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DiegoI speak spanish it´s posible talk in my languages00:15
replaceafillhola Diego00:20
Diegogracias ya tengo instalado el sistema en la escuela donde trabajo y necesitamos realizar un reporte de matricula con datos del alumno y de su contacto, hay la posibilidad de realizarlo00:21
Diegocon alguna herramienta00:21
replaceafillhhmm lamentablemente no existe un reporte asi aun00:22
replaceafillpero es posible exportar los datos de la escuela00:22
replaceafilla un archivo XLS00:22
replaceafilly hay dos hojas que le pueden servir00:23
replaceafillStudents, Contacts00:23
replaceafillah bueno, y una tercera00:23
replaceafillContact Relationships00:24
replaceafillcon las tres podría generar un reporte como el que necesita00:24
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replaceafillel archivo XLS lo puede obtener ingresando como administrador y haciendo click en la pestaña Escuela00:26
replaceafilly luego en la opción lateral Reportes -> Exportar como XLS00:26
Diegomuchas gracias por la información le agradezco su apoyo00:43
replaceafillcon gusto :)00:43
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th1ahi replaceafill.18:25
replaceafillhey th1a18:25
replaceafillth1a, Glenda called you a genius :)18:35
th1aYou did the hard part.18:35
aelknerth1a, yes19:41
th1aAre you helping with these imports?19:41
aelkneri just got back from lunch and see an email from glenda19:42
aelkneri have to read it now19:42
th1aare you helping welsh?19:43
th1aare you guys in the same place?19:43
replaceafilli think i found the issue with the importer19:45
replaceafillthe get id cell function19:45
replaceafillchecks against str19:45
replaceafilland the value comes as unicode19:45
replaceafillif not isinstance(value, str) and not isinstance(value, unicode):19:46
replaceafillthe second condition is true for unicode19:46
replaceafillbut the first one is false19:46
replaceafilli think this should use basestring for comparison19:46
replaceafillisinstance(value, basestring)19:46
* replaceafill blames excel19:47
replaceafillif i change the usernames in dwelsh spreadsheet to '1000019:47
replaceafillit works19:47
th1a ?19:53
th1aisinstance(s, types.StringTypes) ?19:54
aelknerreplaceafill, thelogic of the and will work19:54
replaceafillwell, not only that, xlrd thinks dwelsh data is float :(19:54
aelknerit's saying that both are false19:55
aelknerthat will be true if the type is neither str or unicode19:55
replaceafilli get:19:55
replaceafill100000.0 for the first username19:55
aelknerthat's the float!19:55
replaceafillbut that comes from xlrd19:56
replaceafillthat's why i blame excel19:56
replaceafilli calc, i do '100000019:56
replaceafillto format as string19:56
replaceafilland it works19:56
replaceafillwell, aelkner is here :)19:56
replaceafilli'll go back to reports19:56
th1aDoes it work consistently when welsh uses the third method here:
aelknerreplaceafill, yes, ' works somehow in opencalc, too19:59
aelknerth1a, welsh used the Data|Text to Columns function and i believe that will be his instructions to the other users20:01
th1aWell, we need to confirm what is going on.20:01
th1aCan you reproduce that working?20:02
aelkneryes, they have excel here in the lab20:02
aelknerwe entered numbers, then used Text to column and it worked20:02
aelknerbtw, i sent glenda an email to correct one point about what year the sections importer works for20:03
th1aSo the cells appear to have exactly the same format from within Excel as the sheets that don't work?20:04
th1axlrd sees them as completely different types?20:04
aelknerxlrd sees them as unicode20:04
aelknerif you don't do one of the three method, it gets a float20:04
aelknerbtw, if you format the numbers as text using the format cells feature, they appear to be text in that they align left20:06
aelknerbut xlrd gets floats20:06
menesisthis was a solved problem.20:10
menesisi don't know why you added getIdFromCell method that checks cell type20:11
menesisgetTextFoundValid had a solution20:11
aelknerwell, not exactly20:13
menesisoriginal bug was
menesisthen returned to previous situation (need to force formatting)20:14
aelknerok, perhaps we could use the same kind of logic20:14
menesisif int(value) == value: value = int(value)20:14
menesisthis did not work sometimes?20:15
aelkneryes, that's a bit hacky20:15
aelknerth1a asked me to make sure id cells were actually text20:15
aelknerthat's different than the hacky test you just mentioned20:15
aelknerperhaps, if it's too hard to ask users to do text formatting, we could rely on the same logic20:16
th1aWell, the ultimate problem is we might end upwith decimal points added to our id's, etc.20:16
menesisthis was old problem that was fixed20:16
th1aOr losing them, I guess.20:16
th1aWe also don't know which versions of Excel have this bug.20:17
menesisoh well. yes if you want usernames like 1234.0 then it will lose the .020:17
aelknerand i agree that's a dumb id20:17
th1aI mean, if we're starting from the knowledge that Excel is bugged, we might not take this route, at all.20:17
aelknerwe could have a rule that disallows that20:17
menesisbut in my testing back then it was hard to make a cell that contained a number be formatted as text20:18
th1aIt isn't that hard to tell people what they need to do.20:18
th1aI mean, insofar as we seem to have it figured out.20:18
