IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2012-08-29

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th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner, menesis, yvl.16:31
yvlgood morning16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
th1aHow are things coming yvl?16:32
yvlpretty good16:32
yvltwo libraries got dropped in favor of few hundred lines of code with extra functionality :)16:33
yvl(resulting in extra functionality)16:33
yvlI should wrap it all up this week16:33
yvlit's not that much of actual code, most of the time was taken reading, googling, and experimenting with VMs16:34
th1aCool.  So we'll end up with what.  An extra package to install and anything else to get authentication against Zentyal?16:34
yvlto get auth with Zentyal's LDAP, you16:35
yvlyou'll need to install schooltool.ldap16:35
yvlthat's all16:35
yvlthen you can tweak schooltool.conf if you want, but it will work by default16:35
yvlnothing fancy though -16:36
yvlwe could do stuff like automatic group mapping16:36
th1aThis is just for accounts that already exist in the LDAP as set up through Zentyal.16:36
yvlas in - add to students / teachers groups16:36
yvlyes th1a16:36
yvlso - no automatic mapping without tweaking schooltool.conf16:37
th1aThere is quite a lot we can do in the future.  Just a secure first step is nice at this point.16:37
yvl(or doing that ttw for that matter)16:37
th1aI'm not sure what you mean there by automatic mapping.16:37
yvlcreate a "user group" in zentyal16:38
yvlit creates a group in LDAP16:38
yvlwhen user is created in schooltool, if he is in a desired group in LDAP, he is added in that group in ST16:38
yvlthere will be special groups for teachers, I am quite sure of that16:38
th1aCan you get any extras now just by tweaking schooltool.conf?16:39
yvlyou will be able to get that this Fri16:39
th1aOK... you're going to have to write this down.16:39
yvlI will16:39
th1aOK.  ;-)16:40
yvlthat is all for now :)16:40
th1aThanks yvl.16:41
menesisI started copying things to the new server16:41
menesisbook, downloads (ftp) already done16:42
menesiswebsite not yet16:43
menesisbzr repository, buildbot16:43
menesisI think I will not copy many things that were there16:44
menesise.g. cando trac. svn repository.16:44
menesismailing list archive - useful?16:44
th1aWe don't need those things.16:45
th1aI mean...16:45
th1aMaybe throw everything in a .tgz and send it to me or something.16:45
th1aJust for historical purposes.  ;-)16:46
menesisyes, that's what I thought16:46
menesisnot delete, but do not make it available either16:47
th1aPut the bits in a bucket.16:47
menesisso, still working on the new server today.16:48
menesisnothing else to report.16:49
th1aOK.  Thanks.16:49
replaceafilli updated the skills list in the social skills instance16:50
replaceafillwhich made me realize the Batch Assign view needed to be able to assign multiple nodes to a course16:51
replaceafillso i fixed that16:51
replaceafilli also helped jelkner to import skills to this current nvcc instance16:52
replaceafillth1a, question16:52
replaceafilldid you see Steven Celmer's comment on the autism report?16:52
replaceafillabout inverting the skillsets16:52
replaceafilli mean, i think you have some idea about it16:53
th1aCan we just add a little arrow to reverse the sort and remember a person's choice?16:53
replaceafillwe could add an annotation like we do for remembering stuff in the gradebook...16:54
replaceafilland the report could use ajaxparts viewlets to invert the sorting16:55
replaceafillwithout reloading the page16:55
replaceafilllike we do with the section summary16:55
replaceafillcool, i'll work on that today16:55
replaceafillth1a, let me know when you want us to tweak these reports16:56
replaceafill(if needed)16:56
th1aWe could take a look at it later today.16:56
* replaceafill done16:56
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:57
aelknerok, i fixed the bug with ids that welsh found, so now the importer strips out leading and trailing spaces16:57
aelknerhe'll have to wait for the next release of schooltool core to get that fix16:57
