IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2012-03-27

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olegbIsnt it possible to delete goals under intervention?09:39
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olegbAnd, somehow the option to send email under intervention-goals and intervention-messages doesnt work (i am not able to select yes) - even though email is correctly setup and working (tested). Is the emailpart not implemented yet?09:41
replaceafillolegb, afaik this was recently fixed:
replaceafilland it was released as schooltool.intervention version 2.0.309:50
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th1a_replaceafill:  ayt?17:58
replaceafillth1a_, yes17:58
th1a_I think we talked about needing to make a much more prominent "contact" link on and never did anything about it.17:59
th1a_Do you recall that?18:00
th1a_OK... we probably should do something about that!18:00
th1a_I think it should be a tab.18:00
replaceafillsame plan?18:02
replaceafillupdate about.html and put the tab after Documentation?18:02
th1a_I think I did update it.18:03
replaceafilllet me put the tab then18:03
th1a_Or... at this point I don't know what I'd add.18:03
replaceafillth1a_, done18:14
th1a_Thanks replaceafill.18:14
* replaceafill updates the spanish version18:15
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replaceafillth1a_, zyt?20:21
th1a_hi replaceafill20:21
replaceafillth1a_, i wonder if i've found a bug in the gradebook20:21
replaceafilli created 3 activities20:21
replaceafillA uses a min=25 and max=7520:22
replaceafillB and C are regular min=0  max=10020:22
th1a_Yeah, that's a bug.20:22
replaceafillwhen you only score A20:23
th1a_Good thing people don't use minimum scores much.20:23
replaceafillthe total and average seem right20:23
th1a_That's all I see.20:23
replaceafill60 in A means 70% of the score20:24
replaceafillthe total looks weird20:24
replaceafillbut it's correct20:24
th1a_No, it is not correct.20:24
th1a_We don't enter percentages.20:24
th1a_Let me think about this for a minute.20:25
replaceafillto me, only grading A shows the "correct" results, even though Total looks weird20:25
replaceafillwhat i think it's a bug, it's average when you mix A + (B or C)20:25
replaceafillA: 60, B: 90, C:90 produces and 86% average20:26
replaceafillwhen to me it should be 85%20:26
replaceafilli havent seen the code yet, because i'm not sure if my understanding is right :(20:27
th1a_Let me refresh my memory.20:27
th1a_OK, so minimum score is pretty arbitrary.20:27
th1a_Arguably it shouldn't be there at all.20:27
th1a_It is just kind of a helper.20:28
th1a_The maximum number of points is the one that matters.20:28
th1a_I mean, it isn't like a score with range 25 to 75 is REALLY a 50 point activity.20:29
th1a_It is a 75 point activity that you can't get less than 25 on for some reason.20:29
replaceafillbut average calculation takes into account the 2520:29
replaceafilland treat the activity as a 50 point activity20:30
th1a_I was interrupted by a Julia poop.20:35
th1a_Yes, that is wrong.20:35
th1a_Luckily nobody actually uses this feature.20:35
th1a_If it just counted as 50 points, there would be no reason not to just make a 50 point assignment.20:36
th1a_All this does is warn you if you enter a score below the minimum.20:36
replaceafillshould we kill the minimum field in the activity add form?20:36
th1a_Also, score systems have to have minimums, so we might as well let you enter one if you want to.20:36
th1a_I don't think anyone would really expect the current behaviour.20:37
replaceafillso if i understand correctly, if in a 25-75 activity, you score a 60, you got 80% of the score?20:38
replaceafilltaking into account only the max score20:38
th1a_Sorry, got a phone call.20:41
th1a_Yes, the minimum score has no effect on the calculation.20:41
replaceafillok, so that's the bug20:42
replaceafillkk, i'll work on it20:43
th1a_Yes, that should definitely go out asap.20:43
th1a_In case someone decides to use it someday.  ;-)20:44
replaceafilli think i got it right20:50
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