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th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner, menesis, yvl, (jelkner).16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
yvlgood morning16:31
th1aOK, let me start with menesis.16:32
th1aFirst off, I think I need to dispel my own magical thinking here.16:32
th1aWe will be releasing schooltool.cando to our PPA in October but we can't actually get a new package in this release of Ubuntu universe.16:33
th1aThat's not a problem -- I was just sort of fantasizing that it was possible for a while.16:33
th1aCorrect, menesis?16:33
menesisit was possible until August 23...16:34
th1aThere was no way it would be ready by then.16:34
th1aSo no worries.16:34
th1aOK.  Second, can we make this server move week menesis?16:35
jelknerth1a, did the meeting start yet?16:35
th1aYes jelkner.16:35
jelknerok, i'll talk to you later16:35
menesisschooltool.cando is in the PPA already16:35
th1amenesis:  Right.16:35
th1aOK, so can we work on the server this week?16:38
th1aI guess one question is can we literally get away with just having a web host at this point.16:39
th1aIf we move the mail server to Google or the Shuttleworth Foundation.16:39
th1aI think at that point we'd pretty much be down to just mail.16:39
th1ajust web, I mean.16:40 also runs buildbot, some bzr branches16:41
th1aAh, buildbot.16:41
menesismost of buildbot is on, but only because is old/slow/unreliable16:41
th1aOK, I can just get a vm.16:41
th1aI'll send you the info today.16:41
th1aWe should get it all set up and then I'll send the instructions to the Foundation.16:42
th1aI want to get out of the mail business one way or another though.16:42
th1aSo don't bother with that.16:42
th1aWe'll probably also need to push some updates quickly the next week or two as CanDo deployments will get up to full speed.16:43
th1aAlso, there will be a tiny new schooltool.socialskills package for the "autism" project.16:44
th1aWe'll probably get to that last point in aelkner's section.16:44
th1aDo you want 12.04 on the vm?16:44
menesisyes, 12.04 please16:45
th1aOK.  Anything else menesis?16:46
menesisnothing. I was on vacation whole last week16:46
menesisI see quite a few bugs are assigned to me16:47
menesisneed to upload latest packages to quantal16:47
th1aLet me know if you think they're out of your range, etc.16:47
menesisbackport more of schooltool trunk - 2.1.1 bugfix release did not include all of the fixes in 2.2.116:48
menesisso I have what to work on16:48
menesiswill see16:48
th1aThanks menesis.16:50
yvlhi :)16:50
yvlso I sent a short update Fri16:50
yvlin addition I plan to drop ldappas16:52
yvlmaybe even ldapadapter libraries16:52
yvlthey do some 200 lines worth of code that is of any use to us16:52
yvl(and get in my way somewhat)16:52
yvland they  have'nt been updated for a year or so16:53
yvlin any case16:53
* th1a googles ldappas16:53
th1aAre you replacing those with something?16:54
yvlour own code16:54
yvlthey're based in python's ldap libraries16:54
yvlwhat they add is:16:54
yvl- Zope'ish config ttw (which we'll have to replace)16:54
yvl- integration with Zope's pluggable auth (which we don't use)16:54
yvland cusomizable config (which we have already overwritten)16:55
yvlthey also impose some constraints (which we don't need at all)16:55
yvland if LDAP server is dead16:55
th1aOK, so we'll just have our own layer between the bare Python libraries and SchoolTool.16:55
yvlldappas pretends the username/password combo is wrong16:56
yvlI think that's the best way to go16:56
th1aThat seems like the right amount of work.16:56
th1aAs long as we aren't re-writing LDAP implementations.16:56
yvlpython comes with batteries included, thankfully16:57
yvlso I'll work on schooltool.ldap this week16:57
th1aI'd like to be wrapping it up at the end of the week.16:57
yvlsounds good to me16:58
th1aThanks yvl.16:58
replaceafillat the end of last week i worked on changes to the socialskills grading view and report16:59
replaceafillsome changes requested by dwelsh regarding page titles/subtitles16:59
replaceafillah and breadcrumbs on those16:59
replaceafillth1a, question, that instance is using a custom cando version (with these views)17:00
replaceafillshould i move those views to the new schooltool.socialskills package?17:00
th1aWhich views?17:01
replaceafillthe grading one and the summary form report17:01
th1aWe should work on getting them ready for mainline CanDo.17:02
replaceafillcool, understood17:02
replaceafillah, i have a question for yvl17:02