aelknerhe's not clamoring for it immediately, is he?16:58
aelknerwell, if he does, just let him know that he'll get it with the next release16:59
aelkneranyway, i also finally fixed the child relationship views for layers and nodes16:59
th1aAren't they using our PPA?16:59
aelknerthey're using the /dev ppa, remember?17:00
th1aOK, so we aren't really waiting for a RELEASE, just updating the PPA.17:00
th1aBut anyhow, I don't think it is that pressing.  We're not catching a bug in their sheets.17:01
th1aBut they need to fix their bug too.17:01
aelknerok, i said release when i mean the act of releasing the code to the ppa17:01
aelknerand yes, they could just not have the bad ids in their data, too17:02
aelknerok, moving on to the cyclic relationship bug fix17:02
th1aAs it is, we'll throw an error for duplicate ids's now for the spreadsheet in question, right?17:03
aelknermy understanding of the problem was that person objects were being added with spaces in the ids17:04
aelknerand that resulted in errors when the sections had the ids without spaces17:04
aelkneri'm not aware of any duplicate id issue resulting from the bad data17:04
aelknerbut at least the person ids, or any id for that matter, will always be stripped of the meaningless spaces17:05
th1aThe actual error was "The person importer has allowed the creation of the same person twice --17:05
th1aone with ID 876349, and the second (same person) with ID 876349(space)."17:05
aelkneroh, i see, well then, yes to your question17:06
th1aSo that would now throw an error for the sheet.17:06
aelkneroh wat17:06
aelknerif they have the same id twice, then the second row would overwrite the first one17:06
aelknereach row is a request to either add or update a person object with the given id17:07
aelknerso if they have the same one in two different rows, then the second row wins17:07
aelknerdoes that answer the question?17:07
th1aI don't think overwriting data within a single import is a desirable behavior.17:08
th1aEsp. silently.17:08
th1aI'd think it usually means a bug in the incoming data that we should flag.17:09
aelknerok, but you realize that the whole import has that kind of bahaviour all over, always has17:09
aelknerif the same timetable appears twice in the same sheet, the second one overwrite the first17:09
aelknersame with years, terms courses, sections, etc.17:10
th1aI'm saying that's probably not optimal.17:10
aelknerok, we could add logic to the importer for all the sheets to have some sort of id collection17:11
aelknerand always check new ids against that17:11
aelknerthat would be an interesting project17:11
th1a ?17:12
aelkneri wold say that it wouldn't make sense to do it for one sheet and not for all17:12
th1aMaybe that's the opposite...17:13
aelkneri don't think we need to use Counter17:13
aelknerit's a matter of tracking ids, or in the case of timetables, the days and period ids17:13
aelknerwhich are not ids actually but strings that are used as such17:13
th1aAnyhow, yes, you just need to check for duplicates, there are lots of ways.17:14
aelknerok, i'll add that to my tasks17:15
aelkneranything else on that before i move onto to cyclic relationships?17:15
aelknerok, so i added code to the child relationship views for layers and nodes17:16
aelknerto make sure any node or layer that would cause an exception on add would not appear17:16
aelknerin the list of available child nodes or layers17:16
aelkneri'm working on tests right now for adding nodes and layers threw the web, something i hadn't gotten to yet17:18
aelknerso i'll make sure to have tests for the cyclic protection as part of that17:18
aelknerthat's it for me17:18
th1aOK.  Thanks aelkner.17:18
th1aIncidentally I'm on my new "back to school" schedule.17:19
th1aWhich means getting up at 6:30 AM, and dropping Vivian and Julia off around 9:00.17:20
th1aSo I'll be online for an hour or so earlier than before, then off for an hour or so and then back around 9:15.17:20
th1aOK.  Thanks guys.17:21
th1aWe're not getting too many complaints from VA, so that's a good sign.17:21
th1aGood work!17:21
th1aHave a good week and weekend!17:22
