IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2012-06-08

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th1ahi replaceafill.18:57
replaceafillhey th1a18:57
replaceafilli'm at MINED waiting for the second part of the workshop to start18:57
th1aI thought so.18:57
th1aHow's it going?18:57
replaceafillhow was your demo at the autism center?18:57
replaceafillgood, i showed them how to install/configure/setup yesterday18:58
th1aIt was at VA CTE, with people from the Autism Center and CTE.18:58
replaceafilltoday we're talking loading data and using it18:58
th1aThe autism thing looks good.18:58
th1aI mean, the overall situation.18:58
th1aWe found some importer issues too going over that after the general meeting.18:58
th1aAlso I think I came up with an acceptable solution to the whole skillset title/tab size problem.18:59
th1aAfter Welsh and I went back and forth about it for a while.18:59
replaceafillwhat is it?18:59
replaceafill(your solution)18:59
th1aEssentially just use the whole tertiary space as a giant drop down.19:01
aelknerah ha, the drop down persists :)19:01
replaceafillok, time to start19:01
replaceafillsee you later guys19:01
th1aI wasn't really anti-drop down.19:01
th1aI'm anti drop down at left.19:02
aelknermakes sense to use the tertiary real estate for one or the other19:02
th1aIt is just not worth counting on skillsets having meaningful labels.19:03
th1aMore often than not they're going to be long.19:03
aelknerso i'm trying to reproduce the import problem you had yesterday19:04
aelkneri exported (after having fixed the empty year problem i told you about)19:04
aelknerthen reimported the export, still don't blow away the data19:05
th1aWhat was that problem?19:05
aelkneri see that the data on my demo instance is really off in the student records19:05
aelkneri was trying to guess what you did to make that happen and do it myself19:05
aelknerso, i have a copy of the good data, i do the export19:06
aelknerit makes a Persons sheet, not a Students and Teachers sheets19:06
aelkneranyway, the demo columns are different in the Persons sheet19:06
aelknerall demos are included, no groups taken into consideration19:07
th1aDoes the importer read the column headers to match them?19:07
th1aOr go by position somehow?19:07
th1aPerhaps that isn't wise.19:07
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aelkneryeah, it's too likely to get that confused19:08
th1aDoes it go by the order in the demographics list?19:08
th1aOK, so this is a new bug caused by the student and teacher sheets?19:08
aelkneryes, filtered ofc19:08
aelknerwe need to come up with a more sturdy approach, like using the column headers as you suggested19:09
aelknerbut it is also confusing to have imports of Student sheets and exports of Persons19:09
aelknerproblem is, STudents and Teachers have the year19:09
th1aIt is not that confusing.19:09
aelkneranyway, i'll file the bug now for using the column headers19:11
th1aWell, this would be a high priority.19:11
th1aWhat do you have going on now?19:11
aelkneroh, i can do it next, but i' just was saying that i'd file the bug19:11
aelkneri'm going to make cando.virginia, but i was wondering:19:12
th1aHow do we test the importers at this point?19:12
aelknerin case there is another virginia package some day, would schooltool.virgina-cte be a better name for the package19:13
aelknerthe tests of the importers have test input files that generate predictable errors or successful imports19:13
aelknerwe don't have a test for roundtripping, but we should19:14
aelknerthing is, we don't even tests the exporters as files19:14
th1aYes.  I'd consider that a priority.19:14
aelknerfor some reason, that was not done by whoever first wrote the exporters19:14
aelkneri'm not sure whether zope TestRunner can't deliver files or what19:15
aelkneri mean, i we could have the file in memory from within a functional tests, i guess we could pass it to the importer19:15
aelkner think we should ask about that on Monday19:15
th1aWe really need to do it.19:16
aelkneri agree19:16
aelknerso, schooltool.virginia-cte or just virginia?19:16
th1aVirginia is fine.19:17
aelknerok, also, i'm going to change the importer to have that textarea with errors sorted by type19:17
aelknerso i have plenty to do19:17
aelknerhey, can you talk on the phone briefly?19:18
th1aWe're going to have to make some changes to the section importer as well.  We can cover that Monday.19:18
aelknersure, calling you now...19:19
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