IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2012-08-31

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RobVMorning again - anyone alive?09:13
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?16:30
th1ahi replaceafill.16:30
replaceafillhey th1a16:30
replaceafillthe user sent me the paste.log16:31
th1aFind anything?16:31
replaceafillfirst thing that got my attention:16:31
replaceafillthe log contains info from python2.516:31
replaceafillthe old cando version16:31
replaceafill+ the new one16:31
th1aI see...16:31
replaceafilli thought they all were going to start from scratch16:31
th1aThat's the idea.16:31
th1aWould it actually just try to use the same file if you created a fresh instance?16:32
replaceafilli suppose16:32
replaceafillbut that would mean a jump from 10.04 to 12.04, right?16:32
replaceafillsince i think they all were on 10.0416:33
th1aWe should ask.16:33
replaceafillanyway, if that's not relevant16:33
replaceafilli also found some previous errors related to the importer16:33
replaceafillypeError: can't compare to NoneType16:33
replaceafillsince those appear in paste.log, i think are stuff that we don't handle yet16:34
replaceafilland then there's the first appearance of the error16:35
replaceafilldoesn't say much new16:35
replaceafillit's the intid utility complaining about not having a key for a basic person object16:35
replaceafillthe user also said:16:36
replaceafill"I've got no problem clearing the database completely out and reloading16:36
replaceafillthe import files if you think that will help.  It only takes about 1016:36
replaceafillminutes to load everything and we have not done any configuring past16:36
replaceafillthat point and have not notified our users yet that it is ready to16:36
replaceafillthe weirdest part of all, it's that this happens for lots of basic persons16:38
replaceafillin different sections16:38
replaceafilland what made all more suspicious:16:39
replaceafill"I probably should have mentioned that this is not a fresh install.16:39
replaceafillWe've done upgrades every year since the pilot year.  The upgrades16:39
replaceafillalways seem to go smoothly, but maybe there is something from an old16:39
replaceafillversion still hanging around in the database."16:39
replaceafill(sorry for the flooding) :)16:39
replaceafillmaybe i should have just cc )16:39
replaceafillshould we recommend to start from scratch? maybe it would be useful to diagnose the actual Data.fs if they share it?16:41
replaceafillthe "this is not a fresh install" part makes me think this should go away with a new Data.fs16:42
replaceafilli'll share with them my findings and will recommend that16:43
th1aYes.  Thanks.16:43
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* replaceafill goes to run some errands, bb in ~1h18:08
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* replaceafill is glad the wcs issue disappear ;)19:53
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replaceafillwashington county schools :)20:01
replaceafillaka the catalog issue20:02
replaceafillwe were right, it was an evolved database20:02
th1aoh yes20:02
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th1areplaceafill:  What are you up to?20:30
replaceafillfixing the social skills grading view20:31
th1aHow's that coming?20:31
replaceafilli'm writing some stests to make sure everything spits the right values20:31
replaceafillnext, i plan to add the features dwelsh requested for the Summary Section report20:32
replaceafilland add stests for that too20:32
replaceafillit seems to me like it's getting too much attention :)20:32
replaceafillso we need to make sure it works :D20:32
replaceafilli'd be really happy if i could get away using the same clicking to grade functionality in the regular gradebook20:34
replaceafillbut having enough stests before changing any of this is more important i think20:34
th1aI'm afraid we are going to have to work the score label back into the skill scoring form.20:36
th1aBecause if there are five scores it will be harder to keep the colors straight.20:36
th1aEasy enough for pass/fail.20:36
replaceafillyes, but it can be many20:37
replaceafillgood point20:37
* replaceafill sees interpolation in the future...20:37
replaceafilli've always wondered if th1a is able to do primo slides :D21:08
th1aThe trick?21:35
th1aThat's a pretty obscure trick.21:36
* replaceafill is trying aelkner's idea of using importers in stests21:37
replaceafillfaster than having the UI doing it21:37
* th1a wonders where you heard of a primo slide.21:37
th1aJust had a chat with Issac and another guy from Liberia.21:37
replaceafilljelkner seemed optimistic21:38
th1aIt is always a crapshoot but at least we know someone personally this time.21:38
replaceafilli'm still a little depressed from the ES fiasco :(21:39
replaceafillbut have more interesting things to do anyway :/21:40
replaceafilli got interested in Mullen after his TED talk and started learning about who he was21:40
replaceafill(that's how i found out about the trick)21:41
th1aAh, yes.  He's one of the few people who do it.21:41
th1aI have a vintage Mullen board from the 80's.21:41
th1aIt's value is increasing...21:42
th1aIt's the only valuable board I have.21:42
th1aI can lend you his autobiography next time I see you.21:43
replaceafillah nice :)21:43
th1aRead this:
th1aHe has apparently re-trained himself to skate completely symmetrically, which nobody else has ever done.21:50
th1aAnd we're all anxiously awaiting the video...21:50
replaceafillcome on!!!!21:50
replaceafillis this real1?!?!?!21:50
replaceafillit makes me sweat just from reading it!21:51
th1aHe's truly an exceptional character.21:51
th1aA lot of times in sports you can say someone invented something, but it is pretty clear that whatever it is they did was already happening, or someone else would have come up with it at the same time.21:52
th1aHe was so far ahead of everyone else, it completely changed the sport, by decades, probably.21:53
replaceafillhe inveted the ollie, right?21:53
replaceafillor at least some kind21:53
th1a(well, on flat)21:53
th1aAn ollie on vert you can pretty much invent by accidentally going to fast.21:54
replaceafilli remember someone saying that by doing only that  it was a great contribution21:54
th1aYou can't believe how much it blew our minds when we saw a sequence of an ollie for the first time.21:54
th1aIt was literally a life-changing event.21:55
th1aNothing was the same after Rob brought this magazine back from State College:
replaceafillpeople saw it in magazines?!?!21:57
th1aWe had to figure it out from grainy newsprint!21:57
th1aAlso we had to get rid of our little 5" fiberglass and plastic decks and obtain 10" wide wooden ones!21:57
replaceafillbye bye freestyle21:58
th1aNot really... I still freestyled for years.21:58

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