IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2012-10-29

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th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner, menesis, yvl.15:30
yvloh, right, DST15:31
yvlgood morning :)15:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon15:31
th1aI gather aelkner is still alive.15:31
th1aI think Sandy is going to hit you more squarely than Providence, aelkner.15:32
aelknerwell, i'm a bit inland, more than you i think15:32
aelknerthe beaches look like they are really going to get hit15:33
th1aIt would take a pretty big wave to get to us.  ;-)15:33
aelknerthe only thing i worry about is local flooding, whether my basement will take on water15:33
th1aThat she seems to be moving slowly isn't reassuring beyond this morning.15:34
th1ayvl:  Yes, we're STILL on DST.15:35
aelkneryeah, it's the duration that may be the biggest hassle15:35
th1aOK, let's let menesis go first today.15:35
menesisI don't have much to say15:36
menesis13.04 is now open for development15:36
menesisso I can upload the latest schooltool15:37
menesisand upgrade some zope packages15:37
th1aYes, let's jump on that.15:37
menesisI was sick on Thursday15:37
th1aCheck this out:
menesisand on Friday worked on the philippines15:37
menesiswill finish that feature shortly15:38
th1aHow do you feel about Juju, menesis?15:39
menesisI have no experience yet15:39
menesiswith cloud or juju15:39
menesisbut I know juju is interesting15:40
menesisfor deployment15:40
menesisthat was in the bottom of my todo list for a while15:40
menesisso I'll have to try and do a charm15:41
menesisschooltool is mostly standalone15:41
menesislittle integration points with anything15:41
th1aWell, apache.15:41
menesisapache, mail server, ldap15:42
th1aBasically, I'm feeling like there is a smallish but real market for smallish CanDo instances.15:42
th1aWhich perhaps SIELibre should provide.15:42
menesisalso ZEO (ZODB server) can be standalone15:42
th1aWe'd just need to be able to spin up instances and maintain them cheaply.15:42
th1aAs would any commercial host.15:44
menesisI don't think my work laptop has enough horsepower to run a cloud15:44
menesisbut have to try15:44
th1aWell, I can pay for a real cloud if necessary.15:44
th1aFor your testing.15:45
th1aLet me know if you get stuck15:46
menesisfirst I have to try15:46
menesisshould be simple15:46
th1aI'd think we have all the pieces.15:48
th1aOK, anything else, menesis?15:49
aelknercan i ask menesis something15:49
menesisnow I have what to work on15:49
menesisaelkner: of course15:49
aelkneri'm a little confused about cando trunk15:50
aelknerlp:cando does not have schooltool in it, just cando15:50
aelknerhow can we reconcile that with our cando branches?15:50
menesisis the trunk15:50
menesiscando is the old cando15:50
aelknersilly me, never mind15:50
menesisand I don't know how much they have in common15:51
menesisth1a: done15:52
th1aThanks menesis.15:52
aelkneri've been sick again, really not able to do much, i did look at the recent yvl branch15:53
aelkneri had started to create my own special table formatter last week15:54
aelknerand i see the yvl has created one himself there, so i'm trying to reconcile the two15:54
aelknerreplaceafill, did you look at yvl's branch yet?15:54
replaceafillhaven't tested it though15:55
aelknerso you haven't seen the new projects add skill view in a running instance yet?15:55
aelknerdoes the current one have the checkboxes?15:56
yvlI branched form schooltool.cando15:56
replaceafillbut i finally understood filterextents in catalogs :D15:56
yvlso there are no checkboxes in add skill view for projects15:56
aelknerdo there need to be15:56
yvlI do not know15:57
replaceafilli didn't understand that part?15:57
aelknerhow does the add skill to projects view work on your machine now, replaceafill15:57
replaceafillold add skill view was using the same table search as /nodes, right?15:57
yvlreplaceafill, can I exploit your good will and kindly ask you to set up a demo with some populated Data.fs?..15:57
replaceafillyvl, sure15:58
replaceafillaelkner, you mean using yvl's branch?15:58
replaceafillor cando trunk?15:58
aelknerwell, i was curious about old branch first15:58
yvlcode committed in schooltool.cando does not have "checkbox" filters in add project skill view15:58
