yvlthis means that all coordinates must be done by hand17:02
th1aThe diagonals.17:02
yvlwhere in other parts of pdf these are flowables17:02
yvlso - no automatic line splitting, no nothing17:02
yvlbtw, the grade table itself is flowable17:02
th1aCan you elaborate on that a bit?17:02
yvlI clamped the column widths for the grade table17:03
yvlbut reportlab knows when to split it to another page17:03
yvli.e. when there is not enough space in the page17:03
yvlthe header... is like a picture with a fixed size, as far as reportlab knows17:04
yvlso when the table runs out of vertical space, it can just "attach the picture" to the continued table in page 217:04
yvlthere is no horizontal handling17:04
yvlbut I can calculate how many columns will fit17:05
yvlgiven the length of the longest label, font size, boldness, and so on17:05
yvlso I can know that in A4 there is enough space for, say, 12 columns17:06
yvland I can reneder a table with 1..11 columns + "Continued..." column17:06
yvland then render another table with 12..XXX columns17:06
yvlbut vertical splits are handled by reportlab17:07
yvlI can also, for example, try fitting all columns with font size 12, and if they don't reduce the font size17:08
yvlthis gives some gain on tables that have a bit more columns17:08
yvlbut then again - fitting 4 times more columns will be unreasonable17:09
yvljust think about how small a grade in each cell should be17:09
yvland in generic case17:09
yvlPass / Fail17:09
yvlother text...17:09
yvlmay just become unreadable by humans17:09
yvlwell, that's my rationale for table splitting17:09
yvlI'm for either table splitting,17:10
yvlor for "fit to fonts 8..12 or split"17:10
th1aWell, it is something we should hold of on a firm decision on, especially since it may end up going either way depending on the case.17:10
th1ae.g., we know a lot more about what the journal might look like than the gradebook.17:11
th1a(generally around 30 columns, short headers...)17:11
yvllet's do the min/max font thing17:12
yvlwe can alway set min=max to reports we want17:13
yvlwe can add font size control to the user (in the future)17:13
yvland if all fails, there's always table split17:13
yvlsounds about right?17:13
th1aFont sizing and letting the user revise if he doesn't like it would seem to be the one-step universal solution.17:14
yvlso I'll do font sizing17:15
yvland we can add user font option later17:15
yvlfor example, with other options, like page size.17:16
th1aHard wire a max size for sure though.17:16
th1aWe don't want crazy big headers!17:17
th1aOK, sounds good.17:18
th1aOK, the person view...17:20
yvl(also - it looks good ;)))) )17:20
yvlit is for dev reference actually17:21
th1aThat's demonstrating a straight table port?17:21
yvltable with sub-tables17:21
yvland multiple report section registration17:21
* yvl has doubts if this report will actually be released... ever17:22
th1aRight, but it isn't so much a method for FORMAL reports.17:23
th1aFor the most part.17:23
th1aIt is more of a "Print this page" feature, right?17:23
yvlmore like that, yes17:24
th1aOK.  Understood.17:24
yvlbut we do have forms and we do have tables17:24
yvland know how to write them :)17:24
yvlbut again - that's just a go-to for the devs17:25
th1aAnything else, yvl?17:27
yvlI'm afraid that's it17:27
th1aOK.  ;-)17:27
menesisreplaceafill: as you asked, I have now set up translations for schooltool.quiz17:28
replaceafillmenesis, thank you!!17:28
replaceafilli'll start with the spanish translation to see if i missed some i18n strings :)17:29
menesisI have finished upgrading zope packages for developers and in ubuntu17:29
menesisand a bit more17:29
menesistried what is compatible if zope.* 4 versions are used17:30
menesismade adjustments in schooltool as well, to be ready17:30
menesiszope packages that have version 4 usually marks that they support python 317:31
menesisthat is not important to us, but there are other projects that use some parts of zope, e.g. pyramid17:31
menesisand they are being upgraded without asking me – and there were some incompatibilities already17:32
menesisbut that all is ok now17:32
menesisthen I did some more cleanup17:33
th1aAh, I see.17:33
menesise.g. standalone schooltool server, based on, that we don't support17:34
menesisthat touches the same code that justas has refactored/added to in his celery work17:35
menesisbut I only removed code so that's easy17:36
