IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2012-09-07

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replaceafillth1a, i met with dwelsh, helped him reset the social skills instance19:39
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replaceafillhe wanted to get rid of the duplicated persons19:39
th1aI met with our designer (Evelyn) today.19:39
replaceafillah, any mockups of the new School view? :)19:39
th1aShe's going to focus more on initial setup since that's a little easier to wrap your head around.19:39
th1aIf you're not really using the system.19:40
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th1aDo you remember if we set up a trunk instance for her or a 12.04?19:40
replaceafillit's a sandbox19:40
replaceafillrunning in the VPS19:40
th1aOK.  Can you just update it and blow away the database?19:41
replaceafillsure :)19:41
th1aAre you being sarcastic with me replaceafill?  ;-)19:41
replaceafillno! i just yelled to you ;)19:41
th1aSURE, that'd be NO PROBLEM.  I've got NOTHING BETTER TO DO.19:41
replaceafillok, Evelyn's instance updated19:45
replaceafillempty database19:45
* replaceafill goes to insert the arrow to inverse sorting in the social skills report19:46
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