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vialdeHello, I'm evaluating Student Info Systems for a new primary school in the UK and I was wondering if anyone knows of  a demo of SchoolTool that I can have a look at?12:11
khildinI thought let's just search for a demo, but when I go to I get a IIS7 welcome screen... is this intended???13:54
khildinth1a ping13:55
khildinBAD karma...13:55
khildinvialde: it is easy enough to install schooltool in a VM... just use a vanilla ubuntu server and install schooltool on top of it...13:58
khildin is quite straightforward.. :)13:59
vialdethanks khildin….I'll give it a go.14:22
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th1ayvl:  Anything to report?16:46
th1areplaceafill:  Would you like to chime in on
th1a(concerning your location, at least)16:48
replaceafillth1a, ah16:56
replaceafillon it16:56
replaceafillit's the "mistmatch" between schooltool *sections* and salvadorean *sections*16:57
replaceafilli solve it "welsh style"16:57
replaceafillusing titles to identify stuff :D16:57
yvlhi th1a16:59
yvlwent for a short walk16:59
th1aAlways a good idea yvl.16:59
yvlI narrowed it down17:00
yvlData.fs helped17:00
yvlworking on an evolution to fix17:00
yvlI may commit it today17:00
th1aWhat was the problem (briefly)?17:01
yvlstudent grades were put to other sections that do not have the students17:01
yvlbut sections have same instructor and same course17:02
replaceafillyvl, do you have a script to "show" it?17:02
replaceafilli mean, the isue17:02
replaceafillbecause i have access to dwelsh Data.fs17:03
replaceafilland he reported a similar issue17:03
yvlyou can open the Data.fs, find such student and rummage through his __annotations__['schooltool.evaluations'].keys()17:04
replaceafillah ok17:04
yvlsome of those key.section_intid will be different from section skill's section_intid in sections the student enrolled17:04
replaceafillgot it17:05
yvland somewhat embarrassingly, section skill has .section property17:05
yvlbut it has a typo17:05
yvlit checks for .section_id instead of section_intid17:05
replaceafillif self.section_id is None17:06
yvlvery embarrassing17:06
th1aCan I send out a "your data is there, fix coming soon" email?17:06
yvlyes, th1a17:06
replaceafillyvl, just out of curiousity, how will you handle a case where they already entered new dates17:07
replaceafillby time comparison?17:07
replaceafillor just "score is not None" style?17:07
replaceafillsorry, i meant, new grades :D17:07
th1aYeah, just make sure you account for that in migration.17:08
yvlreplaceafill, by evaluation.time17:09
replaceafillyvl, got it17:09
yvlyou know guys17:09
yvlI'll push it out tomorrow17:10
yvlwouldn't want to make a booboo again17:10
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replaceafillman! i love table formatters :)20:12
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replaceafillmenesis, you around?20:54
replaceafillth1a, zyt?21:02
th1ahi replaceafill.21:03
replaceafillhey th1a21:03
replaceafilldo you have 2.3 installed?21:03
th1aI do.21:03
replaceafilli'm trying to confirm
th1aShould I try to delete a term?21:04
replaceafilli can do it in my sandboxes21:04
replaceafillbut i'm not sure if it's included in the debs21:04
replaceafillalthough bzr history says it's been there since 2.121:04
replaceafillah np21:04
replaceafillit's over :D21:04
th1aI can.21:05
replaceafill"Sorry, I was my mistake. I reinstall ubuntu server 12.04 and I was working on Schooltool 2.1. Now It is working well."21:05
* th1a has trouble getting anything done the day of a presidential election.21:35
replaceafillhhmm weird bzr message when trying to commit:21:41
replaceafillConnectionReset reading response for 'BzrDir.open_2.1', retrying21:41
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