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khildin_replaceafill - will the devmeeting be in this channel or do you use other means of communication for those meetings??00:04
replaceafillkhildin_, this channel00:08
replaceafill SchoolTool Dev meetings Mon, 13:30 UTC (16:30 EEST, 9:30 EST)00:08
replaceafillthat should be mon/wed00:09
khildin_ok..what is that in CET/GMT?00:09
replaceafilli think UTC == GMT00:09
replaceafillnot sure though :)00:10
khildin_they are more or less the same00:10
khildin_thnx... I will be lurking in here then.. :)00:11
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khildinhi all. I have a question: Is it possible to have multiple localizations in 1 instance of schooltool?12:21
khildinI want to use schooltool in a bi-lingual school. Both french and dutch should be supported..12:22
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yvlhi khildin14:07
yvlto enable dual-languages you have to either:14:08
yvlput in schooltool.conf this: lang en-ca,fr14:08
yvl(just with correct languages)14:08
yvlor simply make users set their browser preferred languages to any language they want14:09
khildinthnx.... so should be easy... browser is already set to preffered languages...14:10
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khildincool.. .works like a charm... I just added french language, put it on top in the list and refreshed... all was in french... great!14:14
khildinI probably can configure a the useraccounts in LDAP that they are member of either dutch or french language group and automaticly configure their setting in firefox... so they don't have to set it them selves...14:18
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th1ahi replaceafill, yvl, menesis, aelkner_.16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
yvlgood morning16:30
th1aOK... would you like to start aelkner_?16:31
aelkner_ok, i fixed the skill scoresystems issues we discussed on monday16:31
aelkner_first, i put the scoresystem at the end of the import columns and made it optional16:32
aelkner_this way, virginia doesn't need to change anything16:32
aelkner_also, i put back the scoresystem property and16:32
aelkner_changed the attribute to custom_scoresytem which is None by default16:33
aelkner_so if the custom_scoresystem is not set, the default scoresystem will be returned as before16:33
aelkner_so it works like used to, but wth the ability to override it with a different scoresystem16:34
aelkner_i really don't think we need to worry about evolution here for that reason16:34
aelkner_any thoughts?16:34
th1aYou can set this through the web too, right?16:36
aelkner_yes, and that all has stests to prove things like it remembers what the person used as scoresystem last time16:36
th1aSo... what happens if you change the default score system to existing scores?16:37
th1aI mean, That will change the score system that corresponds to the skill.16:38
th1aIf one is not set, that is.16:38
aelkner_there is no way to change the default scoresystem at the moment16:38
aelkner_it's the one we defined in cando16:39
th1aWell, that has to change too.16:39
th1aThis has to work in general.16:40
aelkner_well, when it comes to scores, you are referring to evaluations16:40
aelkner_those have a score stored together with the scoresystem it was scored against16:40
aelkner_and the teacher16:40
aelkner_no section as we discussed before16:41
th1aI think it would be safer if we explicitly set the score system to the default on import if none is specified.16:41
aelkner_i could do that16:41
th1aWe'd better.16:41
aelkner_yvl,  makes sense to you?16:41
yvlit depends on how you want it to behave16:42
th1aI'm still a little worried about the possibility of changing the score system for a skill mid-stream.16:42
yvlsay, people changed the default16:42
th1aWe don't want surprising things to happen.16:43
yvldo you want all the old skills to change their score system, or not?16:43
yvlif not, we should set the scoresystem on import16:43
aelkner_that's the question16:43
yvlif we do want it to auto-change - not set anything16:43
yvlaelkner_ made it pretty flexible :)16:43
replaceafillthis would allow skills with different scoresystems in the same worksheet, right?16:44
replaceafillin projects for example16:44
th1aDoes this in turn totally break our gradebook?16:44
replaceafillskills/projects gradebooks don't calculate average/totals16:45
replaceafillso i don't think it does16:45
yvlreports may get finicky, but that's all16:45
th1aWe're probably going to have to table this until after the release though.16:45
th1aIt has many loose ends.16:45
th1aI don't want to jam it in and there are more fruitful low-hanging fruit to pick in the next couple weeks.16:46
aelkner_so, i'm not sure what the verdict was, do i need to set the scoresytem to default on import, or not?16:47
th1aDo that and then park this in a branch for a few weeks.16:47
aelkner_well, crap, it was parked in a branch, then last week you said you wanted it in trunk16:47
