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intellith1a: adam here, are you still right to hang out in 10 mins time?00:51
th1ahi intelli00:52
th1aI just sent you an invite.00:52
* intelli waiting with bated breath00:59
th1aOh... perhaps you didn't get i.01:00
th1aOr soemthing.01:00
th1aI'm sitting here waiting for you.  ;-)01:00
intellidid you use my gmail address?01:00
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replaceafillyvl, you around?10:02
yvlhey replaceafill10:13
replaceafillhey yvl10:13
replaceafilli know you're swamped, but i'd really like your opinion on a couple of things i'm doing before going further10:14
replaceafilldo you have some time now to talk?10:14
yvlsure man10:14
replaceafilllike 15 mins10:14
replaceafillcan you please check that diff?10:14
yvldude, you are awesome!10:16
replaceafillbtw, testing/ had a little little small small bug10:16
replaceafillbut that it made a huge difference :D10:16
replaceafilljust one tabulation10:16
replaceafilldidnt allow you to register subpaths10:17
replaceafilllike section.x.y.z10:17
replaceafillso i went ahead and added those helpers10:17
replaceafilland they work10:17
replaceafilli'm writing tests for the helpers... :/10:17
replaceafillto make sure they work ;)10:18
replaceafillalso i registered most of the stuff in the modules10:18
replaceafillinstead of, seemed more appropriate10:18
replaceafillsince this is selenium stuff10:18
replaceafillsee element.ui.set_value in the .txt10:19
replaceafillit's like a blackbox helper10:19
replaceafillthat can be used to set values on several types of fields10:19
replaceafilldates, text, textarea, select options10:19
replaceafilli've tried to stay away from it a little, because it looks a little "too magic"10:20
replaceafillbut it works :)10:20
replaceafilland you don't have to think much about the type of field that you want to fill10:20
yvlthis is actually one of the things I did not finish10:20
yvlthat, and also places where you use format_row10:21
replaceafillah true10:21
replaceafillit would be nice to have something to print the tables10:21
replaceafilldisplay forms and such10:21
replaceafillbut i think we can start moving on with this, right?10:21
replaceafillfor adding basic types10:22
* yvl is really, really impressed10:22
replaceafillit's your stuff yvl10:22
replaceafilli just learned to use it10:22
replaceafillanother question:10:23
replaceafilli noticed you did this in one of the first extensions:10:23
replaceafillpage = ...tag('html')10:23
replaceafillclick submit10:23
replaceafillis that for making sure that the page finish loading?10:23
replaceafilli mean, is there a strong reason to do it?10:24
replaceafillbecause you get everywhere just clicking on links etc10:24
replaceafilli didnt see the point of putting that logic when you click a submit button10:24
replaceafillmaybe i missed something10:24
yvlcan you remind me where that was used? :)10:25
replaceafilllast three lines10:25
replaceafilladdPerson now lives in basicperson/ btw10:25
replaceafillso, i copied that "pattern"10:26
replaceafillbut the helpers work without it10:26
replaceafillso, that's my doubt10:26
yvlthey should10:26
* yvl still can't find it :D10:27
replaceafillah sorry10:27
replaceafillsee: src/schooltool/basicperson/ftesting.py10:27
replaceafillin the diff10:27
replaceafillthat's the original code you wrote10:27
yvlah, now I remember10:28
yvlwell, the wait is not necessary10:28
yvlbut people do tend to open another browser after adding the person (to log in)10:29
yvland you need to wait for submit to finish to be able to login10:29
replaceafillso, it's ok to have that little pause after adding stuff10:29
yvland I kind of wanted to put that somewhere so that I'd remember later how I intended to use wait :D10:29
replaceafilla question on wait10:30
replaceafilli didnt understand very well no_element_result=True10:30
replaceafilli mean the no_element_result parameter10:30
replaceafillwhat is it for?10:31
yvlit's really bad naming10:31
yvlif set to True, it waits, but if the element can't be found, finishes waiting10:32
yvlit's for race conditions mostly10:32
yvljavascripty date dialog starts to fade in / fade out10:33
yvlthat one works, btw10:33
replaceafillwell, it was just a doubt really10:34
replaceafillit's not like i needed to use it :)10:34
yvlright :D10:34
yvlfrankly, I just put it there just in case10:35
replaceafillso, you ok with this set of extensions?10:35
* yvl is guessing that we might need it at some point10:35
yvlvery much!10:35
replaceafillcool, i'll merge them to trunk then10:35
replaceafillso i can start using them in the gradebook tests10:36
yvlplease do10:36
replaceafilli've already started, but i wanted to have your approval first10:36
replaceafillbefore going to far10:36