th1aWe should try to get to that this week.17:03
replaceafillth1a, sure17:03
replaceafillyvl, i found out this weekend that it's possible to "spit" json in a zpt template17:03
replaceafillusing the json: ... directive17:03
* replaceafill was looking a the timetables wizard17:04
yvloh :)17:04
replaceafilljson is used there to replace sessions, correct?17:04
* yvl does not recall why it's used there17:04
replaceafillah np17:04
replaceafilli was just amazed that we could create json in zpt17:05
replaceafillit seemed like another "secret" dev tool in ST :D17:05
yvlit's not *that* useful ;)17:06
replaceafillanother thing i finally understood17:06
replaceafillwas how to make ST.local available in a jquery callback17:07
replaceafillsee, i'm very interested in ways of making all this js i'm writing to suck less :)17:07
replaceafillthe person filter provided me with a good example17:07
replaceafillit's all about returning functions!17:08
replaceafillanyway, i also found this:17:08
replaceafillwhich reminded me of our skills chart in cando17:09
yvlah, Khan Academy :)17:09
replaceafillth1a, i have a couple of bugs to go through, like the form login and some breadcrumbs related17:10
replaceafilli also experimented on how to insert the "you're trying to leave this page with unsaved data" message in the gradebook17:10
th1aYou mean, bugs to do today.17:10
replaceafillunless you want us to work on those reports17:11
replaceafillthat's all from me17:11
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:11
aelknerok, so last week i only got a couple days of work in due to the stupid stomach virus i had17:12
aelkneri created the socialskills package with the two demos that welsh wanted17:12
aelkneralso, i added a CourseNodes sheet to the cando import, as well as tests for it and CourseSkills17:13
aelknerthere are some loose ends with cando, namely, there is no export yet17:13
th1aExport of?17:14
aelknerthe stuff that is imported17:14
aelknersheets for Layers, Nodes, SkillSets, Skills17:14
aelknereven CourseSkills if we want17:14
aelknerCourseNodes is not possible to export, as i mentioned last week17:15
aelknerwe can't round-trip that one, it's import-only, like va sections17:15
aelkneranyway, cando export is one outstanding task17:16
th1aOK, do that.17:16
aelkneranother one is protection against CyclicRelationship exceptions17:16
th1aYeah, do that.17:16
aelkneralso, i wanted to discuss the year security task with you17:17
aelknerright after the meeting?17:17
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th1aAnything else, aelkner?17:17
aelknerno, that's it for me17:17
th1aSo I did put Schwadesign to work doing a UX review + wireframes of the management views related to "School," including relationship views.17:19
th1aSo that's something we'll probably be ipmlementing toward the end of the year.17:19
* th1a checks his notes.17:20
th1aaelkner:  I do have task for you aelkner to do first.17:20
th1aAnother chapter in the great section title saga.17:20
th1aDespite my desires to not have  people wondering what to name a section, dwelsh convinced me to add section title back into the add section form.17:21
th1aIt should be OPTIONAL though in the form.17:21
aelknerthat makes sense17:21
th1aAlso, you should be able to set section resources in that form.17:21
aelknerso, i fit's not filled in, it would default to what it does already, right?17:22
aelknersection resources is a relationship view17:22
th1aOh... right.17:22
aelknerwe could do one thing17:22
th1aIs location just a resource here?17:22
aelknerwe could allow the user to choose a single location in the add form17:23
aelknerif it's a drop-down17:23
menesisoh yes, please let users name the section on add17:23
aelknerif it's just the add form, not edit, it's safe to allow them to choose one or no locations17:23
th1aI knew menesis never liked it either.17:23
aelknermenesis never liked what?17:24
aelknernot having section title on add?17:24
menesisyes, that17:24
aelknersure, makes sense17:24
aelkneras long as we have a default for those who can't be bothered17:24
th1aOK.  So do that first aelkner.17:25
aelknerok, when do you want to discuss the year security design?17:25
th1aIn a minute.17:25
th1aThanks guys!17:25
th1aSee you Wednesday!17:26
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:26
aelknerthanks guys, cya wed17:26
replaceafillthanks everybody17:26
yvlthanks guys17:26
th1aOK, go ahead aelkner.17:28
aelkneroh, so we're talking about limiting the ability to change things in certain years, even for superusers, right?17:30
