IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2012-05-22

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ignasyvl, how do you enable pluggable traverser on stuff?15:38
yvlI think it is enabled on stuff, literally15:39
yvlyou need to add plugins15:39
ignasi have, still fails15:39
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?20:48
th1ahi replaceafill20:48
replaceafillinitial roster list20:48
replaceafillReports -> Roster20:49
replaceafilli still need to add the schedule20:49
replaceafillbut i had a question about it20:49
replaceafilli think sections can have many schedules associated, right?20:49
replaceafillshould we print them all?20:50
th1aI guess.  It'll usually be one.20:52
replaceafillany comments on the header setup?20:52
replaceafillis it ok?20:52
replaceafillwe need a report description for the request dialog20:53
th1aYeah.  You might make the space for middle name narrower.20:54
replaceafillthey're 25% each right now20:54
th1aAlso in some cases it might make more sense to put ID at left -- if we knew it was short.20:54
th1aIt isn't necessarily helpful to use the full width.20:55
replaceafillshould we auto adjust the column widths to the content?20:56
replaceafilllet me show you20:56
replaceafillit's a quick change20:56
th1aYes, you could do that.20:56
replaceafillok, download it again please20:58
replaceafilli removed the colWidths20:58
replaceafilland added an additional instructor20:58
replaceafilli used semicolons to separate the instructors20:58
th1aYes, better.20:58
replaceafillid to the left?20:59
th1aNo.  Sometimes it would be ok, sometimes not.20:59
replaceafillah ok20:59
th1aWe really could probably get this in two columns.21:00
replaceafillfull name, ID?21:00
th1aWell, yeah.  That saves space.21:00
replaceafillok, let me change that21:00
replaceafillth1a, redownload21:07
replaceafilllast_name, first_name middle_name21:07
replaceafilli think none of them have middle_names21:07
th1aCan you do two columns?21:08
replaceafillah, you mean: last_name, first+middle, ID?21:08
th1aNo.... I mean two columns of people so it takes up less space.21:11
th1aTwo full columns.21:11
th1aLike... a newspaper.21:11
replaceafilllet me try :)21:11
replaceafillth1a, if the schedule tables were not necessary, making the two columns is pretty easy21:21
replaceafillwe'd need just two frames for the columns21:21
replaceafilland the content "flows" automatically21:21
replaceafillthe problem is that when we insert the schedule tables, the frames in those pages need to be different21:22
replaceafillit'd require two different page template styles and some height calculation21:22
replaceafillnot impossible, just difficult :)21:22
th1aIs some of that somewhat reusable?21:26
replaceafillmaybe the frames style21:26
replaceafillto get two columns of anything...21:26
replaceafillbut i don't see reports right now with two columns21:27
th1aHow many students do you have on this?21:27
replaceafilllet me check21:27
replaceafillaround 5421:28
th1aI guess the two column thing can wait.21:28
th1aPut it on the wishlist.21:28
replaceafillkk, i'll keep looking21:28
th1aNot really a priority.21:29
th1aIs this helping you get the styles sorted out?21:29
replaceafillwe have one for simple tables like this now21:29
replaceafillwe have the new page style21:29
replaceafillwith the top/bottom bars, lines, etc21:29
replaceafillslots for inserting stuff from the views21:29
replaceafillthe part for the heading is dynamic, it can have as many lines a we need21:30
replaceafill(where Math and the instructors are right now)21:30
replaceafilli started implementing a sidebar21:30
replaceafillfor the schools details in vinny's design21:30
replaceafillbut i haven't used it yet21:30
replaceafillok, i'll keep working on this, thanks th1a21:31
th1aThank you replaceafill.21:32
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wjohnstolong time no see23:13
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