aelkneryou said it had the checkboxes15:58
yvlbut it does in node search15:58
aelkneri'm wondering about the old add skill view, how did one add a skill if the table had nodes?15:59
replaceafill(that's an old version)16:00
replaceafillAdd -> Skill16:00
yvlwait, where did this code come from?16:00
replaceafilli'm probably missing something but i think you refer to those Layers checkboxes yvl?16:00
replaceafilleeehhhh, trunk16:00
replaceafill(i think) :P16:01
* replaceafill goes to see16:01
aelkneryeah, i'm refering to them to16:01
aelkneri'm not understanding what happens when you click on a node there16:01
yvlbzr+ssh:// ?16:01
replaceafillparent branch: bzr+ssh://
aelknerwhat is happening there?16:02
yvlaelkner, didn't you implement this view?16:03
replaceafillaelkner, ;)16:03
aelknernever seen it actually16:03
replaceafillit was me16:03
replaceafillthat's why it sucks ;)16:03
replaceafillaelkner, there's no skillsets to select from in that course16:03
yvlnaughty naughty16:03
replaceafilltry another course16:03
aelknerthis is not cte data?16:04
replaceafillit's dwelsh demo data16:04
replaceafillthe 4term directory16:04
aelknerah, ok, anyway, i picked another course and it showed the skillsets16:04
aelknerand clicking on a skillset shows skills with checkboxes to add16:05
aelknerthis is a much different set of user steps than the new yvl search16:05
aelknerwhich returns a mix of skillsets and skills, no checkboxes next to skills16:05
th1aAt this point, we can have this kind of discussion much more easily with a screensharing hangout.16:06
yvlaelkner, what the heck are you talking about?16:06
aelknerisn't it obvious? :)16:06
th1aI think aelkner is confused.16:07
yvlvery much16:07
* replaceafill goes to set up an instance with yvl's branch16:07
aelkneryvl, i lmerged with your branch16:07
aelknerthen i went to the gradebook, hit Add Skill16:07
th1aI'm setting up a hangout.16:07
aelknerit called up your new mixed skilllsets skills table16:07
th1aYou don't have to show your face if you don't want to, but we should screenshare.16:07
aelknerthat is much different than what replaceafill just showed us in his demo instance16:08
aelknerlet's start a hangout16:08
replaceafillth1a, :D16:08
replaceafilli can hangout16:08
th1aJust a sec.16:08
* replaceafill goes to get his camera/headphones16:08
aelkneryvl, i think you are very confused16:09
aelkneri was clear that there is a difference to what Add Skill to project looks like in replaceafill's instance16:10
aelknerand what it now looks like in your branch16:10
yvlaelkner, don't go there ;)16:10
aelkneryou need to catch up to that obvious fact16:10
replaceafilli haven't seen it yet, but isn't yvl's new way what we wanted on Wed?16:11
aelknerwe watned that for nodes search as far as i knew16:11
replaceafillbeing able to search nodes/skillsets/skills?16:11
th1aLet's just make sure we're all talking about the same thing -- which I'm pretty sure we're not.16:11
* th1a had to re-install the Google Talk plugin...16:11
aelknerthere are two totally different views:16:12
yvlo :)16:12
yvlok :)16:12
yvlI checked16:12
aelkner1) the Nodes Search view16:12
yvlmy fault16:12
aelkner2) the Add Skill to Porject view16:12
yvlI did not re-attach the "layer" search by accident :/16:12
yvldid not pull the trunk when comparing16:13
aelknerit's more than that, you need to understand the multi-step, wizard-like view that replaceafill wrote16:13
replaceafilli was like "where did the checkboxes go?!?!?"16:13
yvlplease explain, aelkner16:13
yvlI thought it works that way now, but I may be wrong16:14
th1aThanks alan.16:46
yvlI'm working on reports16:47
yvlspent some time looking into z3c.rml16:47
yvland just started doing something like our in flourish16:48
yvlthere's a funny feature ir rml16:48
yvlyou can (and in some cases have to) explicitly name the colours you use16:48
yvlso we'll have us a nice ST color palette for reports16:49
yvlI think I'll first finish up the basics, move a report or two there16:50
yvlsomething from ST core, something simple16:50
yvland then I'd like to play with the gradebook render16:50
yvlwith page breaks, and slanted text, and "continues on next page" and so on16:51
yvland last Thu-Fri I was doing the catalogs for skills16:51