yvland show those to aelkner10:36
yvlit'll make him quite happy ;)10:36
* yvl is already happy :D10:36
replaceafillhonestly, i wrote the .txt for aelkner10:36
replaceafilland for me too10:36
replaceafillhope it works10:36
replaceafillto remember us how to use this stuff10:36
replaceafilland i'll start using set_value(...) then10:37
replaceafilland stop worrying about the type of the field ;)10:37
replaceafilllast thing i want to ask you10:37
replaceafilloops that's not it10:38
replaceafillwell, it is but...10:38
replaceafillthat's the helper to print the gradebook10:38
replaceafillthe one i'm working on10:38
replaceafilli was thinking of converting that to an extension too10:39
replaceafilllike ui.gradebook.print(...)10:39
replaceafillmy question here is the use of queryHTML10:39
replaceafillvs using the webdriver directly10:39
replaceafillor browser10:39
* replaceafill just noticed he pointed yvl to the wrong module :(10:40
replaceafill^ that's the helper :)10:41
yvlno problem, I'm looking at the right one already ;)10:41
yvlfrankly, I don't know10:41
yvlit would probably be better to use webdriver directly10:42
yvlunless it turns out that it is slow10:42
replaceafilldo you see any advantage on doing so?10:42
replaceafillover using queryHTML10:42
replaceafillthere was an issue with queryHTML though10:43
replaceafillempty table cells10:43
replaceafillthat don't have anything inside10:43
replaceafillqueryHTML present them like <td/>10:43
replaceafillbecause of the serialisation it uses10:43
replaceafillyou need to set it to mode='html'10:43
replaceafillin order to get the <td></td>10:44
replaceafilland i didnt like that10:44
replaceafillthe fault is in analize.to_string10:44
replaceafillbut i could work around it10:44
yvlfrankly, I don't like schooltool.testing.selenium getWebElementHTML10:45
replaceafillbut it felt messy10:45
replaceafillbut it works :)10:45
replaceafillso far ;)10:45
yvlso far :D10:45
yvlcreating a div10:45
yvlputting the part there10:46
yvlit's... not nice10:46
replaceafillthe running script part10:46
replaceafilli liked it10:46
yvlthen getting the result as a string10:46
yvlthen parsing and creating a model for queryHTML10:46
yvlsounds like overkill10:46
* replaceafill has used it in the gradebook js code to get the html representation of something10:46
replaceafillwell, i think i could try the webdriver directly10:47
replaceafilli have tests anyway ;)10:47
yvlyes :D10:47
replaceafillfunny story:10:47
yvlI'm just trying to put more work on your head :)10:47
replaceafilli realized that i was adding tests for helpers10:47
replaceafillthen i thought i would need to tests the tests of the helpers :D10:47
replaceafillinfinite testing loop10:48
replaceafill(yeah, really funny) :/10:48
replaceafillok yvl10:48
yvlone more tiny thing I'd like to ask10:48
yvl(before you get your well deserved rest)10:48
yvlif you happen to accidentally have two implementations for gradebook helpers10:49
yvlone with queryHTML10:49
yvland another with using webdriver directly10:49
yvlI would really love to hear10:49
replaceafillabout performance?10:49
yvlis there a speed difference for big tables10:49
replaceafillah ok10:49
yvlchrome and firefoc10:49
yvlif that's not too much trouble10:49
replaceafillbut does the testrunner work with ff?10:50
replaceafilli remember trying it and having trouble10:50
yvltestrunner does work10:50
yvlthe tests on the other hand... may fail10:50
replaceafillyes, that's what i mean10:50
replaceafillthe tests start and all10:50
replaceafillbut they fail10:50
replaceafilland i was like: "oh well"10:51
replaceafill"i'll stick to chrome"10:51
yvlthere's one thing you can actually hack10:51
replaceafilli can try again and record my findings though10:51
yvlrun tests with both chrome and ffox configured10:51
yvlchrome being default10:51
yvland in the middle of the test10:52
yvlfrom shcooltool.devtools.selenium_recipe import spawn_browser10:52
replaceafillah come on!!!10:52
replaceafillis it possible to do that?!?!?10:52
replaceafilli can try10:53
replaceafillit's not like i have time pressure on me >:D10:54
yvlsorry man10:54
replaceafillno, seriously, i know this stuff is going to be useful10:54
replaceafillfor all of us10:54
yvla lot!10:54
replaceafillso i think it's time well invested10:54
* replaceafill checks his notes10:54
replaceafillto look for more questions...10:55
replaceafillno, i think that's it10:55
replaceafillwell, i'll finish adding tests for the helpers10:55
yvlthanks again, man10:55
replaceafilland then going to push to trunk10:55
replaceafillthank you yvl10:55
replaceafillhave a good weekend, see you monday10:55
yvlsee you monday10:55
yvland good night ;)10:56
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replaceafillmenesis, why is this necessary?
