IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2012-07-13

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arkhancomo configuro la escala de notas...02:56
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?22:25
replaceafillth1a, finishing my lunch...22:25
replaceafillgive me 10 mins22:25
th1aWhen are we meeting?22:26
replaceafilltoday 4 pm i think22:26
replaceafillth1a, back22:32
replaceafillcould you check:22:32
replaceafilllook for 606122:32
replaceafilland click (+)22:32
replaceafill6160 :)22:32
replaceafillyou should see the accordions in the dialog showing the skills22:33
th1aLooks good but tone down the accordion header color.22:33
th1aOr get rid of it.22:33
replaceafillah ok22:33
replaceafillth1a, reload22:40
replaceafillthe table container now scrolls22:40
replaceafilland the dialog has a maxheight22:41
replaceafillthat prevents it to pass from 640px22:41
replaceafilland i made it draggable :)22:41
replaceafilli used the "label: title" notation for the accordion headers22:42
replaceafilland updated the gradebook dropdown to do the same22:42
th1aOK.  Take out the border and make the arrow black.22:42
replaceafillthat will require more work22:43
replaceafillbecause the arrow is in jquery22:43
replaceafilli need to generate a new theme22:43
replaceafillbut i'll do it22:43
replaceafillyes, url("images/ui-icons_ffffff_256x240.png")22:43
replaceafillwe need black icons for that22:44
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replaceafillth1a, reload23:02
th1aWhat's the url again (I'm on a different computer)23:02
replaceafill6160 is the course i'm using to test23:02
th1aWhat metadata do the skills have here?  Just titles?23:03
th1aJust descriptions?23:03
replaceafillsorry th1a, phone23:06
replaceafilllabels, titles and...23:06
replaceafillexternal id, required, description23:06
replaceafill(and retired and equivalent)23:06
th1aWhich are you showing?23:07
replaceafilljust the title23:07
replaceafillwant me to put the labels in?23:07
th1aYou should do label: title.23:07
th1aAssuming there is a label -- if not no colon.23:07
replaceafillman! my connection is crappy today :(23:13
replaceafillth1a, done23:14
replaceafillwant me to get rid of the disc23:15
replaceafill(next to the skill label)?23:15
replaceafillit could be useful though23:15
replaceafill(if there's no label)23:15
th1aOh, dot.  Leave it.23:17
replaceafillit's called "disc" in css :P23:17
th1aI guess it is a little heavy.23:17
th1aWe don't need it.23:17
replaceafillgetting rid of it23:17
replaceafillsee skillset 04: ..23:20
replaceafilllooks kind of bloated23:20
th1aI guess we'd need some other kind of separator.  You could indent the following lines.  Or is there a lighter disc?23:21
th1aProbably it was better with the disc.23:21
replaceafillmaybe "circle"23:22
replaceafilli'll try23:22
replaceafillsee "square"23:24
replaceafillor... maybe we could use a jquery icon ;)23:24
replaceafillan arrow?23:25
th1aA disc is fine...23:30
th1aWe can't keep that duty area 1 text in there replaceafill.23:56
replaceafillduty area 1 text?23:58

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