IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2012-01-09

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th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner, menesis, yvl.16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
yvlgood morning16:31
aelknergood morning and happy new year!16:31
yvlthanks Alan16:31
yvlhappy new year to you too!16:31
th1aHow was your trip, aelkner?16:32
aelknerintense :)16:32
aelknerbut seriously, a rare opportunity for family bonding16:32
aelknera bit stressful programming so many tours together with 18 people16:32
aelknerbut we learned a lot about history and saw many beautiful things16:33
aelknerand to top it off i saw my italian friends where i once lived16:33
th1aI didn't realize the scale of this operation.16:33
aelkneryeah, my step-father does tours for a living16:33
aelknerso he programmed the vacation lke that16:33
aelknerso believe it or ot, i was really glad to get home16:34
th1aI see.16:34
aelknerand am excited to get back to work16:34
th1aYou have plenty of fresh bugs to warm up on.16:35
th1aJust search by most recent and get started.16:35
aelkneri need to finish the course worksheets first16:36
aelkneri did a fresh checkout of gradebook trunk, seeing that all tests pass16:36
aelknerso i can make sure to get my version to do the same16:36
aelknerand finish the features16:36
th1aDid you see the news about the sprint dates?16:37
aelkneri did, and i'm glad that i don't have to go to europe again so soon16:38
aelknerit will be nice to have the suite16:38
aelknerkind of like the providence sprint16:38
th1aOK, so aelkner should have plenty to do.16:40
th1aOK, good to have you back aelkner.16:41
aelknerthanks, good to be back16:41
replaceafilli worked on this bug last week:
replaceafillcan you please go to:
replaceafilland change the password for a student16:42
replaceafillyou have sample data there16:42
replaceafillso theres student000-student46516:42
replaceafilli removed the unchanged password behaviour16:43
replaceafillall the fields are now required in the password edit view16:43
replaceafillbut notice that you dont have to log in back16:43
replaceafilli used the IAuthentication utility in the form16:44
th1aOK.  That looks fine to me.16:44
replaceafilland its setCredentials method16:44
replaceafillth1a, ah ok, cool16:45
replaceafillth1a, i also started the flourishing of cambodia16:45
replaceafilljust the basic setup16:45
replaceafillusing aelkner's niepa as a model16:45
replaceafillth1a, i was thinking of sending Sok Tha the instructions for flourish16:46
replaceafillif that's ok?16:46
th1aI'm not exactly sher when to broach the subject.16:46
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replaceafillth1a, great, i'll finish that then16:47
th1aI don't want to derail things before we get them rolling.16:47
th1aI'm having trouble typing today.16:47
replaceafillthat's all i have for today16:47
* replaceafill done16:47
th1aMaybe we should do it without telling them.16:47
replaceafillth1a, ah16:48
replaceafilli was thinking of doing it16:48
th1aWe don't want them to stop.16:48
replaceafillthen send instructions with it16:48
replaceafillit wont take longer than wednesday i think16:48
th1aOK, just do it then, don't tell them.16:48
* replaceafill done16:48
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:49
* yvl managed to get sick16:49
yvlso no significant progress from Wed16:50
* yvl is still a bit dizzy 16:50
th1aI thought I'd recovered yesterday but I feel a bit worse today.16:50
yvlgeeks + winter = ... :)16:51
yvlI made the plane ticket reservation16:51
yvlI'll be arriving on Feb 3 15:15PM  @ Dulles16:51
th1aSounds pretty good.16:51
yvl(and leaving Sat Feb 11, ~17PM)16:52
* yvl done16:52
th1aOK.  Feel better yvl.16:53
yvlthanks th1a16:53
yvlyou too16:53
th1aDid we lose menesis at some point in the meeting?16:54
th1aI guess if he isn't here he can't tell us.16:56
yvlwe lost him < 10 minutes ago16:56
th1aWell, I didn't have a particularly productive week either.  I'll get out your bonus numbers today.  Please send me final invoices tomorrow.16:56
th1aI guess that's it.  See you guys Wednesday!16:57
yvlsee you soon16:57
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:57
replaceafillthanks everybody16:57
th1aYes, see you for real soon.16:57
aelknercya guys, happy coding16:57
replaceafillget well yvl and th1a16:57
