IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2012-11-02

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replaceafillth1a, zyt?15:32
th1ahi replaceafill.15:32
replaceafillhey th1a15:32
replaceafilli have some iep questions15:32
replaceafilli've set up the "data model"15:32
replaceafilland a helper to get the iep skills for a student + section15:33
replaceafillthen i realized15:33
replaceafillthis should be stored by schoolyear, right?15:33
replaceafillor should it be global?15:33
replaceafillthe old implementation stored schoolyear ids15:33
replaceafillbut the UI only showed the current year's sections15:34
replaceafilland since it was used only once (i guess) it never became an "issue"15:34
th1aIEP's can change but it wouldn't be every year.15:34
replaceafillshould we only show the current year's sections?15:35
replaceafilli'm creating a table (which doesn't work yet) with these columns:15:36
replaceafillTerm | Section | Skillset | Skill15:36
replaceafillmaybe i should add SchoolYear as the first column?15:36
replaceafillhere's an example of the old implementation in case you want to see it:15:38
th1aIt is not something that is only relevant for the current year.15:40
replaceafillshould we use a third nav for school years?15:41
th1aI think it could be a list.15:44
replaceafillah ok15:44
replaceafillmy other question is15:44
replaceafillwhere should the admin access the IEP?15:45
replaceafilli think from the person's index view, right?15:45
replaceafilli was thinking the first links group on the left15:45
replaceafillthe one with ${studet} as the title15:46
replaceafillusually there's only Calendar15:46
replaceafilland i was thinking the link should only be rendered for people with ILearner(...).sections15:47
replaceafill(people enrolled in a section)15:47
replaceafilli think it doesn't make sense showing an IEP link for teachers...15:48
th1aSorry, I'm getting help on #juju right now...15:53
th1aSo context switching.15:53
replaceafilldid you find out why there's no apache charm? :)15:54
th1aYes, just for students.15:54
th1aNo, I just can't get the simple demo to work.15:54
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