IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2012-11-09

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yvlping th1a15:59
yvlis there something specific you'd like me to work on Mon?16:00
yvlor continue on reports?16:00
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replaceafilloh no16:48
replaceafilldwelsh database cannot evolve16:48
replaceafillmenesis, you around?16:49
menesisreplaceafill: yes16:50
replaceafilli think that's the relevant part of the traceback16:50
replaceafilli wonder why didn't we have it yesterday16:51
replaceafilli think the only difference between my branch and yvl's is a return line he included16:52
replaceafilli wonder what's changed in dwelsh data since yesterday...17:09
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* th1a_ 's babysitter is off today.17:10
th1a_I'm here now though.17:10
replaceafillth1a_, we have an issue with dwelsh data17:10
replaceafillcan't be evolved17:10
th1a_replaceafill: Are you chatting with him?17:10
replaceafillnot now17:10
replaceafilli was like 30 mins ago17:10
replaceafillwhen he asked me to update his server17:10
th1a_Do you know what the problem is?17:11
replaceafilli just double checked his Data.fs in my local instance and doesn't start either17:11
replaceafillnot really, a keyreference problem17:11
th1a_Is yvl still awake?  Can you work on this now?17:11
replaceafilli have no idea how to solve it17:12
replaceafillall i can see is that an integer is being used as a keyreference17:12
replaceafillbut don't know why17:13
replaceafillor why we didn't see it yesterday17:13
th1a_Can you revert dwelsh?17:13
replaceafillmenesis, is that possible?17:14
replaceafilli have never reverted a deb package17:14
replaceafillall i can think of is hacking the generations/ file in schooltool.cando17:14
replaceafillto make the database version = 117:14
replaceafillbut i'm not sure about side effects17:14
th1a_I was just doing the same thing.17:18
replaceafilltry it and let me know ;)17:18
th1a_What's your schedule today?17:19
replaceafilli'm leaving to the conference late in the afternoon17:19
replaceafillit starts at 6 pm17:19
replaceafillthose instructions seem reasonable to me17:20
replaceafillmaybe i could uninstall only schooltool.cando17:20
replaceafilland download 0.317:20
replaceafilldpkg -i17:20
replaceafillmenesis, any advice?17:22
menesisreplaceafill: looking at the problem17:22
replaceafillah ok17:22
menesisnot sure you can download an older version17:22
replaceafilli could download 0.3 from here:17:24
menesisok, you can,
menesisgo to ppa page and change Published to Any Status17:24
replaceafilli can see 0.3.0 in your link17:25
replaceafilli can wget it17:25
replaceafillremove 0.3.1 from dwelsh server17:25
replaceafilland dpkg -i 0.3.017:25
replaceafilldoes that sound right?17:26
replaceafillor try that fancy "apt-get install python-schooltool.cando=..." syntax :)17:27
replaceafilllots of people are successfully evolved17:36
replaceafillbut it failed on:17:36
replaceafill****FAILED**** Alvarez-Pedraza, Paolo17:37
th1a so... ?17:54
replaceafillwaiting to see if menesis finds a solution to the problem17:55
th1aYou don't want to try to revert?17:56
th1aIsn't APS down?17:56
replaceafillit is17:56
replaceafillsure i can try17:56
th1aWe can't push a change until tomorrow anyhow.17:56
th1aIt takes all day to build a package.17:56
replaceafillah, true17:56
replaceafilli'll try to revert17:56
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menesisreplaceafill: you wget the .deb and dpkg --install .deb17:58
replaceafillon it17:58
menesisapt-get python-whatever=version won't work17:58
th1amenesis: we can't quickly switch it back in the repository can we?17:59
menesisth1a: no, needs a new upload17:59
th1areplaceafill:  Can you reproduce this in your sandbox?18:02
replaceafillth1a, yes18:02
replaceafillthe interesting part is that we had no trouble yesterday18:02
replaceafillok acc is up again18:03
th1aRemember that procedure for future reference.18:04
replaceafilldwelsh is away on the chat18:05
replaceafilli'll send him an email18:05
