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aelknermattva01, hey02:06
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aelknerreplaceafill, ayt?19:20
aelknercould we talk about what we are doing presently19:21
aelkneri know that you are and have been making changes from the meetings19:21
aelkneryou probably saw i did the same as well19:21
aelknerbut those changes are winding down a bit, and we are supposed to be working on reports next19:22
aelknerso the question is, where can i help with that?19:22
aelkneri was thinking about the pdfs19:22
replaceafillfrom the meetings i sensed welsh wants the html version first19:22
aelknerbut really, ideally, the pdf views should be based on the same subclass as the html views19:22
aelkneryes, all html first, so i thought i should do html, not pdf19:23
replaceafillhe mentioned the scr yesterday19:23
aelknerso, are the specifications for these reports written somewhere?19:23
replaceafillstudent competency record19:23
replaceafilli think you should contact welsh for a sample report19:24
replaceafillbut basically it's the skills gradebook in a long page :)19:24
aelknerso that would be the one that you would have me take19:24
aelkneryou have others to do, right?19:24
replaceafillbut i'm doing the ... ones19:24
replaceafillwhat's that word?19:24
replaceafillwhen you collect a lot of data19:24
aelknerthat means sorting19:25
th1aWhat days are you working next week aelkner?19:25
aelknerhey th1a19:25
replaceafillman! my english is broken today19:25
aelknerso i'm here monday, and tuesday until early afternoon19:25
aelknerthen i head to the trounament, but i'll bring my laptop19:26
aelknerand i'll find time to do some things19:26
aelkneri think if i take just the one report, i should be able to help out in the short term19:26
th1aOK, just do an individual student report.19:27
aelkneris that the scr that replaceafill refered to?19:27
th1aThen we don't have to worry about search/filter/navigation, etc.19:28
aelknerok, good, i like the sound of that19:28
aelkneris there anything written down about design details that i should read19:28
replaceafillaelkner, you should ask dwelsh for a sample to see the columns19:28
th1aIf we don't have an old CanDo anywhere you might have to ask dwelsh.19:28
aelknerright, the sample from welsh for some design ideas19:29
th1aOr maybe just look at the code...19:29
aelkneryes, and the old cando i can fire up19:29
aelknerwhere are we gong to put the report link for scr, in the person index.html view?19:30
replaceafillaelkner, Score option in the gradebook19:30
replaceafillwhen you click the student's name19:30
aelkneri thought Score was for changing scores19:30
replaceafillReport option19:30
aelknerbut cool, thanks19:31
replaceafillit can't go in the person index view because it's per section19:31
aelknerah, it's a student, section data report19:31
aelknerreplaceafill, i see we already have a view defined for the Report menu item19:35
aelknerit's the student grades view19:35
aelkneram i replacing that view with the scr?19:35
replaceafillthat's what dwelsh told me to do19:36
replaceafill"report should be the scr"19:36
aelkneri guess when jelkner looks for a less analytic view in the future (i'm guessing he will, maybe not)19:37
aelknerwe could add a link called View or something19:37
aelkneri should keep the view class around in any event19:37
replaceafillimho it's basically the same19:37
replaceafillaelkner, that class lives in the gradebook19:37
aelkneryes, it's the StudentGradebook context19:38
replaceafillyou just need to change the option in the popup19:38
aelknerso, the option should still traverse to the student gradebook, but add report.html at the end?19:38
replaceafillsomething like that19:38
replaceafillor student_competency_report.html ;)19:38
aelknerand we can keep view.html alive, just no link to it19:38
aelkner+1 on student_competency_report.html19:39
replaceafillth1a, can we talk about the core/additional implementation?19:46
th1aYeah… just a sec.19:47
replaceafilldo you still think we should "count" nodes in order to decide what's core?19:49
th1aaelkner:  Obviously, the new html version should use the flourish guidelines in general.19:49
th1aNot those plain HTML ones.19:49
th1aOh… just in that view?19:49
th1aThere is no core, really.19:50
replaceafillth1a, i was thinking in general19:50
th1aWe don't really want that abstraction.19:50
replaceafilli agree we don't need it in the data model19:50
replaceafillbut we will need to know which skillsets are "core" for reports19:51
replaceafillat least for virginia19:51
aelknerth1a, is there an example of an html report already written following the flourish guidelines?19:51
replaceafillaelkner, you'll be writing the first :)19:52
aelkneroh great :)19:52
th1aIf necessary we can deal with reports at the report end.19:52
th1aOr give VA some very lightly customized report selectors.19:53
aelknerbut are we to use the special library that you investigated for html reports19:53
th1aDon't worry about that aelkner .19:53
aelkneri forget what we decided on that, you had looked into an interactive js lib19:53
th1aWe can add that later.19:53
replaceafillaelkner, that's for charts i think19:53
aelknerok, not an issue here19:53
th1aYeah, I don't think this one needs graphics anyhow.19:54
aelknerso i'm not sure which flourish guidelines you refer to for this19:54
aelkneri think of flourish guidelines as governing the layout of all our vews, the sidebars, tabs, tertiary, etc.19:55
replaceafillaelkner, see th1a's email on 7/2319:55
replaceafillFwd: [2682-003 Phase 1 & 2] Re: SchoolTool Reports Guide19:55
replaceafillthere's the link to the basecamp19:55
th1aActually yes, Vinny did do more guidelines for HTML reports than I intended.19:56
aelkneri already looked at the pdf, but i thought it was just for pdf19:57
aelkneri guess i didn't look closely enough19:57
aelknerbut i see the sections on Tables as you just mentioned, so i see what guidelines to use19:58
aelknerso the html report are to take up the whole width i guess19:59
aelknerthe only thing not in the report that remains is the application tabs above, right?19:59
aelknerand the user needs to hit the back button to get back to the gradebook?20:00
th1aaelkner: The main thing I'm saying is don't make these giant plain HTML like I believe they were before.20:00
replaceafilland a Done button ;)20:00
th1aflourish tables.20:00
replaceafillwhat th1a calls "flourish it"20:00
th1aHeaders, paragraphs, etc.20:00
th1aEverything should have some style.20:00
th1aI'm really just stating the obvious.20:01
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aelknerno, it's ok, i got that from what you said and the guidelines20:02
replaceafillso th1a how do we handle "additional" set by the teachers?20:02
aelknerthe guidelines don't mention the Done button20:02
aelknerwhere should that go?20:02
aelknerok, cool20:02
th1aDone buttons go at the bottom except if there might be long search results, in which case they go above and below.20:03
replaceafillimho in the scr, we could have two Done buttons too20:03
replaceafillit may get really long20:03
aelknerok, it will be easy to add and remove them wherever we decide they are to go20:05
aelkneri'll start with having it above and below, and we can look at it together when i have it ready20:05
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replaceafillth1a, do you mind if i fix the projects gradebook before moving to the "additional" skill selection?20:15
replaceafilli think the second one could benefit from the first one20:15
replaceafillsince we need a way to allow teachers to select single skills20:16
replaceafillwe don't have that right now20:16
replaceafilland now we know how to look for nodes, select single skillsets, etc20:17
replaceafill(what we've done for course skills)20:17
th1aSure, that's fine.20:43
replaceafillon it ;)20:43
replaceafilli think it should be "Select and Copy" though20:43
replaceafillsince we're copying the skills20:44
replaceafill(as we agreed)20:44
replaceafillbut maybe "Copy" it's too redundant20:44
replaceafillwe'll see :)20:44
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