yvlwell, code tend's to rot, so no problem :)17:36
th1aI figure we're going to spend a lot of our sprint here finishing the celery changes.17:36
menesisso yeah I looked at the obsolete code and cleaned some of it17:37
menesisthe next step is to see what yvl has done17:38
menesishaven't tried that yet17:38
menesisis a major change17:38
yvlth1a - probably not - finishing celery is... well, finishing.17:38
yvlit's opposite of prototyping17:39
th1aWell... understanding celery, perhaps.17:39
th1aPrototyping using it.17:39
menesisin the sprint? I thought we are going to merge the celery branch soon17:39
th1aYes, not "finishing."17:39
th1aOK, to be clear...17:40
th1aWe should have it merged and be looking at how it works and what we can do with it.17:40
th1aBecause if I understand correctly, it doesn't do much yet.17:40
th1aWe have the plumbing but not the fixtures?17:41
menesisit changes how schooltool server is run.17:42
yvlok, I get it now17:42
menesisthere will be a supervisor managing 3 servers now and I fear that will be a pain for me to translate to ubuntu packages...17:42
menesisthat's why I fear to start on this task :-/17:43
th1aIt will be a big job for you menesis.17:43
th1aSo you'd better get started.  ;-)17:43
yvlit shouldn't be that bas17:43
yvlmost of the packages are in Ubuntu anyway17:44
yvland they do have command line to manage them17:44
yvlso... it should be quite similar to what we have now17:44
menesiswhen I last looked, all the needed packages were in ubuntu, starting with quantal17:44
yvland our celery branch does reuse our ST configs17:45
yvl(and extends them a bit)17:45
yvlbut there will be extra pid files, extra logs17:46
yvland one (or more) database files17:46
menesisso that's the next thing I'm going to work17:46
yvlif something does not work as expected, you know who to blame ;)17:47
* menesis done17:48
th1aThanks menesis.17:48
th1aOK, see you Wednesday gentlemen (at 2:00 for aelkner).17:49
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:49
replaceafillth1a, everything seems fine for the cando site:17:49
replaceafill"So sorry. I have since received a message from his saying he got everything up and running. Like I said, he must not have followed directions again. I'll get with him to verify he has the latest skills AND has performed the update."17:49
replaceafillreply from glenda17:49
yvlthanks guys17:51
replaceafillthanks everybody17:52
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replaceafillth1a, we should plan to update the social skills cando sometime :)18:25
replaceafilli'm getting bitten by its importer >:(18:26
replaceafilland its UI doesn't allow me to change labels!18:26
th1aWe will soon.  I want to put IEP's to bed.18:34
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th1aHm... is gmail not working for anyone else?19:05
replaceafillnot loading here19:06
replaceafillworking now :D19:06
th1aIt is crashing Chrome too.19:07
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th1aaelkner: ayt?21:02
aelkneryep, google hangout?21:03
th1aJust a sec...21:04
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?21:22
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replaceafillth1a, back22:30
th1aaelkner and I were discussing fixing case sensitivity in the gradebook for discrete score systems.22:30
replaceafillit will need to lower the input for validation i think22:31
th1aThere are probably several approaches.22:31
aelknerso, shall i be the one to fix that?22:31
replaceafilland calculations22:32
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replaceafillwe should do the same in the journal too22:32
replaceafill(i think the journal has the same issue)22:32
th1aDo we want to store them as lowered?22:36
th1aWe just need to be clear about what we're storing.22:36
replaceafillwe should store a "key" i think22:37
th1aWhat do you mean?22:48
replaceafillimho, this is the problem i see with scoresystems22:49
replaceafillthey're not able to do this22:49
replaceafillwe can keep comparing "values"22:49
replaceafillbut we should compare a key to the value instead22:50
replaceafillmaybe it's because i think of the journal, and when "t" means tardy in english22:50
replaceafillbut maybe not in spanish22:50
th1aI don't see the distinction.22:50
replaceafillbut that's just my 0.0222:51
th1aAh, well, I'm not sure it is the same issue in other score systems.22:52
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