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:22
replaceafillthanks everybody17:22
aelknerthanks guys, have a great weekend17:22
yvlthanks guys17:22
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?21:31
replaceafillth1a, yes21:31
th1aDo you want to talk about these reports in about 10 minutes?21:31
th1aOr is it almost lunch time?21:31
replaceafillnah, i'll go eat in ~1h21:31
th1aOK, let me write an email.21:32
replaceafilli'll see if we have an updated instance...21:32
replaceafillBush, Vanessa21:36
th1aI can't get it to do anything...21:40
th1aCan you?21:46
replaceafillhaven't tried21:46
replaceafilllet me see...21:46
th1aWrong mode.21:47
replaceafillit works for me, although i don't understand what is doing :)21:48
replaceafillit changes the slider colors in :)21:49
th1aDo you see the globe?21:49
th1aRun at page load:21:50
th1a- If option is checked the algorithm is run onpageload.  Otherwise, you must click on the browserAction (sphere icon) in the top-right corner of your browser to Daltonize the page.21:50
replaceafillah, the sphere :)21:50
replaceafilltop right in my window21:51
replaceafillnext to the tools icon21:51
th1aOK, so it seems like purple and orange are actually very safe for this.21:54
replaceafilli think so21:55
replaceafilli don't understand those modes though :(21:55
th1aThey're just three different kinds of color blindness, right?21:56
th1aYou want to use "Simulate" though.21:56
th1aNot the other one.21:56
replaceafillgot it21:56
th1aOK, that was a necessary diversion.21:57
replaceafillwhy are we seeing this?21:57
replaceafilljust to check?21:57
th1aSo get rid of the check and x and go to the label in the background in the report.21:57
th1aTo see if we need some other indicator of the score.21:57
th1aI guess it would be necessary to use the report too.21:58
replaceafillgetting rid of the icons then21:59
th1aWell, if we're going to put the label there they probably have to go.22:02
replaceafillwe're putting the label there?22:02
th1aI guess I'm going to have to run to get Vivian.  Jennifer's bus didn't show up.22:02
th1aYeah, just do it like the report.22:02
replaceafillah ok22:02
th1aGot it?22:03
replaceafilleven in empty ones?22:03
th1aback soon...yes22:03
th1a ok, back.22:38
th1aThe after school traffic is brutal...22:38
replaceafillcan we join a hang out with dwelsh?22:38
replaceafillhe's asking some questions about his demo22:38
replaceafillso th1a, i changed the grading view22:58
replaceafillremoved the icons22:58
replaceafilland put the labels22:58
th1aTake the labels out of the headers.22:59
replaceafillah ok22:59
th1aI like the same light font color as in the report.  We could make the no score background white.23:02
replaceafillchanged the font color23:03
replaceafillchanged the background23:04
th1aNow... here's the hard part...23:06
th1aWe just need to make that work for an arbitrary number of skills per skillset.23:06
th1aSo... scrolling I guess.23:07
th1aAlso, probably making it all more compact.23:07
replaceafillremoving the edges?23:07
replaceafilli mean, the padding23:07
th1aWe can trim it down some.23:07
th1aBut mainly be able to handle one row with 4 skills, then one with 1, then one with 12.23:08
replaceafillsame way the gradebook does23:08
th1aThis will have more potentially empty space.23:09
replaceafillok, i'll make it scrollable23:09
replaceafill(that will take some time though)23:10
replaceafillany other changes you want?23:10
replaceafillshould this work with ranged scoresystems?23:11
replaceafilllike, letting you enter numbers23:11
replaceafilli think that's something we could put in the gradebook too23:11
th1aNot ranged.23:11
th1aWe do need to make it work with more arbitrary score systems though.23:12
th1aSo perhaps we'll need to look at color interpolations for a whole range.23:12
th1aDon't worry about that right now.23:12
replaceafillok, th1a, i'll go get lunch23:14
replaceafilli think i'll have something to show you tomorrow23:14
th1aAnd I'll go make dinner.23:14
th1aThanks replaceafill!23:14
replaceafillkk, see you23:14
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