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replaceafillth1a, you gone?00:34
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replaceafillyvl, you around?12:15
replaceafillsidebar selectors still don't work ;)12:17
replaceafilllots of things still missing, but basic implementation done12:17
* replaceafill goes to sleep12:17
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th1aAh, yes.17:23
replaceafillselectors don't work yet17:23
th1aSee... this is easy!17:24
th1aWhen you've already got the whole gradebook part written.  ;-)17:24
replaceafilli had to jump a few loops but... it was less painful than i thought17:25
th1aNow we just need a more... conventional example.17:25
replaceafilli'm going to fix the selectors17:25
th1aWhat are the selectors?17:25
replaceafilland then will record a selenium IDE test with real groups and comps17:25
replaceafillleft side menus17:25
replaceafillto go to another section/term/yerar17:26
replaceafillthey're still taking you to the gradebook activities, instead of the cando projects17:26
th1aOh, ok.17:28
replaceafillth1a, in the gradebook, the Worksheets view (where you can hide them, sort them, etc) has a What is This? sidebar17:28
replaceafillare we going to add one for CanDo Projects?17:28
replaceafillalso, i copied the ensureAtLeastOneWorksheet logic from the gradebook, so you have at least one project at the beginning17:29
replaceafillis that ok in this case?17:29
th1aWell, I would default to skillgroups as tabs in that case (if not all cases)17:29
th1aI'm not going to be thinking about What is This? for a while, and perhaps Virginia CTE should help with that.17:30
replaceafillah ok17:30
replaceafillalso, the tertiary nav items now have title attributes17:31
th1aIs there something in particular you're waiting for to do skillgroup tabs (other than me telling you where to put them)17:31
replaceafillso even if the project/worksheet title is too long you still can see it17:31
th1a(where to put the selector, that is)17:31
replaceafillth1a, i think we need the tree structure for skillgroups, dont we?17:32
replaceafillthis ability of creating Skills shouldn't be here17:32
replaceafilli mean the Add: Skill option17:33
replaceafilloh sorry17:33
th1aRight, but leave it there for now since there is no other way to manually add them yet.17:33
replaceafillit should be here, but not filling the fields17:33
replaceafillbut selecting from a menu or something17:33
replaceafillwhere you already have all the comps created17:33
th1aWhat's the status of skillgroups in the data structure now?17:34
replaceafillfrom what i can see, there's a layer->node hierarchy already in place17:34
replaceafillwe don't have UI though17:34
th1aWell, I guess the limiting factor here is connecting the skill groups to courses.17:36
th1aOr I guess that is done at a per-skill level?17:36
th1aOne reason to get this prototype going as quickly as possible is to refresh our memory about all the little connecting bits that are necessary...17:36
replaceafillyvl created a course projects model, similar to course worksheets17:37
replaceafillthat can be deployed17:37
replaceafillso you create the project with all the skills, and "deploy" it to the course17:38
th1aYes, but we don't have the conventional course assignment of skills, right?17:39
th1aOr is that it?17:39
replaceafilli think that's the way, CourseProjects and Section Projects17:40
th1aHrm... we'll have to discuss that Monday.17:40
th1aThe nomenclature may just be throwing me off.17:41
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olegbanyway to make the jounal / absence calculate the % that the student is absent ?20:53
th1aWhere do you want to see it ogleb?20:58
olegbth1a: for example if i download a detailed studentreport - if would be nice to have a procentage21:00
th1aYes, good point.21:01
th1aI'll file a bug.21:01
olegbth1a: do you know what the numbers 1 to 10 in the journal stands for (i know what a and t means)21:06
olegband is it possible to make your own attendance-codes21:07
th1aThey are scores.21:09
th1aYou can assign a daily score.21:09
th1aThat needs to be expanded and improved.21:10
th1aWhat kind of codes do you have in mind?21:10
olegbwe use special codes - for instance student can be allowed to be abcent, We use (a = allowed). We can have have students that are at a rehersal (r = rehersal)21:13
olegb(i work at a dance-academy :-) )21:13
th1aWell, aside from small things we're going to be focusing on attendance later in the year.21:14
th1aIt is still very simple.21:14
th1aSo yes, there are many things that could be added.21:15
th1aI'll have to try to make sure people know when we're doing planning for that.21:15
olegb I have tested schooltool for about a week now - and I really like it21:16
olegbneed to brush up on my python-foo then I might be able to help out a bit21:16
th1aThe biggest problem with SchoolTool is that it takes a fair amount of Zope-fu as well.21:17
olegbyes, I can see that from the sources - good reason to pick up zope :-)21:18
olegbIf you guys have some "low hanging fruit" let me know, I like to learn more about schooltool21:19
th1aWell, adding % to attendance reports is probably about as low hanging as you're going to get!21:21
olegbwell, then I might have to start looking deeper in the lyceum source - might ask stupid questions later on :-)21:23
th1aaelkner: ayt?21:38
replaceafilla user asking if he can install schooltool in fedora 16:
* replaceafill goes to download fedora 16 ;)21:55
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