aelkner_so that's where it is now16:47
aelkner_taking it back out is possible, but tedious16:48
aelkner_luckily, noone else commited to trunk lately16:49
aelkner_i have the two most recent commits, so i could rewind them out if you're sure that's what you want16:49
aelkner_the question is, are we so afraid of going with this?16:50
aelkner_i mean, if it's a good idea, we should do it, if not, why bother?16:50
th1aVA doesn't need it immediately.16:51
aelkner_the point was that VA wouldn't be harmed by it16:51
aelkner_the live code has no override16:51
aelkner_the scoresystem attrbute is a read only proerty16:51
aelkner_and it always returns the default score system16:51
aelkner_the new code, also will always return that scoresystem16:51
th1aThe question is what is going into the public release in October as well.16:52
aelkner_and that's because VA isn't setting it something else16:52
th1aThat has to work in general.16:52
th1aWe just have a lot of little things we need to get straightened out quickly for VA and other users.16:52
th1aAnd this is a fiddly and potentially buggy feature.16:52
th1aI'm realizing how many places it touches.16:53
th1aCheck that it actually works with the gradebooks.16:54
aelkner_ok, and those things take too much time16:54
th1aWe probably can't allow certain kinds of changes.16:54
aelkner_so you'd rather table it until post-release16:54
th1aProbably if you change the score system for a skill what actually has to happen is a new copy of the skill, or something.16:55
aelkner_ok, sounds like the design still needs to be worked out16:55
th1aWhich isn't to say that this is an obscure case that we should ignore.16:55
aelkner_so i'm going to merge the recent changes i put in trunk back to the special scoresystem beanch16:56
aelkner_then i'll add a commit to trunk that undoes the last two commits16:56
aelkner_ok, will do16:56
aelkner_so i've been looking at the student journal as well16:57
aelkner_i've been studying how the mygrades works in the gradebook16:57
aelkner_basically, we need a separate adapter from ISectionJournal(section)16:58
aelkner_that adapter works for teachers who are allowed to see all students' data16:58
aelkner_so we need to have IMyJournal(section) so a student can see their own data16:58
aelkner_actually, it should probably we IMyJournal(section, student) to make it even safer16:59
aelkner_the student being whoever is logged in16:59
aelkner_and the Journal tab at the top needs to work like the Gradebook tab17:00
aelkner_in that it checks whether the person has sectionsTaught or sectionsAttended17:00
aelkner_and redirects to ISectionJournal(section) in the first case17:00
aelkner_and IMyJournal(section, student) in the second case17:01
aelkner_yvl, replaceafill, makes sense?17:01
* yvl shrugs17:02
yvlsorry, I really don't remember details17:02
replaceafillaelkner_, sure17:02
aelkner_i thought replaceafill would have a more confident point of view :)17:02
aelkner_considering how much time you have spent in the code in the last year17:02
aelkner_ok, so i will do it that way17:03
aelkner_i'll get to that after i roll back the scoresystem commits17:04
aelkner_that's it for me17:04
th1aOK.  Thanks aelkner_.17:04
replaceafilli fixed the error in the Section Summary report when students don't have evaluations and the teacher select the Evaluated type of skills17:05
replaceafilli also found an error in the edit activity view17:06
replaceafillit was using an old redirect17:06
replaceafillto a /manage.html page in the old skin17:06
replaceafillso i fixed that too17:06
replaceafilli pushed my change to the permissions of the Reports options in the gradebook17:06
replaceafillso now admins can access those reports17:07
replaceafillthis made me wonder about permissions of the different options in the gradebook17:07
replaceafilland i'd like your opinion on it17:07
replaceafillfor example:17:07
replaceafillshould admins be able to Add/Edit activities?17:08
replaceafillat this moment, they're able to edit them btw17:08
th1aLet's say they shouldn't be able to add or edit them.17:09
th1aMaybe in 10 years someone will complain.17:09
replaceafillok, so we need to make the popup menu for activities smarter17:09
replaceafilladd some permissions check17:09
replaceafillbecause the option is available for them17:09
th1aOne control freak principal in Senegal will want it.17:09
replaceafillif you don't want add/edit you probably don't want delete, right? :)17:10
replaceafillScore this should only be enabled if the security setting is enabled imho17:10
replaceafillsame with the student popup17:10
replaceafillit would be also nice if the admin doesn't get the <input /> fields when he clicks the cells17:11
replaceafillbut that's not a big deal i think17:11
replaceafilli think we should hide the Save button17:12
replaceafillin the same way17:12
replaceafillthey'll get a login form anyway if they try to save17:12
replaceafillthe delete activity option17:12
replaceafilli think it could use a modal dialog17:13
