IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2012-08-22

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th1a_hi replaceafill, aelkner, yvl.16:30
yvlgood morning16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
* aelkner has been under the whether, so nothing new to report16:30
th1a_replaceafill:  The mail seems stuck again.  Can you try restarting postfix?16:31
aelknerwould like to return to bed...16:31
th1a_does aelkner have any tasks pending for autism?16:31
replaceafillth1a_, i don't have sudo fin :(16:31
aelkneri'm putting together the socialskills package16:31
th1a_I guess it rebooted itself that time.16:31
aelkneris that needed urgently?16:31
th1a_I guess not really.16:32
aelkneris there a meeting thursday evening?16:32
th1a_We can just make the necessary demographics fields at this point.16:32
th1a_Oh, yes, it is tomorrow.16:32
th1a_I was thinking today.16:32
aelkneri cold have it by then i think16:32
th1a_OK, go to bed.16:32
th1a_Thanks aelkner.16:33
aelknerok, thanks, cya16:33
yvlget better, aelkner16:34
th1a_OK, yvl.  How have your explorations gone?16:34
yvlat the moment, I have an edubuntu VM with zentyal16:35
yvland schooltool + old ldap module16:35
yvlalso, I have another plain ubuntu VM that is able to log in to zentyal's... umm, network16:35
yvlold ldap module seems to somewhat work16:36
yvl(though auto-creation of users is broken)16:36
yvlit turns out I suck badly in sysadmin's shoes16:37
yvlso did not advance as far as I wanted16:37
yvlZentyal available at edubuntu seems to store minimalistic user data in LDAP16:37
yvlthough it could be expanded, and maybe there are some modules out-in-the-wil or in paid versions that do this16:38
yvlI assume16:38
yvlbut for now - first name, last name, username16:38
yvland there is support for groups16:38
yvlso if we choose to keep going auto-creation path, we could automatically map groups assigned in zentyal to ST groups16:39
yvlI wonder if it is possible (easy) to configure/implement something so that when user logs into his computer (via Zentyal's LDAP)16:40
yvlhe would be automatically logged into SchoolTool16:40
th1a_Hadn't been thinking that way, but yes, that's an interesting idea.16:41
yvlfor now, maybe it's worth to at least populate username with Ubuntu's whoami16:41
yvlif LDAP is configured16:41
yvlor add a flag that enables that16:41
th1a_For groups and user data we could also just think in terms of batch update too if it is much easier.16:41
yvlcan you elaborate a bit, th1a_ ?16:42
yvl(just want to be sure we're on the same page)16:42
th1a_Just a cron job that makes sure all the data (say, person demographics) is updated in LDAP.16:42
th1a_Rather than, say, using LDAP as our demographic backend.16:43
th1a_Or making the update immediate.16:43
yvlit's a good question if we want to do that now16:43
th1a_I'm just saying, we don't have to lock ourselves into thinking we have to do something that propogates immediately.16:44
th1a_That tends to not be a hard requirement.16:44
yvlanother thing - LDAP is... well, free-form data16:44
yvlmore or less16:44
yvlso we can add many attributes16:44
yvlbut who will use them?16:44
yvl* what will use them.16:45
th1a_I'd say for that reason additional attributes aren't a high priority.16:45
yvlI agree16:45
yvlbut it's an interesting idea16:46
th1a_So with our current LDAP implementation.16:46
th1a_Yes -- there is lots that can be done.16:46
th1a_This is the "get the ball rolling" iteration.16:46
th1a_Currently, we can set it up so that if someone tries to log in:16:46
th1a_1) if they are in LDAP but not in SchoolTool, they will log in and the account will be created;16:47
th1a_2) if they have an existing account in SchoolTool, LDAP will be used to authenicate the password.16:47
th1a_And that's pretty much it, right?16:47
yvland it works if configured correctly :)16:48
yvl(well, apart from a simple bug where it crashes, but that's easily fixable)16:48
yvlwe should at the very least add page in ST to batch-populate from LDAP16:49
th1a_So yes, essentially that's what I wanted you to check.16:49
th1a_So get that working.  I think we should make a schooltool.zentyal package (or something)16:49
th1a_And look into backups.16:50
yvlif we make that... it would better have some integration with zentyal16:50
yvlas in - it should be possible to "enable module" from their ui and so on16:50
yvlbecause now, it's pretty much a manual process16:51
yvlyou install schooltool16:51
yvland copy-paste stuff from zentyal's LDAP settings page to your schooltool.conf16:51
yvland we really should document that!16:51
yvlbtw, was very helpful to figure out zentyal - ubuntu integration :)16:52
th1a_I'd want to get to this:16:53
th1a_Well, I guess what I want is:16:53