aelknerhey replaceafill20:45
replaceafillhey aelkner20:45
aelkneri agree with you about the changes to f_gradebook.css20:45
aelknerare you pushing your gradebook work to trunk soon?20:46
replaceafillnot today20:46
replaceafillprobably on monday20:46
aelknerah, ok20:46
aelkneri'm looking forward to looking at it20:47
replaceafilldid you see that one?20:47
replaceafillit'll give you a better idea of what i'm doing20:48
replaceafilland i thought about: element.ui.select_option()20:48
replaceafillafter your comment on us not having it :)20:48
replaceafilli just want to add test for all of them and then push it to trunk20:49
aelkneri plan to suggest some other helpers at the meeting monday20:49
aelknerfor things like adding years, terms, courses, sections, etc.20:49
replaceafillah definitely we need more20:49
aelknerwe always had them in the old skin20:49
replaceafillthey're already there20:49
aelkneris that something that you just added?20:50
replaceafillthat's what my branch is about20:50
aelknerso you save me the trouble of mentioning it at the meeting20:50
aelknerlooking forward to using them20:51
replaceafilli'll ping the list when i'm done so everybody knows about them20:51
aelknercan i ask why you use ++++++++?20:51
aelknerit kind of throws me off visually20:52
replaceafilljust needed something different from -------20:52
aelknerwe've used ----------------------- and ================= in the past20:52
aelkner++++++++ is a bit loud20:52
replaceafillok, i'll change it :/20:52
aelknersuggests 'look at me'20:52
replaceafilli'll keep it then!20:52
replaceafillthat's what i want ;)20:53
aelknerrather than setting off the text as you want20:53
aelknerno, i don't think you want that20:53
replaceafilli'll change it20:53
aelknerthanks for being sympathetic to my eyes :)20:53
aelknertypically, ========= is good for section headings and ------------ for smaller ones20:54
replaceafillwhat if you need a third level?20:54
aelknersection headings being the rarer of the two20:54
th1aI use +++++++++++ if I need a third level.20:54
replaceafilllike in this case?20:54
aelkneri don't think you need three levels20:55
aelknerBrowser extensions at the top could have ==============20:56
replaceafilli'll change it20:56
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th1aSo I think I neglected to mention in this email that they've already sold this SMS product to 350 schools in the Philippines.20:57
th1aSo it is kind of a big deal!20:57
th1aSchools in El Salvador may have the same issue, actually.20:58
th1aI'm afraid.20:58
replaceafilldon't get me started on the security issues here...20:59
replaceafillit's really sad :(20:59
th1aI'm sure.20:59
th1aI'm writing some Python to create SVG hexagons for the page background.21:00
replaceafillis keeping a sms gateway expensive?21:00
th1aWell... I think it is a matter of scale and reliability.21:00
replaceafilli suppose you need to hire something like an ISP equivalent, right?21:01
th1aYou can just plug a cell phone into a SheevaPlug...21:01
th1aI mean, if you just want your computer to send an SMS.21:01
th1aBut if you want to reliably send thousands of SMS's every day in short bursts, that's not going to do it.21:02
replaceafillgot it21:03
th1aI don't really know what it involves for real though.21:03
th1aI think the schools are sending the requests over the internet to the gateway.21:03
th1aSo if you have 350 schools opening and closing at the same time, with 500 kids in each...21:04
th1athat's a lot of SMS's.21:04
replaceafillaelkner, btw, i'm going to convert this into a helper too:
replaceafillfor printing the gradebook21:08
aelkneryay helpers!21:11
* replaceafill goes to get lunch21:31
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