replaceafillasking you if you really want to delete the activity17:13
replaceafillit's close to Sort by ;)17:13
replaceafillmaybe you wanted to sort by instead of deleting :)17:13
replaceafilland it's not too difficult to do17:13
replaceafill(i'm finding all this kinks while working in the projects gradebook btw)17:13
replaceafilli have a question for yvl17:14
replaceafillwell, two :)17:14
replaceafillyvl, is it "dangerous" to remove a catalog class from the code?17:14
replaceafilli committed one by accident17:14
yvlif it was persisted, yes17:15
replaceafilland was thinking how to "disable" it17:15
replaceafillouch :(17:15
yvlsame as any persisted objects17:15
replaceafillok, second question17:15
replaceafillcan you think of a reason why selenium's implicit_wait is not working?17:16
yvlno :D17:17
replaceafilli've been adding/modifying some tests on the gradebook17:17
replaceafillthis one specifically:17:17
replaceafilland it took a looooong time to finish17:17
replaceafilli started blaming the helper i wrote for printing the gradebook17:17
replaceafillsince it uses many query_all17:18
replaceafillbut i remember that in the past it didn't take that long to finish17:18
replaceafillif implicit_wait was set to... say... 117:18
replaceafillbut anyway, not a big deal either :)17:19
replaceafillth1a, finally17:19
replaceafillkhildin was asking yesterday about the new schooltool.ldap package17:19
replaceafillmaybe he's lurking right now :)17:19
* khildin is awake..:)17:19
replaceafillah :)17:19
th1aSo the issue is that the new version of Zentyal for 12.04 is not ready yet?17:20
th1aOr maybe I'm getting my version names confused.17:20
th1aI can't keep up with the names anymore.17:20
khildinuhm... I tried to install it on a zentyal 2.2 server and got the message that the package couldn't be found...17:20
khildinzentyal 2.2 is on lucid17:20
th1aRight.  It is just in our PPA for 12.04, right menesis?17:21
khildinzentyal 3.0 is out... and that one is on precise17:21
khildinwill it come available for 10.04?17:21
menesisI am backporting to lucid right now17:21
th1aGuess that answers your question.17:22
menesispackage needs a few small changes17:22
khildinany ETA?17:22
menesisI will upload in a few minutes17:22
khildinthen I can try immediately...17:22
menesisthen how long it takes to build in the ppa (~3 hours)17:22
khildindepends how long the queeu is.. :)17:23
th1aI think they were having some hardware problems recently.17:23
khildingreat work!17:23
replaceafillth1a, ok17:23
replaceafillso i'll work on this admin options changes17:23
replaceafillin the gradebook17:23
replaceafilland will continue with the projects one17:24
replaceafilli have search skills almost done17:24
aelkner_replaceafill, please don't commit to cando trunk until i've rolled back the scoresystem stuff, ok?17:24
replaceafilli just discovered all this little issues17:24
replaceafillaelkner_, i just did!!!17:24
replaceafillaelkner_, kidding ;)17:24
* replaceafill done17:24
th1aaelkner_:  What about that recursion bug.17:24
aelkner_i don't know about that one17:25
aelkner_don't we need the Data.fs to recreate that?17:25
aelkner_or at least a script for recreating it with a fresh DAta.fs17:26
th1aWell, you need to look at the bug and ask a question if you need more info.17:26
aelkner_well, that's the question i wold ask, what did you or can you send the Data.fs17:26
aelkner_what did you do or can you send the Data.fs17:27
aelkner_actually, asking the user to specify the script is less likely to work17:27
aelkner_so i'd just ask for the Data.fs17:28
th1aYou should probably ask here:
th1aHe'll definitely see it.17:28
replaceafilli think you can get *a* recursion bug17:28
replaceafillif you create two worksheets17:28
replaceafilleach with one single activity17:28
replaceafilland you create linked activities to each other17:28
replaceafilli'm not sure if it's the *same* bug though17:29
replaceafilljust did17:29
replaceafillRuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded while calling a Python object17:29
th1aThat's probably it.17:30
aelkner_ah, ok, that's the script!17:30
aelkner_i'll use that then17:30
replaceafillnow my Data.fs is broken :/17:30
th1aYou'll need to capture the exception so it doesn't throw a traceback and do something that keeps you from doing it in the UI.17:31
th1aWork on that first, please.17:31
menesisaelkner_, in cando trunk, you can bzr uncommit and bzr revert the last few changes, then bzr push --overwrite17:31
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:32
aelkner_thanks menesis17:32
menesisaelkner_, that will be simpler than undoing changes and merge later again17:32
menesisof course make sure you have the devel branch somewhere :)17:33
yvlI'm still in progress of making those skill copies17:33
yvland I have a question about evolution17:33
yvlwill it be ok, if I guess the section by skill/student/teacher combo?17:33
yvlfrom skill I can guess the courses where it's used17:34
yvlfrom there - sections17:34