* yvl is listening16:53
th1a_1) Install Edubuntu Server;16:53
th1a_2) It works!16:53
th1a_But more specifically, in this release.16:53
th1a_1) Install Edubuntu server;16:53
th1a_2) Install schooltool.zentyal package from our ppa.16:54
th1a_3) It works!16:54
yvlthat's a challenge :)16:55
th1a_Rather than 2 being "follow these instructions for editing your configuration files.16:55
yvlchallenge accepted.16:55
th1a_It isn't THAT big of a challenge.16:55
yvlwhen you install Zentyal, you more or less freely edit... stuff16:55
th1a_Where "it works" means that you can log in by LDAP.16:55
yvlyou install "Users" module16:55
th1a_Oh... well... hm.16:55
yvland enable "File Sharing" module16:55
yvland then edit some strings16:56
yvland "it starts to work there"16:56
yvlbut I'll look, maybe implementation is really simple16:56
th1a_OK, well, if Zentyal is too fiddly for my dream, I'm not expecting you to fix that.16:56
yvlmaybe we can "just pull stuff at runtime"16:56
yvlor something16:56
th1a_My main point is that I'd prefer a package to instructions.16:57
yvlgood point, taken.16:57
yvlI'll look into that next16:57
th1a_Also, we may have to assume a more or less clean Zentyal, but in most cases that's the use case.16:57
th1a_OK.  I think we're on the right track.16:58
th1a_I don't want to be over-ambitious the first time through.16:58
th1a_Or get bogged down.16:58
yvlwell, the worst-case-scenario is done16:59
yvlI can write the instructions16:59
yvlso let's see if we can make this better.16:59
yvlbtw, that is already great success in my eyes :)16:59
yvlto have file sharing and mail infrastructure for your school17:00
yvland SSO with ST17:00
yvlis already good17:00
yvlwell, to be expected, actually17:01
yvlspeaking of mail17:01
yvlneed to look into that!17:01
th1a_The only reason we haven't been following this path is that Edubuntu server was more or less abandoned.17:01
th1a_Indeed, mail.17:01
th1a_OK,  sounds good yvl.  I think we're on the same page.17:03
yvlwell, that's it from me17:03
th1a_Thanks yvl.17:03
yvlI'll keep you posted17:04
replaceafillth1a_, i've been working on some fixes i had pending17:04
replaceafilli focused on the new section report17:04
replaceafillth1a_, remember the issue when we selected No Evidence17:04
replaceafilland not all the skills were shown17:05
replaceafilli found the reason17:05
replaceafillso i'm fixing that17:05
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th1aAh.  Good.17:05
replaceafilli also checked the extra space above tables17:05
replaceafillwe get when there is no batch17:05
replaceafillso i think i got that one too17:06
replaceafillfinally yesterday i was trying to find out the reason of17:06
replaceafillwhen you paste an url in the browser17:06
replaceafilland you're not authenticated17:06
replaceafillwhen you authenticate, you're redirected to a "wrong" view17:07
replaceafilland maybe yvl could help me here17:07
replaceafilli tracked it down to the PersonContainerAuthenticationPlugin17:07
replaceafillspecifically, the unauthorized method17:08
replaceafillfor example if i paste here a link to a gradebook view17:08
replaceafilland you click it17:08
replaceafillyou get the unauthorized part, righT?17:08
yvlI thiink17:09
replaceafillso the login.html view gets a nexturl string from the authenticator plugin17:09
replaceafillbut that string is wrong17:09
replaceafillwell, i don't know if "wrong" is the "right" word :D17:09
yvlyou'll have to be more concrete than that I'm afraid17:09
replaceafillit's this line:17:10
replaceafillfull_url = "%s%s" % (str(request.URL), query_string)17:10
replaceafillrequest.URL returns everything to the worksheet17:10
replaceafillleaving the /gradebook/.... part out17:10
replaceafilli wonder if that's a problem with the gradebook adapter17:10
yvlumm... could you paste the initial and resulting urls?17:10
replaceafillsure, hold on17:11
replaceafillthis is where i want to go:17:11
replaceafillthis is what i get:17:11
replaceafillsee nexturl17:11
replaceafill(this is the cando skills gradebook btw)17:11
replaceafillbut i think the same happens in the regular gradebook17:12
replaceafillmaybe i'll have to track inside request.URL :(17:12
replaceafillit's just annoying17:12
replaceafillnot a big deal17:12
th1aIt is a real annoyance to me.  ;-)17:13
yvlif I had to guess17:13
replaceafilli know it annoys th1a ;)17:13
yvlI'd guess that gradebook/section_report.html get's dropped down before it fails to authenticate entirely17:13
yvlsomething like... it redirects to index.html of 5517-2011-017:13
yvland then it fails17:14
yvlbut that's just a guess17:14
replaceafillmaybe i'd need to check the server errors to see actually in which part of the traversal i get the forbidden17:15