th1areplaceafill: Book your flight.16:57
aelknerand get well soon yvl16:57
yvlthanks guys16:58
replaceafillth1a, will do today16:58
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th1aAh, menesis.16:59
th1aYou're up when you're ready.17:00
menesisI was catching up with zope packages17:01
menesismore recent versions of external dependencies, mechanize and Chameleon, have been uploaded to Debian, and they are not compatible with my zope packages17:02
menesisfor mechanize, one workaround to our tests was needed17:02
menesisif you see a failure in login.txt, ignore it, or merge17:02
menesisChameleon is not very important, since schooltool does not use it17:03
menesisalthough I'd like to try17:03
menesisit is a template engine much faster than zope.pagetemplate17:03
menesisall our tests pass so it is ok17:03
menesisjust need to upload some more17:04
menesison schooltool side, nothing to say17:04
th1aI would like to know if Chameleon would work for us.17:04
menesisyes I am interested too, will try17:05
menesislooked at the gradebook crash reported on the weekend, fixed the crash, but left to aelkner to sort it out.17:07
menesisthe case when all sheets are hidden17:08
th1aThis guy may need a workaround:
menesissaw this, but did not investigate yet17:10
menesisI do not remember having any problems creating Activities with accented chars17:11
menesisbut will have a look17:12
th1aIt might be from the Category.17:12
th1aaelkner, ayt?17:12
menesislooks so17:13
menesisah, also tried to use the new feature in buildout 1.5, to use system-installed libraries like PIL, lxml, or reportlab17:14
menesisbut it did not work, neither with virtualenv, nor with system python17:14
th1aToo bad.17:15
menesiswanted this very much17:15
menesisbut it's too low level for me to understand17:15
menesisso gave up17:16
* menesis done17:16
th1aOK.  Thanks menesis.17:17
aelknerth1a, yes?17:27
th1aThere are some critical bugs I'd like you to get to this week.17:28
aelknerare they assigned to me yet?17:28
th1aWhat is your time frame on the loose ends?17:28
aelknera couple of days i think17:28
aelkneri see two critical bugs for me, so i'll get to those first17:29
th1aI'm going to give this to you too:
th1aCan you look at those today?17:29
aelkneri'll try to, kinda want to sort out the testing issues in case i need to get advise wed17:31
aelkneri can hold off solving the action buttons and security and switch to the bugs if you want me to17:31
aelknerthen wed i can give you details of the loose ends on the course worksheets17:32
th1aI'd rather you look at the critical bugs before finishing the other stuff.17:32
aelknerok, will do17:33
replaceafillth1a, just booked my flight17:38
replaceafillfeb 3, 16:51, national airport17:38
replaceafillfeb 11, 06:30, national airport17:38
replaceafillwe need to update our footers to 2012 :)18:07
th1aaelkner:  ayt?18:09
th1aI'm looking for the absences report under years (in flourish) and not seeing it.18:12
th1anever mind!18:13
th1aI see it!18:13
aelknerthat was easy :)18:13
th1aWell consider it a reminder that there is still work to be done on making finding reports intuitive.18:14
aelknermakes sense18:15
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?22:43
th1ayes replaceafill.22:44
replaceafillah cool, let me show you something22:44
replaceafillah come on!!!22:46
replaceafillLP is down? :(22:46
replaceafillssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host22:46
* replaceafill uses diffs to update the vps22:46
replaceafillth1a, ok, that was harder than i thought :)22:51
replaceafillInteger Field22:52
replaceafillI added "Tablets" as an example (used in Cambodia)22:52
replaceafillinteger fields have min-max constraints22:53
replaceafillth1a, also
replaceafillshould we display the "Demographics and other personal data" title in the General Information accordion22:54
replaceafillif the user doesnt have any demo data?22:55
th1aI don't think it is an issue.23:01
th1aNot worth making the documentation, etc. inconsistent.23:01
replaceafillthanks th1a, i'll request menesis and yvl to check my field changes before merging23:02
th1aIs having integer constraints an issue?23:02
replaceafillwell, it's needed in cambodia, and i asked yvl a while ago if i should put them in trunk and he said yes23:03

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