IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2012-03-02

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th1areplaceafill:  There is something very finicky about the way selections work in D3 that I'm not perceiving.19:45
replaceafillwhat is that?19:45
replaceafilli mean, what is it? :)19:46
th1aWell, I don't know.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, and I can't even see what the difference between the two is.19:46
th1a(so I'm just complaining, not actually expecting concrete advice)19:46
th1ajquery uses CSS selectors too, right?19:46
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th1aDo they ever give you fits?19:48
replaceafillnot so far19:48
th1aYeah... maybe it isn't the selector itself but the steps immedately after.  I can't really tell...19:49
replaceafillmaybe you're relying something is in the DOM when actually it isn't...19:50
replaceafillmaybe you need something like $(document).ready(...)19:50
replaceafillyour "sometime it works and sometimes it doesn't" sounds like that19:51
th1aWell, I'm literally talking about just selecting the div where I'm going to start adding stuff, and I can't even really see what the difference is between the one that works and the one that doesn't.19:52
th1aIt is baffling.19:52
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th1aAnyhow, I just needed to whine at someone...19:54
th1aIt works now but I don't know why it didn't for I dunno, four hours.19:54
th1aHm... perhaps caching has something to do with it...20:52
replaceafilli have ff developers tools and i always disable caching20:53
replaceafillit messes with my css changes20:53
replaceafillmost of the time20:53
th1aAh, I can do the same in Chrome.20:54
* replaceafill goes to get lunch21:00
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* replaceafill back21:53
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th1areplaceafill:  OK, got it working, moved some files around to make a new sandbox, took a break to watch the girls... now it doesn't work anymore.23:33
replaceafilland it happens in both browsers?23:34
th1aI'll check.23:34
th1aThis should have an empty SVG in it:
th1aIn the .comps div23:37
th1aI swear it just worked.23:39
th1aBefore I moved it, so somehow I broke it.23:40
replaceafillcan i make a quick test on your uploaded files?23:40
replaceafillin /var/www/23:40
replaceafilljust want to try something23:40
replaceafilldo you see it?23:41
th1aWhat did you do?23:42
replaceafillit's what i told you before, your script needs something like $(document).ready(...) equivalent23:42
replaceafilli moved the script inclusion to the bottom of the html23:42
replaceafillyour script runs when nothing is loaded yet23:43
th1aBut you don't need to do that for jquery?23:43
th1aAh, you use that .ready() thing.23:43
replaceafillno, because jquery takes care of it23:43
th1aI tried moving around but I was probably doing something else wrong at that point.23:44
replaceafilljust make sure the elements your dealing with are already loaded23:44
th1aCan I just put it at the end of the body?23:44
replaceafillthat's what i did, just above the </body> tag23:45
th1aCan this run into the kind of problem we had with the CanDo gradebook before, or was that even more screwed up?23:45
replaceafillno, that was a different kind of issue23:45
th1aWell, thanks!23:45
th1aI think I'll recover my sanity eventually.  ;-)23:46
th1aI've got to get the girls ready to pick up Jennifer, but I should be able to get something going tonight.23:49
th1aAlso: http://localhost/d3/cando/comp_gen.py23:49
replaceafilllocalhost :P23:49
th1aIt only took me about 15 minutes to remember how to divide integers in Python.  ;-)23:50
th1aMy programming chops are rusty.23:51
* replaceafill was looking for the data until he saw random ints :)23:52

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