yvlso it would misbehave only if some teacher teaches same skill to same student in more than one section17:34
yvland I'm not sure about those "generic workplace skills" and similar17:35
yvldoes anybody know, will it cause problems IRL?17:35
th1aYes, for evolution, guess.17:35
th1aVA are the only users and they shouldn't have any esoteric cases.17:36
yvlwell that's the thing17:36
yvlthe problem arises because same skills are taught to same students in different sections17:37
yvlthe question is17:37
yvlare they taught by different teachers?17:37
yvlif yes - we're fine17:37
th1aDifferent teachers in the same section?17:37
yvldifferent teachers in those different sections17:37
th1aI think the workplace skills are actually separate versions for each course.17:38
th1aThat's something we discussed endlessly.17:38
th1aThat's what Welsh wanted.17:38
yvlsay, we have stuf like "workplace skills":  course/Math, section/Math, teacher/John;  course/Arts section/Arts, teacher/Peter17:38
yvlwell, nevermind then17:39
th1aBasically, the way CanDo worked before is the same guess you'd be making now.17:39
th1aIt was all a guess.17:40
yvlso I'll do that17:40
yvland commit Thu or Fri17:40
th1aOK.  Cool.17:40
th1aThanks yvl.17:40
th1amenesis:  I'm feeling like fewer bugs are being fixed than I'd imagined.17:41
menesisbut there are some fixed17:41
th1aLet's see if aelkner_ can get the recursion bug fixed today and then tomorrow you can push whatever you've got.17:41
th1aTo the PPA.17:41
menesismaybe you want cando release with those fixes17:41
menesisrecursion bug is in the gradebook17:43
th1aI think mostly we've been fixing bugs not literally in CanDo.17:44
th1aThe recursion bugfix maybe should be released to Universe.17:44
menesisaelkner_, cando "sort by hierarchy order" changes are finished?17:45
menesisso I can make a release of cando up to r11517:46
menesisreplaceafill, and virginia fixes are also finished?17:47
replaceafillmenesis, ys17:47
aelkner_i'm going to rollback trunk to that point anyway17:47
menesisgood, so I will make those two releases as planned17:47
th1aAnything else, menesis?17:49
menesisI was backporting gradebook bugfixes to 2.1 branch17:49
menesisso that new fixes can be merged17:50
menesisI'll wait for the recursion fix before making gradebook 2.1.1 release17:50
menesisI was battling with selenium tests17:51
menesismany tests fail for me17:51
menesison browser.ui.term.add17:52
menesissays "Element could not be found" or "is not clickable at point"17:52
menesisdoes that happen to others?17:52
aelkner_menesis, cando trunk is now at revision 11517:52
replaceafillmenesis, just ran bin/test-headless -s schooltool.term and it passes17:54
menesisI suspect term is quite long and does not fit on headless screen17:55
menesisnothing else to report17:56
th1aOK.  Thanks menesis.17:56
th1aGuess that does it.17:57
th1aThanks guys.  Have a good week and weekend.17:57
th1aKeep plugging away.17:57
th1aLet me know about the recursion bug aelkner_.17:57
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:58
replaceafillthanks everybody17:58
menesisreplaceafill, does not pass for me. maybe implicit_wait = 5 is too short. or you add some options to test-headless?17:58
replaceafillmenesis, ah let me try17:58
replaceafilli use implicity_wait=117:58
menesisand chrome17:58
replaceafillthis is my setup:17:59
replaceafillcopied from yvl's ;)17:59
menesisreplaceafill, thanks18:00
menesisnothing special18:01
th1aaelkner_, We really don't want to jump straight to "send me your Data.fs" with strangers.18:01
replaceafillmenesis, i'm using version 23.0.1240.0 of chromedriver btw18:02
replaceafilljust passed with implicit_wait=518:03
menesisreplaceafill, so term adding works for you. that's what I wanted to know18:08
replaceafillyes :)18:09
khildinmenesis: can you give some kind of notice when schooltool.ldap is available in lucid repository? (here on IRC or drop a line in the mail)18:10
menesiskhildin, yes I can notify you18:11
menesislaunchpad says build starts in 1 hour18:11
khildinnice.. :)18:12
aelkner_th1a, yeah, sorry about that, it was right before replaceafill came up with the script18:12
aelkner_i just thought it was easier than adding the user for a script18:13
th1aIt is a kind of intimate request.18:17
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khildinthnx guys, I just installed schooltool.ldap on my server... gonna have a look at it now.. :)21:23
khildinthis is UBERCOOL!.... works like a charm!!...21:27
* khildin does a little dance21:27
khildindid I understand it well, that schooltool doesn't access / change LDAP but copies account info to the own user database (data.fs)?21:35
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khildinhi all... the LDAP plugin is great!.. I was just thinking, shouldn't the 'change password' feature in schooltool be disabled as soon ldap is used for authentication??23:17
khildinor better: ldap accounts are copied over to data.fs23:18

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