yvlcan you quickly check if browser is redirected?17:15
replaceafillyvl, what do you mean?17:15
yvlif teacher:7080/schoolyears/2012-2013/SY/sections/13106-45-1-1/skills/6617-2011-0/gradebook/section_report.html17:15
replaceafillit is redirected to the login view17:15
yvlreturns a 3xx to the browser17:15
yvland browser asks for teacher:7080/schoolyears/2012-2013/SY/sections/13106-45-1-1/skills/6617-2011-017:15
yvland then gets redirected to login17:15
replaceafillyou mean, maybe i'm seeing the last part of those several steps, right?17:16
yvlalso check...17:17
replaceafilli hadn't thought of that!17:17
yvlGradebookStartUp or how it's called17:17
yvlI think there may be explicit redirects to login page there17:18
* yvl grepped, there is one in GradebookStartup17:18
yvl(probably unrelated)17:18
replaceafillyou're probably right17:19
replaceafill        if IPerson(self.request.principal, None) is None:17:19
replaceafill            raise Unauthorized("user not logged in")17:19
replaceafillmaybe that raise brings the login view17:19
yvlwith devmode=on17:20
yvlyou should be able to see if the redirect was caused by security check17:20
yvl(because if it was, you'll get a page with the list of security checks)17:21
replaceafillah! your branch from the providence sprint!17:21
replaceafillis that available in trunk now?!?!?!!?17:21
yvlI think it's in trunk now17:21
replaceafillis there a view for that?17:21
th1aSchoolTool's secret development tools.17:21
yvlgot there at some point with performance optimizations17:21
replaceafilli haven't used it in flourish yet17:21
yvlturn the devmode on! ;)))17:21
replaceafillwill do17:22
* replaceafill wonders why he doesn't use devmode on when developing...17:22
yvlbecause it use to do nothing.17:22
replaceafillbut it surely can help here!17:23
replaceafillwill try17:23
yvlapart from /++debug++source/17:23
replaceafillthanks yvl!17:23
yvlhope this helps17:23
replaceafillth1a, to finish my report17:23
replaceafilli met with jelkner on monday17:23
replaceafilli'm going to help him set his new instance up17:23
replaceafillfor his ST pilot17:24
replaceafillwith her other colleagues17:24
replaceafillso we're meeting today with Matt too17:24
replaceafillto do that17:24
replaceafilli gues that's it from me17:24
th1aOK.  You and I should try to touch up the autism reports today or early tomorrow.17:25
replaceafillah ok17:25
replaceafilllet me know what's best for you17:25
replaceafilli think i could move to the pass/fail logic ow17:26
replaceafillremember dwelsh requested a blank/pass/fail logic in the grading view17:26
replaceafillright now we only have blank/pass17:26
replaceafill(or maybe i misunderstood him...)17:27
th1aI'm just not sure what you meant by "now."17:28
replaceafillnow as in "instead of tracking the forbidden issue..." :)17:28
replaceafillcool, i'll start with that then17:29
* replaceafill done17:29
th1aOK.  Thanks guys!17:31
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:31
yvlgood luck guys17:31
yvlsee you Mon17:32
replaceafillthanks everybody17:32
th1ayvl:  You should be shooting to have something by the end of next week, btw.17:37
menesis(but on vacation this week)17:50
th1aCan you try to quickly unstick the mail server again and then we'll really move it when you get back?17:50
th1aI don't expect you to fix it now.  Maybe kick it in the right spot to spill out the frozen emails.17:51
menesisI'll try17:51
menesislogcheck spam already coming in17:53
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jelknerreplaceafill, good morning!18:03
replaceafilljelkner, good morning18:04
jelknerwe're waiting for mattva01 to arrive18:04
jelknerhe's here in the room18:04
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replaceafillah ok18:04
jelknerand now in the channel ;-)18:04
jelknerok, i have the following agenda:18:04
jelkner1. gettting everything we need off the tektonic server so I can retire it today18:05
jelkner2. setting up the new server for18:05
jelkner   a. my NVCC evening class (by next Monday)18:05
jelkner    b. our Fall HILT Institute Pilot18:05
jelknerthat's all i got18:05
jelkneris there something i'm missing?18:06
replaceafilljelkner, are you using cando for 2.a?18:06
replaceafillah ok18:06
jelknerjust the regular gradebook18:06
jelkneri hadn't fully thought about it18:07
jelknerbut it is an nvcc course, not a gctaa one18:07
jelkneron the other hand18:07
replaceafilli was just wondering i we needed to build a skills xls for you again18:07
jelknerwell, we need it for the HILT Institute for sure18:08
jelknerso here is the first question:18:08
jelknerare a and b two instances or one?18:08
replaceafilltwo imho18:08
jelknerwhich is easier for you18:08
