IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2012-02-11

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RootLUGHi, is there some repository for Debian to easily install SchoolTool? or do I need to build it from source?16:59
KhalsaThey have an ubuntu PPA, technically I'm sure you can make it work on Debian, but in reality that may not be the best of ideas17:33
RootLUGThat's why I'm asking first, I don't want to mess up whole system by importing ubuntu repositories into debian:-/17:33
KhalsaIf you are a decent repo wrangler it shouldn't be too hard to not hose your box17:35
RootLUGYeah, but I'm writing a book about using open source technologies in education so if there is some simple way to install it it would be great because it's hard to describe how to build it from source and what all that commands from terminal mean17:38
KhalsaStick around until one of the devs pops in and ask him17:45
Khalsath1a probably best guy to ask17:45
RootLUGok, thanks for info17:46
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