IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2012-10-19

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alfredo_I wrote a a question on launchpad11:30
alfredo_can I share the link here?11:31
alfredo_maybe someone can help me?11:31
khildinofc... but I am by no means an expert on ST11:31
alfredo_I can try :)11:32
alfredo_thank you11:32
khildinhmz... copying data.fs and set permissions _should_ do the trick...11:33
khildinmaybe aelkner or menesis can shed some light?11:33
alfredo_I've done it11:34
alfredo_set schooltool:schooltool as owner11:34
alfredo_and set 644 in the permission11:34
alfredo_as the original Data.fs11:34
alfredo_I attached the logs11:38
khildin_alfredo: this looks similar?
khildinalfredo_ even... arggg typing...11:41
alfredo_I've done the same installation11:49
alfredo_Ubuntu 12.04 Server in both vm with the last version of ST11:49
alfredo_$ sudo /etc/init.d/schooltool statusNo PID file /var/run/schooltool/schooltool.pid11:51
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th1amenesis:  What's our status?16:05
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replaceafillwhat's the command line for updating an instance?17:57
replaceafilli mean, using deb packages17:58
th1aUm... apt-get upgrade?17:58
replaceafillah ok17:58
replaceafilldwelsh is asking for help17:58
th1aAh, sorry.  Thought he new that.17:59
th1aapt-get update too ofc.17:59
th1areplaceafill:  I've updated my computers to quantal, but we don't appear to have quantal packages.18:08
replaceafillthe skills completion report takes more than 1 minute in dwelsh data :(18:11
th1aI guess we need to do some optimizing.18:11
th1aThat's from the skills copy change?18:11
replaceafilli wonder if the report is running twice18:12
replaceafillbecause of the use of viewlets18:12
th1aThere's always that, too.  ;-)18:12
replaceafilli've seen sometimes viewlets called twice18:12
replaceafilli'll copy his Data.fs and investigate18:12
th1aIs this someplace we might be able to use indexes and catalogs?18:14
replaceafillnot sure18:15
th1aThis is the report that's literally going through every section?18:15
replaceafillevery section, every student, every skill18:16
th1aI guess we may also be able to do some aching.18:16
th1aAlthough then you have two problems.  ;-)18:16
th1aDId we try this report with real data before the switch?18:17
th1aI guess old CanDo did it.18:17
th1aHow fast was that?18:17
replaceafilli tried it with Glenda's database18:18
replaceafillbut that's probably not too "real" i guess18:18
th1aHas Welsh run into this yet?18:19
replaceafilli went there first to see if the update worked18:19
th1aHow does that work with batching?18:20
th1aA minute for the first screen then ok?18:20
replaceafillah! this one has no batch!18:21
th1aDave says it took 2-3 minutes before!18:21
replaceafillwe used batching for the other completion18:21
th1aIt might make more sense to put a spinner on it.18:21
replaceafillit was expensive already18:21
replaceafilli just want to check that we're not rending twice18:22
replaceafillbut it's time to fight IE now ;)18:22
replaceafillso, IE 7 or 8?18:23
th1aI forwarded an email from glenda to you.18:23
th1aYou've got some kind of tricks for testing this right?18:23
replaceafill"I have IE 7 and  the teachers have 8"18:23
replaceafill"Some teachers are not having a problem which is18:24
replaceafillinteresting if we all have the same programs."18:24
replaceafillpretty accurate :/18:24
replaceafilli was thinking of trying webdriver for IE18:24
th1aI would try 7 first.18:24
replaceafilli think we need a view to list all the plugins included in an instance19:25
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th1aaelkner: ayt?22:01
aelknerth1a, on the phone with glenda22:01
replaceafillthank you micro$oft :)22:06
replaceafillth1a, i finished setting up a windows 7 + ie8 vm22:07
replaceafillit seems to work22:07
replaceafilli'll set up vista + ie7 after lunch22:07
replaceafillST doesn't look so bad in ie822:08
replaceafilli also tried wine + ie22:08
replaceafillbut didn't seem stable22:08
replaceafillthank you launchpad blog ;)22:08
th1aYeah, don't mess with that.22:09
th1aIf you have nice pre-made virtual pc images courtesy of Microsoft.22:09
th1aCould I have used one for Quickbooks, too?22:09
replaceafilli may switch to windows after this ;)22:09
replaceafillthey expire :(22:09
replaceafill90 days i think22:09
replaceafillunless you activate them22:10
th1aI should send the invoice out Monday, btw.22:10
replaceafillah! cool22:10
replaceafillno news on the graphics design yet?22:10
replaceafillaelkner, you should switch your merges to lp:... projects now22:12
replaceafilllike lp:schooltool.virginia :)22:12
replaceafillah th1a, also i copied dwelsh data.fs22:13
replaceafillfrom a quick glance, the viewlet is not called twice22:13
replaceafillbut i found a bug in the report22:13
replaceafillthe graphical completion report "assumes" all the students have the same number of skill evaluated22:14
replaceafillin one of dwelsh sections, a teacher had evaluated a student in like 9 skills22:15
replaceafilland the rest only on 222:15
replaceafillso you never get a 100% sum in the chart22:15
replaceafilli'll take a closer look after the IE work22:16
replaceafillok, lunch time22:16
replaceafillbb in ~1h22:16
th1areplaceafill:  I think I'm going to have to call schwa.22:16
th1aaelkner:  Let me know when you're off the phone.22:18
aelknerth1a, i'm off the phone, need to talk with you but you didn't answer your phone22:22
th1aim talking to welsh22:22
aelkneri need to continue with glenda, who is now trying to locate lee so the three of us can chat22:23
aelkneri just wanted to explain the situation with you real quick22:23
aelknercan you interrupt your welsh call and get back to him in 5 minutes?22:24
aelknerth1a, got your answering machine22:30
th1aWell, my regular phones aren't really working.22:31
th1aI just ordered a regular old wired phone for my landline that I can put on my fucking desk.22:31
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