aelknerso basically, even the manager user will be blocked from changing years that are old17:31
aelkneris that what we're talking about?17:31
aelknerok, there are three types of years17:32
aelknerold, currently active, new year being staged17:32
aelknerif a year is previous to the currently active year, then it is old17:33
aelkneri guess those years are completely unchangable17:34
th1aLet's call them "Pending," "Active," "Archived."17:34
th1aWe'll probably add some kind of exceptions for archived years later if necessary.17:35
aelknerbut for now, all changes blocked out17:35
th1aBut we probably have to let people move them out of that status anyhow.17:35
th1aSo that's the obvious workaround.17:36
aelknerwe already have a way17:36
aelknerthe user can ust make a year active :)17:36
th1aThat's what I mean.17:37
th1aMake the archived year active, change it, switch back.17:37
aelknerright, so we already have the workaround available17:37
aelknerso, that leaves active and pending years17:39
aelknerwhat's the difference in terms of what can or can't be changed?17:39
aelkneri mean between them17:39
aelkneror is there any reason to differentiate?17:39
aelknerfor those two types of years, all changes allowed?17:40
th1aIn active years you can'd delete things that will screw up the data model.17:41
th1aYou can't delete sections.17:41
th1aYou can't delete terms.17:42
th1aYou can't delete... most things like that.17:42
th1aAdding things should be ok though.17:42
th1aCan't delete.17:43
aelknerok, so active allows add but not delete of those things17:43
th1aWe should just assume you can't delete things from the active year.17:43
th1aI see no harm in adding.17:43
aelknerhere's a tricky thing17:43
th1aOnce we have that we can go back and make it easier to delete everything in a pending year.17:44
aelknerwhat defines a year as pending?17:44
aelknerif it's newer than the currently active one?17:44
th1aNot active or archived?17:44
th1aI'd say it is the default state.17:44
aelknerthat's what i'm asking about, how we determine the state of a year17:44
aelknerare all years older than active defacto archived?17:44
aelknerand all years newer than active defacto pending17:45
th1aI don't think it needs to actually be based on the calendar.17:45
th1aIt is more of a workflow.17:45
th1apending > active > archived.17:45
th1aBut only one can be active.17:45
th1aAnd you can go backwards explicitly if you want.17:46
aelknercurrently we only have an active term flag17:47
aelknerfrom that we determine the active year dynamically17:47
th1aYou'll need more than that.17:48
aelknerjust checked, actually, the schoolyears container has an active_id flag17:49
aelknerthe schoolyear itself has no flag presently17:50
aelknerwe could add a new flag to SchoolYear called archived17:51
aelknerdefault to False17:51
th1aThat should work.17:52
aelknerbtw, we have a view called /schoolyears that is not reachale from the School tab17:53
aelknerwe need to think about how the user can get to it17:53
th1aWell, I'm paying for a complete redesign of that page anyhow.17:53
th1aSo don't sweat it atm.17:53
aelknerok, remember to get them to address the active vrs. archived issue in the table17:54
aelknerthing is, i can't do much test writing until the ui for changing year status is decided17:56
aelkneri guess we're just talking plans here, no actual changes that i can make17:57
aelkneri mean, even if i add the archived flag to SChoolYear17:57
aelknerif there's no way to change it in the ui, i can't write the selenium tests for the security17:57
aelknerhow soon will that redesign be ready?17:58
aelknerth1a, ok, never mind, i guess we've covered it for now18:04
th1aHm, sorry.18:04
th1aJust don't worry about the link to the page.18:05
th1aAnd we'll do something simple in the years view.18:05
aelknerok, we can use /schoolyears in tests18:06
aelkneri can leave the view alone for now18:06
aelknerand i can add a link to the SchoolYear view called Archive18:06
aelknerin the Actions linkset18:07
th1aWe'll have to think about exactly how to implement that view.18:08
th1aI guess actions in the year view make sense.18:08
aelknerit stays out of the way of the redesign at least18:09
aelknerok, so there are three types of years, determined logically as follows:18:11
th1aWe should just make the years index work correctly.18:11
th1aI just meant I don't want to worry about getting there.18:11
th1athe schools page will be entirely different.18:11
aelknerok, so i can add a Archived? column to the table18:12
th1aI would make it more of a "Status" column.18:12