th1aI was wondering about choosing grayscale vs. full color reports.16:51
th1aIt would be nice to give people the choice.16:52
th1aSo does what you just described make that easier or harder?16:52
yvlthen again, pdf viewers and printers tend to desaturate pretty well16:53
yvloh, I nearly forgot - bank holidays16:53
yvlNov 1 bank holiday16:54
yvl(almost) everybody is taking a day off Nov 2 here16:54
yvlbtw, I looked at interesting feature today16:55
th1aSo are you able to build on what replaceafill did?16:55
yvlrendering another PDF as an image into your own PDF16:55
yvlyes, th1a16:55
yvlIf we can do reasonable backgrounds with that16:55
yvlhere comes the report branding! :)16:56
yvl(no idea if it has some horrible fatal flaw built in)16:56
* yvl done16:57
th1aWell, we can use that for letterhead.16:57
th1aEssentially let you choose between one we try to make up for you, or just let you upload your own entire background.16:57
yvlif it works well of course16:57
th1aThat would be a good feature.16:58
yvlI'll see if we can build it in now16:58
th1aAlthough I suppose you can always just print onto your real letterhead printed paper as well.  ;-)16:58
th1aBut yes, that's a whole ball of wax there:16:58
th1aa) we do the letter head.16:58
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th1ab) we print yours in the background;16:59
th1ac) we just leave a space.16:59
yvlsounds good16:59
yvlwe may have more than one letterhead ofcourse17:00
yvl"the big one" for report cards17:00
th1aThat's an advanced feature.  ;-)17:00
yvl"the tiny one" for aggregate scores17:00
yvland so on17:00
yvlbut agree, advanced feature :)17:00
yvloh, and the tiny one for student badges :D17:01
th1aOK.  Let's move on.17:01
th1aThanks yvl.17:01
replaceafilli fixed validation in  the score student view17:03
replaceafillchanged it to use a table formatter17:03
replaceafillnow that i know how to handle grouping of items ;)17:03
replaceafilli'm now changing the SCR report17:03
replaceafillbecause they used the same base class17:04
replaceafilli didn't make more progress on IEP though17:04
replaceafilli'm also checking this:17:04
replaceafilllog in as manager17:05
replaceafilland try to delete a section17:05
replaceafilli think the new course subscribers for skills broke that view17:05
replaceafilli'll fix it17:05
replaceafill(that was reported by dwelsh btw)17:06
replaceafillyvl, i have a question about our popups in the gradebook17:06
replaceafilli mean, the popup menus, the ones displayed for Student, activity, etc17:06
replaceafillwould it make sense to make those into viewlet managers?17:06
replaceafilli have this use case for jelkner17:07
replaceafilland schooltool.quiz17:07
replaceafillwhere i need to insert an option into the Student menu17:07
replaceafill(and i think that's a pretty generic case, right?)17:07
replaceafillmaybe i could override the view that generates the popup options17:08
replaceafillbut i thought a viewlet manager would be better17:08
* yvl is trying to remember how exactly it works now17:08
replaceafillit's just a json view17:08
replaceafillthat returns the links and lables17:08
replaceafillthe popup is built using js from gradebook.js17:09
replaceafillat first i thought "this would be less transfer"17:09
yvlah, yes17:09
yvlso yes17:09
yvlviewlet manager would be nice there17:09
replaceafillbut i think it also limits us a little17:09
replaceafillah ok17:10
replaceafilli'll look into that17:10
replaceafillth1a, i think i'm done17:10
th1aOK, so you've still got plenty on your plate.17:11
replaceafillth1a, yes17:11
* th1a is looking forward to getting to reports, but, again it is looking like next week...17:11
th1aIt is starting to blow harder here aelkner.17:11
th1aHave a good week, see you guys Wednesday.17:11
th1aHopefully aelkner and I will still be online.17:12
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:12
replaceafillgood luck guys17:12
replaceafillthanks everybody17:12
aelknerthanks guys, hope to cya wed17:12
yvlthanks guys17:12
yvlplease survive :)17:12
yvland may the gods of power grid and internets be merciful17:13
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th1areplaceafill:  I pushed a few small homepage tweaks.21:53
replaceafillth1a, ah ok21:53
replaceafillth1a, updated21:54
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