aelknerit wold be nice to have something in the book about it i think20:19
th1aI'd really rather avoid code that silently changes the id of every person being imported.20:19
th1aThe whole thing has to be explained in the type error message.20:19
th1aAlso, this is not an issue at all if you're using LibreOffice, right?20:20
menesisit is the same20:20
menesisfrom what I remember20:20
th1aExcel seems to completely lie to you; I don't think LibreOffice does.20:20
menesisI only tested with LibreOffice and had problems20:21
menesismaybe entering '1234 as replaceafill said will treat the value as text20:22
aelknerit does20:22
aelknerthat has always been my solution20:22
aelknerproblem is20:22
replaceafillbut that's oo specific, right?20:22
th1awe can recommend that20:22
aelknerwhen you already have 10000 rows of numbers20:22
aelknerchanging them all to have a ' in front of them is difficult in excel20:23
menesisand "Change cell formatting" does not work?20:23
replaceafillmaybe we could use this:20:23
th1aI would be ok with munging the numbers as id's as long as we have a clear explanation/warning confirmation before it goes ahead.20:23
menesisok, a question is20:24
menesiswas there a problem importing numeric ids in 2.1?20:24
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menesisbecause it should have worked just fine20:25
th1aUnless you had id's with decimal points in them.20:25
menesiscorrect, if you explicitly used "1234.0" with zero after decimal point20:26
menesis1234.5 would translate to "1234.5"20:26
aelknerthat's in getTextFoundValid, true20:27
aelknerhowever, if it is 1234.0, then it yields "1234"20:27
aelknerthat's a bit unpredictable20:27
th1aI can live with that if we have some kind of warning/cancel.20:28
th1aI suppose that's a giant pain in the ass.20:28
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aelknerwhat would that be like for the user?  they get a warning message, the view stays visible rather than redirecting to School tab, and the data is updated on the server?20:29
th1aModal dialogue.20:29
aelknermodal with xls view still visible?20:30
aelknerand no update until continue is chosen?20:30
menesisis it worth that much coding to support float IDs? we don't generate such IDs20:32
aelknermost dotted ids are first_name.last_name20:32
th1aProbably not.20:32
menesisbut government id or some other user entered strings can be20:32
menesisthen the getText... methods need to be changed to avoid losing the trailing ".0"20:33
th1aIt is obviously an edge case.20:33
th1aThe user is assigning the id's here though.20:34
th1aSo they *could* try to have one with a trailing .020:34
th1aaelkner:  Could you double check how this works with LibreOffice, please.20:35
aelkneris that a different app from open office?  it's the same word20:37
aelkneri don't find it in synaptic package manager20:38
aelkneri went to the site and tried to download20:40
* th1a sighs.20:40
aelknerit says something about torrent and i accepted20:40
th1aWhat version of Ubuntu are you using aelkner?20:40
th1aThey changed the name, hopefully it hasn't changed that much.20:41
th1aWell, try openoffice then.20:42
aelknerthat's what i've been using, what else would i have used?20:43
aelknerand we already know the issues with that20:44
aelkneri've had them for years now, so i'm npt sure what you're asking20:44
th1aWell, you really should update to 12.04 when you get a chance.20:44
th1aNot today.  ;-)20:44
aelknerso that i can see if the problem is fixed in that version of open office?20:45
aelkneris that what you're asking?20:45
th1aYes.  Try it on openoffice.20:47
aelknerok, i'll upgrade my machine some time soon, i was already starting to accept the idea of having to deal with the stupid ui changes, so i might as well go ahead an upgrade20:50
aelknerfact is there is enough room on the left with those big icons to fit all the hotkeys i like to have above at present20:50
th1aYou can still use the old ui.20:53
menesisyou can use Gnome Classic session20:54
menesisI think you only need to install gnome-panel20:54
menesisand choose gnome session on login20:54
menesisit is not the same as before20:55
aelkneroh, that would be nice20:55
menesisindicators on the right have changed20:55
menesisbut it is still gnome panel20:55
menesisI really like Unity, though20:55
menesishow it saves vertical space for maximized apps by having title and menubar in the panel20:56
aelkneri prefer to maximize all apps, so that's good20:56
th1aaelkner:  I just sent you a sheet to double check.21:03
aelknerth1a, same error for cells A4-1046821:05
th1aWhat about if you just make something from scratch in OO (with a fake student or two)?21:06
th1aOK, I should stop picking this scab.21:09
th1aJust revert to the old behavior of chopping off the .0 or whatever.21:09
aelkneroh, really, that's a big decision21:09
aelkneri could keep the getId calls just in case we want to change something with them later21:10
aelknerbut add the int(value) == value logic that chops the .021:10
aelknerbut you mean get rid of the ids must be text error message, correct?21:11
aelknerthat would definitely help the virginia folks with their docs21:11
aelknerok, will do21:12
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* th1a goes to cool off.21:23
replaceafillhhmm, is it me or we can't access ST.local inside $(documen).ready()?22:17
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