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replaceafillth1a, you still there?00:38
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th1ahi replaceafill.17:10
replaceafillhey th1a17:15
replaceafillsorry, i was having breakfast :)17:15
th1aI think this may fall to you as a Spanish speaking user issue:
th1athat is
replaceafillthat's portuguese :)17:17
replaceafilli was about to get into the conversation the first time he apologized about his english17:17
replaceafillbut when i saw his launchpad profile i noticed his preferred languages17:18
replaceafilland it's portuguese17:18
th1aI think you should take him up on his offer to log in and poke around.17:19
replaceafillah ok17:19
th1aUnless you noticed something in the spreadsheet.17:20
th1aIt still should be somewhat easier for you to figure out what he's trying to do language wise.17:20
replaceafilli'm not sure how the importer works, but does it import custom demos?17:20
* replaceafill goes check17:21
th1aYou export a spreadsheet and it includes the custom demos, then you should be able to import them from that.17:21
replaceafillthe importer does create the person with the custom demos17:41
replaceafillalthough all my demos are text fields and some dates17:42
replaceafilli'll ask him access to his server17:43
replaceafilli wonder what's the name of my timezone :)17:49
replaceafill-0600 something?17:49
th1aSomething like that.17:50
replaceafillUTC/GMT -6 hours17:50
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th1aHave a little time for brainstorming replaceafill?19:03
th1aOK, so I've now gone through my minimalist SVG > maximum SVG > returning to minimalist SVG cycle.19:04
th1aGetting back to "just use the UWG."19:04
th1aSo let's assume we've got these competency reports in a pretty standard SchoolTool search/filter form and table.19:05
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th1aSo I run a filter, say, and get back via ajax the data which is passed to a script which fills in the textual data and draws the necessary graphics within the table.19:06
th1aUh... yeah.  Make sense?19:07
replaceafillthat would be very cool :)19:07
th1aNo wheel reinvention.19:08
th1aOK, I guess that's settled for now.  ;-)  Thanks.19:10
replaceafillglad i was very helpful ;)19:10
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th1areplaceafill:  I just sent you an inkscape mockup.21:00
replaceafillth1a, what's the inkscape part?21:07
replaceafilli mean21:08
replaceafillyou don't have the svg code for it, correct?21:08
replaceafilli'd use a wide container for things like that21:08
replaceafilli mean extending the table to fit the whole container21:09
* replaceafill goes to get lunch21:14
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th1aLet me know when you return replaceafill.21:46
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th1areplaceafill:  ayt?23:01
replaceafillth1a, back23:14
th1aHey, I'm just sending out another version.23:14
th1aOK.  Sent.23:21
* replaceafill is reading the whole thread in the mail :)23:25
replaceafillyour explanation about the colors really helps23:28
replaceafilli also think that if the hover works well, it's probably not necessary to make the chart wider23:29
th1aMaking the bars bigger or adding columns just makes it harder to read.23:29
th1aIt is no different than trying to make your lines of text go all the way across.23:30
th1aJust in the first version I was retaining all the columns of metadata.23:30
th1aI think we can also use subheadings to keep it tidy in the final version.23:30
replaceafillexcept the over 80% competent, all of this will perfectly apply to the cando general version, right?23:32
th1aYes... although even that isn't exactly exotic.23:33
th1aDo you think the basic look is ok.  Too minimal now?23:33
th1aCan you see the white boxes clearly enough?23:33
replaceafillnot really, but i blame my laptop and my room23:34
replaceafillit's a general problem i have with flourish23:34
replaceafilli have to move the screen back23:34
replaceafillsometimes to see the boxes23:34
th1aIt is too close but I'm not sure what to do without darkening the overall table background, which I don't want to do.23:34
replaceafillno, i think you should keep the same look23:34
th1aMaybe just a gray line at 0 and 100.23:34
replaceafillit's the app 'slook23:34
replaceafillapp's look23:34
replaceafillthe over 80% competent should be dark gray23:36
replaceafillas the login bar23:36
th1aYeah, it could be that gray.23:37
th1aI think I tried the header gray but it was too light.23:37
replaceafillth1a, are these going to be several small svg in each row?23:40
replaceafillin your mock i see the scale lines crossing the table rows23:40
th1aOne svg object per row (with lines and rects).23:40
th1aThe graphics will all be in one table cell.23:41
replaceafillah, got it23:42
th1aI was trying to figure out how to do it with <div>'s but I think it would get too convoluted quickly.23:45
th1aOK, so it seems like I have a good foundation for writing more Javascript then.23:52
th1aThanks replaceafill.23:52
* th1a goes to make supper.23:52
replaceafillsee you th1a nice work23:52

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