th1aWith Pending, Active and Archived.18:12
aelknerah, yes18:12
th1aAnd sort by those.18:12
aelkneras for the logic of determining those three18:12
aelknerif the year has the new 'archived' attribute set to True, it is archived18:13
aelkneror wait, should we change the way the active year is determined18:13
aelkneri mean, right now, the schoolyears container has the active_id18:14
aelknerdoes that need to change?18:14
th1aIf we do it that way we don't need logic to make sure there isn't more than one.18:14
aelknerdo what in what way?18:15
th1aThe way it is now.18:15
th1aIn the container.18:15
aelknerok, so we don't change that18:16
th1aIt is up to you.18:16
aelknerbut do we add the archived flag to the year?18:16
aelknerand i guess we can't allow the user to set an active year to archived18:16
th1aI guess you need some logic somewhere.18:18
aelkneri'll have to think about it18:18
th1aMy initial thought was just an attribute to the year that had three states.18:18
aelkneryes, i like that idea best18:18
th1aYou just have to decide which is least likely to go apeshit.18:18
aelkneri think the year should carry its state, and the views should be careful to change them correctly18:21
aelknerso i can add a state attribute to SchoolYear, and a get_state method18:22
aelknerthe get_state method could use the state if its not None, otherwise look at the years container to figure it out18:23
aelkneras a fallback i'm thinking, so that we don't need to address evolution18:23
aelkneranyway, i have enough to go on now18:25
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jelknerreplaceafill, are you here?20:20
replaceafilljelkner, yes20:20
jelkneri've got ST setup20:21
jelknerbut matt didn't use https20:21
jelkneralso, i'm about to make my first quiz20:21
jelkneri didn't test last summer, can i report to the journal?20:22
jelknerI'd like to make a mini quiz that I use for attendance20:22
replaceafilli think it's possible20:22
replaceafilldavid/paul changed that though, i haven't used it lately20:23
jelkneris there an easy way for us test?20:23
jelkneri don't want a surprise on the 2nd night of class after they just get introduced to the system20:23
jelkneri have a 1:30 meeting20:24
replaceafilli could test it for you and let you know20:24
jelknerthat would be *most* appreciated20:24
jelkneri'll ping you after the meeting20:24
* replaceafill sighs...21:01
replaceafilljelkner, pyquiz has a bug now deploying to the journal21:01
replaceafilli'd recommend you to submit your grades to the gradebook21:03
replaceafilland taking attendance manually :(21:03
replaceafillth1a, zyt?21:09
replaceafilli'm going to update the social skills list21:09
replaceafillhhmm... i'll try it in a local instance before... ;)21:10
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jelknerreplaceafill, i'm back21:16
jelknerready to make my first quiz21:16
replaceafilljelkner, can you see the log?21:16
jelknerwhich log?21:16
replaceafillmy messages about the pyquiz bug21:16
jelknerah yes21:17
jelkneri'll just report to the gradebook21:17
replaceafillwriting that social skills importer took most time of expected, but it's very useful right now :)21:33
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replaceafillwe need to associate the skillsets again in the socialskills instance22:01
replaceafilli wonder if we could automate this with aelkner's new node importer...22:01
replaceafillthe importer can't remove though22:02
replaceafilli'm testing the mass importer instead22:02
replaceafilli mean, the batch assignment view22:02
replaceafillthank God for the "Remove All" checkbox :D22:04
replaceafillth1a, question22:05
replaceafillsuppose you have a course22:05
replaceafilland several nodes with skillsets22:05
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replaceafillshould it be possible to assign several nodes to a course at once using the batch assign skills view?22:06
replaceafillright now, it just associates the last node22:06
th1aUh... last?22:07
replaceafillyes, i set several nodes with SS1 as the description22:07
replaceafilland the batch view only shows "Life Skills"22:07
replaceafillwhich is the last one22:07
th1aI would say, yes, it should be possible.22:07
replaceafillth1a, social skills list updated23:26
replaceafillthere were some ID's mismatches23:27
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replaceafillbut dwelsh said there were no grades in yet23:27
replaceafillso we just reassigned everything23:27
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