IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2012-02-28

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aelkner_th1a, ayt?21:59
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th1ahi aelkner_.22:13
aelkner_two things22:14
aelkner_quick one first22:14
aelkner_as manager22:14
th1aYou have two periods at the end of the What is This?22:15
aelkner_i thought that having one <p> for each sentence made sense because the 'Note that...' and the 'Links can be changed...'22:15
aelkner_seemed like strong enough statements, needing some visual separation22:15
th1aChange "Visible Tabs" to "Set Tab Visibility"22:16
th1aI actually think it seems a little weird to have this work without a submit, but it is fine.22:16
th1aI mean, there are advantages to doing it this way, but it is a bit surprising.22:17
aelkner_we've been doing it that way for a while for the worksheets, but i understand that it's a bit strange22:17
aelkner_it's your call really, i could change it there and in the worksheets view22:17
aelkner_speaking of which22:18
aelkner_as teacher00122:18
aelkner_note that i change Hidden? to Visible there, too22:19
th1aIt is fine the way it is (the tabs).22:19
aelkner_ok, i'll update the <h3> to Set Tab Visibility22:19
th1aWorksheets seems fine.22:19
aelkner_anyway, before moving to the second point, anything else?22:20
th1aAlso yes, generally one paragraph per sentence is best for "What is This?"22:20
th1aNothing elsef rom me.22:20
aelkner_ok, the second thing is the intervention email22:20
aelkner_i updated the bug report to help the user fix the contact into22:20
aelkner_but we really should have an error message in the New Intervention Message view22:21
aelkner_but i can't define what the message would be22:21
th1aI don't think it is an error per se.22:22
th1aWe're just not indicating to the user that none of the people have email addresses?22:22
th1aOr which of them don't?22:22
aelkner_how would we indicate that?22:23
aelkner_for starters, the sender is the actual schooltool user who doesn't appear in the form necessarily22:24
aelkner_hm, let me check that22:24
aelkner_well, sending as manager, shows that there is no mention of manager in the Recipients section22:25
aelkner_i guess you can send a message without being a responsible party22:25
th1aIsn't the problem that nobody is *receiving* the email?22:25
th1aNone of the receivers have email addresses?22:26
aelkner_the intervention code doesn't call the email package because the recipients have no email22:26
aelkner_i might need to fix the logic there22:26
aelkner_for instance, perhaps it doesn't matter if the sender has no email22:26
th1aIt definitely does not.22:27
aelkner_since the from address in the email is the one configured in the email settings22:27
aelkner_do i have that right?22:27
aelkner_ok, can this wait until tomorrow's meeting so that we can discuss it together?22:28
aelkner_if the sender email is not important, i could create a javascript to not even enable the email radio22:28
aelkner_until a recipient is clicked who has email22:29
th1aWe also should indicate who has email visibly.22:29
aelkner_tomorrow then?22:29
th1aaelkner_... this is not a complicated problem unless you're headed out the door or something.22:30
th1aUse this icon:
aelkner_do we have that in schooltool already?22:30
th1aI don't think so.22:31
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aelkner_replaceafill, ayt?22:35
aelkner_i'm going to add an email icon to the flourish resources directory22:37
aelkner_i guess that's the right place to put it, right?22:37
aelkner_like we don't care about the regular resources directory anymore22:37
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aelkner_i'm going to remove my validity checks from the intervention sendmail.py23:18
aelkner_and let the queue show the errors23:18
replaceafilli think that's the point of the queue :)23:19
th1a4:20 Guys.23:20
th1aEST, that is.23:20
replaceafilltime to go home? :D23:20
th1aDidn't we discuss this at the sprint?23:21
th1aNever mind...23:21
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th1areplaceafill:  I'm getting a bit stuck on method chaining.23:57
replaceafillit's a great thing :)23:57
th1aI don't understand how to do control flow.23:58
th1aWell, it is callback + method chaining in particular probably.23:58
th1aCan you take a quick look at where I am and maybe your jquery experience can help.23:59
th1ahttp:// actually.23:59

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