jelkneri can go either way18:09
jelknerthough the times would be different18:09
jelknersince it is an 8 week course18:09
jelknerthat starts tonight18:09
jelknermaybe two, right?18:09
replaceafilli'd say use 218:09
jelknerand that has an added advantage18:10
jelkneri can test and document with the first one18:10
jelknersince i'm starting to use that a week early18:10
* jelkner promises to take copious notes18:11
jelknerok, how to do we proceed?18:11
replaceafilli don't need anything from the current tektonic server i think18:12
mattva01so, you need an account dcerna correct? :p18:12
jelkneron the new one18:12
replaceafillyes please18:12
mattva01or should it be replaceafill?18:12
jelknerthe old server, i need an archive of last years data18:12
mattva01creating it and going to send you the password via gchat18:13
replaceafillis the nhs-log service running there?18:13
replaceafillmattva01, thanks18:13
mattva01just an FYI, it's debian testing18:14
replaceafillah ok18:14
replaceafillit's going to be sandboxes anyway, right?18:15
replaceafillnot ppa packages18:15
jelknerthat's good, replaceafill, right? ;-)18:15
jelknermattva01 tells me you two are done with me for now.18:16
jelknerif so, i'm going to prepare for my class tonight18:16
replaceafilljelkner, when do you need ST running?18:17
replaceafilli mean, to start creating your classes18:17
jelknera. by Sunday18:17
replaceafillah ok18:17
jelknerb. by Wednesday18:17
jelkneris that ok?18:18
replaceafillthat gives me saturday to make sure everything is fine :)18:18
jelknerok, let me get to lesson planning then...18:19
replaceafillis mattva01 taking your backup?18:19
jelknerhe will talk to you about it18:20
replaceafillah kk18:20
jelknerbut he's on top of it18:20
* replaceafill is glad we have a script to spit autism skills ;)19:03
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?21:42
th1ahi replaceafill.21:44
replaceafillth1a, i'm almost done with the empty, Pass, Fail logic for the autism report21:44
replaceafillwe're coloring the "failed" skills, right?21:45
replaceafilli mean, here:21:45
th1aAh, yes.21:46
th1aTry the lighter orange.21:46
replaceafilli have a couple of more questions, but let me set the new branch first21:46
replaceafillth1a, reload21:59
replaceafilland check the gradebook score cycle21:59
th1aI'm getting orange bars sometimes in the score view at the top or bottom of the cell.22:00
replaceafillhhmm, did you reload the file resources?22:01
replaceafilli changed some22:01
replaceafilli haven't check chrome yet though22:01
th1aTry #F68E4D22:01
* th1a fires up the interpolator. ;-)22:03
replaceafillth1a, you're using chrome, right?22:04
replaceafillthe orange bars are chrome highlighting22:04
replaceafilllike when you select and drag over text22:04
th1aTry #F9AF8422:04
replaceafillthe icon is smaller than the cell22:04
replaceafilli'll fix the orange bar issue (just have to make the icon to take the whole cell)22:05
th1aTry #D8977122:07
th1aDo you like that?22:08
replaceafilli also have to sort the contexts correctly in the report22:08
replaceafillhhmm yes, it's dark enough to see the labels right22:08
replaceafillthe lighter the orange, the more difficult to see the label22:08
replaceafillat least in my laptop :P22:09
th1aAlso we don't want or need a BRIGHT orange.22:10
th1aI don't like the WARNING look.22:10
replaceafillcan you remember another change we need in the report?22:10
replaceafillah, dwelsh wrote a doc!22:10
th1aSo can we get the color coding to correspond to the scores in the entry form?22:10
replaceafillif you click and get a check, it should be purple22:11
replaceafillx -> orange22:11
replaceafilli mean the cell bg22:12
replaceafill"2) Some skills (just a few) do NOT have a 1:1 context "22:13
replaceafillhhmm, actually not very hard to get22:13
replaceafillshould i try that next?22:15
replaceafilli can randomly take some 1:1 out22:15
replaceafilljust to test22:15
replaceafill"Need a multi-student report, showing where the holes are across multiple students."22:15
replaceafillthat one is going to be fun!22:16
th1aDo the color and the missing 1:1.22:17
replaceafilldo you think we should move the report to d3?22:17
th1aNot just for the hell of it.22:18
replaceafilli mean, that multi-student report makes me think we'll need interpolation somehow22:18
*** dwelsh has joined #schooltool22:18
replaceafilllike if every student got the skill you mark the div from 0-122:18
replaceafillwith color interpolation22:18
replaceafillbut yagni for now :)22:18
* replaceafill goes to get lunch, will continue in ~3022:20
* th1a might be fetching supper by that point.22:22
th1aI've got the in-laws visiting.22:23
* replaceafill back22:49
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