IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2012-04-09

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th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner.16:30
replaceafillgood morning16:30
th1a...oh probably a Lithuanian holiday.16:30
th1aOK, short meeting then.16:32
th1aI want to go over these journal bugs that were reported over the weekend after updates.16:32
aelknerok, so i added timetable support to the FlatSectionsTable sheet16:33
aelknerthen i added selenium support to the export package16:33
aelknerthis allowed me to add tests for the timetabling which i couldn't do in the old skin16:34
aelknerthen i added the course_id, government_id and credits columns to the course import/export16:35
aelkneri'd like to add a couple of test files for errors, but that shouldn't take more than half a day16:36
aelkneralso, i forget what we decided; do we want to add the FlatSectionsTable sheet to the export?16:37
th1a(and remove the old sections export)16:37
aelknerok, great16:37
th1a(leave the old import routine for now though for backwards compatibility)16:37
aelknerthat would be another half day, so i only need another day16:38
aelknerthe old import will stay supported, but the export will not deliver it, agreed16:38
aelknerso, after that, what would you like me to move on to?16:39
th1aProbably some of these journal bugs.16:39
th1aWe need to look at them though.16:39
th1aBasically there's a bunch of little paper cuts in the journal that I've been waiting for people to prioritize by complaining about.16:40
th1aBut they are a high priority if they're quick.16:40
th1aThanks aelkner.16:40
replaceafillth1a, hover the optional skills (the black ones)16:41
replaceafilli set a different background for the tooltip16:41
th1aI think a different background for the grid is more important, but I guess it helps.16:41
replaceafillalso, i added the skill "local" id to the tooltips16:42
replaceafilllike "001: bla bla bla"16:42
th1aNo reason not to do both.16:42
th1aYeah.  Good.16:42
aelkneri wonder:16:42
replaceafilli started playing with the scrollto plugin to make the third nav scrollable, haven't been able to do it yet16:42
aelknerwill they miss the way it works for them now?16:42
aelknernamely, the tootip remains in the div above even as they move through the cells16:43
th1aI think these tooltips are better than the stationary box.16:43
th1aexcept I remember now..16:43
th1aYou might want to see the full text while you're doing the scoring?16:43
aelkneri seem to remember David saying he wanted that16:44
th1aI couldn't remember why, but now I do.  :-(16:44
aelknerwell, when you get used to something...16:44
aelknerit's not necessarily correct, just the user story from the one user16:45
th1aWell, I see the advantage.16:45
th1aAlways having a reminder of what you're doing.16:45
aelkneryes, put that up against the wasted real estate16:46
replaceafillso we'd need to put the "tooltip" somewhere and make it fixed?16:46
replaceafilland change it either when they hover the skill label or when they click or move through the cells16:46
th1aI was thinking about a Mac style drop-down overlay.16:47
* replaceafill needs to see that :)16:47
* th1a is googling...16:47
th1awell, like this
replaceafillth1a, you mean a little transparent?16:51
aelknerthat's a popup16:51
aelknerdoesn't that steal the focus?16:52
replaceafillth1a, but my question is where to put it?16:52
th1aBut there's an overlay that drops out of the frame.16:52
th1aWell... I'm just brainstorming.  Perhaps it could cover part of the green bar and then disappear if you mouse up there.16:52
th1aOr maybe we should just be thinking about making the popups persist more.16:53
th1aHovering up above the grid area so you can still use the gradebook.16:53
replaceafillcan we use the current tooltip positions and just change them as the user moves through the cells?16:54
th1aProbably we should try that first.  ;-)16:55
replaceafillkk, i'll work on that and ping you to see it16:55
replaceafillon the weekend i debugged this one:
replaceafillapparently users use workarounds :D16:56
replaceafilleven if you say they are "dirty" ;)16:56
replaceafilli wasn't able to reproduce the journal selector bug16:56
th1aWell, let's go over these in order.16:56
th1a975687 is caused by what?16:57
replaceafillit seems like zope.traversing needs to be updated16:57
replaceafillthe user is using lucid16:58
th1aOK.  Lucid is pretty consistently fucking us up.16:58
th1aWe'll need to get people onto Precise.16:58
th1aSo this is a gediminas bug?16:59
th1aOK, looking at
aelkneryes, i looked at that one this weekend17:00
aelkneri had some thoughts17:00
th1aWe should probably do that this week.17:00
th1aSlip it in the release.17:00
aelknerit definitely seems like a good idea to export report card data to xls or csv17:01
aelknerso that we don't have to anticipate how everyone wants to present it in a pdf17:01
th1aYes.  OK, let's stick a pin in that and figure we're going to work on it aelkner.17:01
th1a(I haven't actually looked at some of these over the weekend)17:02
th1aOK this one I think needs a little more discussion with the user.  She may really just want day attendance, which menesis is now doing for the Philippines.17:03
aelknerthese are interesting ideas that the user is bringing up17:03
th1aOK, and the other one is a known PDF issue I can respond to.17:04