replaceafillexplaining what we did18:05
th1aAre we going to be able to get this fixed today or should we revert the package?18:11
th1aWe can't leave a package up that won't let the server start.18:12
replaceafilli think we should revert the package18:12
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th1areplaceafill:  I assume you're trying to pdb this?18:22
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* th1a is going to make lunch.18:27
replaceafilli hit a wall with OOBTree C code :(18:30
th1a_iPhoneDoesn't seem like it should be that deep18:31
replaceafillthe problem happens in a pop call of the history btree18:31
replaceafillwhich tries to get a keyreference to an integer?18:31
replaceafillno, tries to use an integer as a keyreference18:31
replaceafill(that's the right sentence) :)18:32
menesisI think the .pop call is wrong18:35
menesisbecause it deletes list items by index while iterating over it18:36
menesiscould you try
replaceafillhold on18:36
menesisor where can I get the broken Data.fs18:36
replaceafillit's in our vps18:37
replaceafilldo you have access to it?18:37
menesisbecause I couldn't find an instance with skill scores18:37
replaceafillhold on18:37
replaceafilllet me create an account for you18:37
replaceafill(you don't have one)18:37
replaceafillmenesis, done18:39
replaceafilluser: menesis18:39
replaceafillthe Data.fs is at:18:40
replaceafilli'm going to try your patch18:40
replaceafillAttributeError: 'BTrees.OOBTree.OOBTree' object has no attribute 'remove'18:42
replaceafill  File "/home/replaceafill/sandboxes/cando_dwelsh_evolution_error/schooltool.cando/src/schooltool/cando/generations/", line 160, in fixSkillScores18:42
replaceafill    evaluations._history.remove(score)18:42
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replaceafillth1a, have you been to toronto?18:50
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replaceafillwow, there's like 20 th1a's18:50
replaceafillth1a_iPh_, i'm looking for a good place to eat :)18:51
th1a_iPh_I have no help18:51
replaceafillah, np18:52
replaceafilli wish there was a timmy and robert's branch here :D18:52
th1a_iPh_Bob & Timmy's?18:54
replaceafillthat one ;)18:54
replaceafillit started!19:00
th1a_So what was it?19:01
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replaceafillit seems like it worked19:03
replaceafilli can see the 17 scores in dwelsh database19:03
replaceafilli mean, the nov 17th19:03
th1a_What was the problem?  Do you know?19:04
replaceafillaccording to menesis a list was being modified while it was being traversed19:05
replaceafillhe changed the call19:05
replaceafilli'm comparing now what we had yesterday19:05
replaceafilland what we got now19:05
th1a_iPh_Maybe it was just a different timing.19:06
replaceafillthe instance and my screenshots from yesterday look the same19:07
th1a_iPh_Maybe the reads and writes just came in a lucky sequence yesterday19:07
th1a_iPh_I'm speaking into my phone while pushing Julia swing19:08
replaceafillyou're not typing!?!19:08
th1a_iPh_Speech recognition is pretty good19:08
replaceafilli like that!19:08
replaceafilli want that! ;)19:08
replaceafillok, time for lunch19:09
replaceafilli'll be back in ~1h19:09
th1a_iPh_You have an android phone?19:09
replaceafillno :(19:09
replaceafillmine is a $18 phone ;)19:09
replaceafillwith a broken display :D19:09
th1a_iPh_Holding out for Ubuntu phone19:10
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th1a_menesis: I guess we should push the fix?19:21
menesisI should, yes...19:22
menesisth1a_: yvl has reviewed aelkner's node search changes19:24
menesisand added a fix for node catalog19:24
th1a_I don't think I want to add anything else right now.19:24
th1a_Let's just push the one fix to the fix.19:24
menesis(the test failure that aelkner was talking about)19:24
th1a_I REALLY don't want to break the fix to the fix.  ;-)19:24
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menesisth1a_: done20:13
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th1a_Thanks menesis.20:33
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