aelknerobviously, treat consucutive periods as one is not enough for them17:04
th1aI don't think they so much want to track non-consecutive periods as just have whole day attendance.17:04
aelknerit would be like having just one column per day17:05
aelknerlike just presenting the first meeting of the day and hiding the others17:06
aelknerwe save the scores by meeting, so we would have to keep that the same17:06
aelknerand if we just present the one meeting, we could support that17:06
th1aSo basically, we're working on that, but it will be a fall feature (hopefully) not a quickie.17:07
th1aI guess that's that.17:08
th1aI have a meeting on Thursday with Helen from the Shuttleworth Foundation.  We need to start figuring out how we're managing the whole three year transition.17:09
th1aSo I'm going to be doing a lot of planning along those lines this week.17:10
th1aAlso I need to write some plans for Mark (following that meeting).17:11
th1aMark's also going to do a post on SchoolTool on his blog this month, so we need to make sure we've got our ducks in a row for that.17:11
th1aMake sure the website is up, that kind of thing.  ;-)17:11
th1aI guess that's it.17:13
th1aWell, we can talk a bit about the report card export.17:14
th1aWhat if we just export report sheets?17:14
th1aDoes that cover it?17:14
th1aAnd an attendance spreadsheet?17:14
aelknerlet's see17:15
aelknerthe report card has a grid and an outline17:15
aelknerthe student detail report has two grids, on for grades, one for attendence17:16
th1aWell, yes.17:16
aelknerthe first grid on both reports has just attendance summary if they layout that column17:16
th1aBut all the data is in the report sheets, correct?17:16
aelknerbesides the attendance data, yes17:17
th1aSo why don't we just give them that?17:17
th1aLet them process the spreadsheets with whatever they've got.17:17
aelknerwhy don't i look over the details in the next couple of days and we can discuss more on wednesday17:18
aelknerbut i think we are already on the same page17:18
th1aIt should be straightforward.17:18
aelknerfor the ui, where would the request for this go?17:19
th1aUnder reports... by term I guess.17:20
aelkneri guess it's just another report configured along side the report card and student detail17:20
th1aReport sheets go by term.17:20
aelknerrequestable by person or group17:20
th1aWe can assume the user is processing these, so they can combine term sheets if they want.17:21
aelknerwe would want to use the layout as we do with the pdf reports, right?17:21
aelknerthe layout is how they choose which sheets are reported17:21
th1aWe should keep our side of this as simple as possible.17:21
aelkneror we could ignore the layouts and just deliver all report sheet data17:21
th1aIt should just be go to term and/or group and pick a report sheet to export.17:22
th1aYes, the layout is irrelevant.17:22
aelkneri don't think we should do it by report sheet, they usually have more than one17:22
aelknerand they probably want all to ust be exported17:23
aelknerthey can pull out what they want after that, makes sense?17:23
th1aI guess each one is just a worksheet in the excel doc, so yes, you might as well get all.17:24
aelkneror is the student the sheet17:25
aelknerthe way the report card and student detail pdfs are delivered are by student17:26
aelknerrequested by student or group17:26
th1aOh, wait.17:26
aelknereach page of those reports is for one student, so each sheet could also be so17:26
th1aNo... it has to be a sheet per section doesn't it?17:26
th1aOr, that is probably harder to process17:27
th1aI'll ask.17:27
aelknergood idea, they may already have specific ideas17:28
th1aAll righty then.17:28
aelkneri'll look at the two pdfs in the meantime for ideas17:28
th1aSo theoretically you just need one more day to finish the import/export?  What did you decide?17:29
aelknerhow do you mean?17:29
th1a45 minutes ago... I could scroll up...17:31
aelknerfor the one day, that i would add the export of the new sections sheet17:31
aelknerget rid of the old export of sections, but keep the import17:32
th1aSo you'll be ready to start something new tomorrow?17:32
aelkneralso, i will write some quick error tests17:32
th1aWhen does your workday start tomorrow?17:33
aelkneri can meet you late in the morning, say 11:00, or we could meet around 2:00?17:33
th1aOK, talk to you then.17:34
aelknerok, and i'll have looked over the pdfs by then17:34
th1aThanks guys.17:34
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:34
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?19:40
th1ahi replaceafill.19:45
replaceafillhey th1a19:45
replaceafillhover the grade cells19:45
replaceafillit should show the tooltips as you move19:46
th1aI think the box shouldn't flicker though.19:46
th1aOr move.19:46
th1aJust try centering it above the grid.19:46
th1aAt a set size.19:47
replaceafillat a set size?19:47
replaceafillsorry, didn't get that last part19:47
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th1aNot changing size.19:47
replaceafillah, got it19:47
replaceafillon the third nav area?19:47
replaceafillor the skill/points area?19:48
replaceafillor the green navigation area!?!!? :D19:48
th1aAbove the tabs.19:50
th1aLet's just play with it a bit19:50
th1a(above the tertiary, that is)19:50
replaceafillok, i'll fix that, thanks th1a19:50
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