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srikanth_hello everyone18:42
srikanth_am unable to deploy a report sheet in schooltool 218:43
srikanth_what must be the reason ? i c no deploy option at all18:43
th1aHi srikanth_18:44
th1asrikanth_:  Actually, I'm writing the new documentation for that right now.18:45
th1aGo to School, and click on Deployed Report Sheets at the bottom of the main content area.18:45
srikanth_thanks th1a18:48
srikanth_i was only seeing the lest side options18:48
th1aYes... I guess that's the problem with letting the middle get too long.18:48
srikanth_how wil i get notified about the documentation you are writing18:50
th1aIt should go up on next week.18:50
srikanth_thanks th1a18:51
th1aSure.  Sorry I didn't get it done sooner!18:51
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th1areplaceafill:  I assigned you some small bugs.19:29
replaceafillth1a, ah yes19:29
replaceafilli found one yesterday19:29
replaceafillbut i'm not sure what to do19:29
replaceafillhold on, let me update the testing instance19:30
th1aWhich one?19:30
replaceafillit's the section csv import view19:32
replaceafillin the example19:32
replaceafillsee the first line19:32
replaceafillthe space before "Spring" makes the example to fail19:32
replaceafillbecause you get: [u'Fall', u' "Spring"']19:33
replaceafilli checked the other import csv instructions19:33
replaceafilland only this one uses ""19:33
replaceafillcan we take the " out?19:33
th1aWhat are we using to parse this?19:34
th1aAre we using the python csv library?19:34
replaceafillstandard csv module19:34
th1aIt can't handle spaces?19:34
replaceafillit's its fault actually19:34
th1aIs it misconfigured?19:34
replaceafillmaybe it's the way we're setting it19:34
th1aCheck that.19:35
replaceafillmaybe we would need a dialect19:35
th1aOr maybe just take the space out of the example.19:35
th1aBut this isn't a weird case.19:35
replaceafilltaking the space out fixes the example19:35
replaceafilleven if you use "19:35
replaceafillthe other thing i dont like about the view is that mixes titles and identifiers19:36
replaceafillfor example, for terms the user has to use titles19:36
replaceafill(first line)19:36
replaceafillfor the rest (timetable, courses) he has to use identifiers19:36
replaceafill__name__ attributes19:36
th1aYeah... that's not right.19:36
th1aMaybe this just needs to be cleaned up.19:37
th1aIf we use all id's we shouldn't need quotes.19:37
replaceafilli like the user using titles because he has control on them19:37
th1aYeah, but there can be duplicates.19:37
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th1aThis just needs to be made more consistent with the others now.19:40
th1aDo we allow commas in ids?19:40
replaceafilli check the others and they work fine19:40
replaceafilli dont think so19:40
replaceafillbut ill check19:41
replaceafilli see the course list sorted19:42
* replaceafill goes check the code19:42
th1aOK, I guess that already got fixed.19:42
th1aDoes the section list batch, btw?19:43
replaceafillit's a table container view19:46
replaceafilland those use batches19:46
srikanth_th1a @ let us assume that we have 2 classes 1 And 2 and therez a common couRse say z and a common teacher TEA . And i add 2 section to course z and schedule one  to class a and class b with the teacher TEA .  now when i log in as a student of class 1 and class 2 and see the timetable the course i see is  z . but when i log in as a teacher TEA and see the timetable i see only the course z but not the class so how wil the teach19:53
srikanth_th1a @19:53
srikanth_how wil the teacher know19:54
srikanth_whether she should go to class 1 or 219:54
th1aIs the teacher added as instructor of the relevant sections?19:54
th1aWhich class should the teacher be going to?19:55
srikanth_i thought about it and added two courses z1 and z2 and added it to 2 different sections19:56
srikanth_yea thats the question19:56
srikanth_the timetable says just z but not the class19:56
th1aThe calendar?19:57
th1aOh, it doesn't identify the section?19:57
th1aJust the course?19:57
th1aWhat additional information do you want?  Location?19:58
srikanth_so what i did is19:58
srikanth_i added two courses z1 and z219:59
th1aYou can edit the title of the section.19:59
srikanth_and schedule it to the two classes 1 and 2 with the same teacher tea19:59
th1aDo you just need to add location data to identify the section?20:00
th1aIs that the only problem?20:00
srikanth_so when i log in as teacherr i see z1 and z2 but when i log in as a student i see z120:00
srikanth_the student should just see z20:00
srikanth_the course not his section20:01
srikanth_so when i do this20:01
srikanth_the teacher sees it as z1 and z220:01
srikanth_the student as z120:01
srikanth_or z2 depending on the class he belong too20:01
srikanth_so what i want is the student should just see his course not his section20:02
th1aBy default the title of the section is the name of the course plus a number.20:03
srikanth_the calender shows the course20:03
th1aOh, ok.20:03
th1aYes, this is an annoying problem.20:03
th1aThere is not an immediate solution.20:04
th1aGetting the section location back into the data model and in the calendar event would help.20:05
th1aIdentifying sections is much more complicated than you'd think.20:06
th1aIn practice they don't have names.20:07
th1aAnd how they are identified depends on the user's context.20:07
th1aDoes that answer your question for now?20:12
* th1a goes to make lunch.20:17
srikanth_so finally what i say is the student calender should read section  and the teachers calender should read course ... i would define 2 courses as z1 and z2 with the section names  z . so when the student logs in ans sees he ses z and when the teacher logs in and sees the calender it wil either say z1 or z220:21
srikanth_th1a @ hope you consider my view20:22
srikanth_i have a different idea20:23
srikanth_wil get back to you when you be back20:23
srikanth_the idea i have wil solve the query20:24
srikanth_wil be back20:24
srikanth_th1a @ buzz me when you are back20:43
th1aI am back.20:43
th1asrikanth_, I'm back.20:46
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srikanth_sorry i was wrong the calender displays the section20:58
th1aah... I thought so but didn't have an example handy.20:58
srikanth_so the student calender should display the course not the section20:59
srikanth_its fine with the teacher calender as it shows section which is right20:59
srikanth_so the only change that should me made is21:00
srikanth_the student calender should display the course not the section21:00
srikanth_hope you take this point21:00
th1aI see your point but it doesn't seem like a very significant change.21:01
th1aJust cleaning up the student's view slightly.21:01
th1aOK.  It is a subject we come back to periodically, since no one solution is perfect for everyone.21:02
th1aSo yes, we'll take your feedback into consideration.21:03
srikanth_thanks th1a21:03
th1aThank you srikanth_!21:03
srikanth_th1a @ what does 08 and 09 in period mean ? in attendence21:26
th1asrikanth_:  Where?21:27
th1aThe period?21:27
srikanth_logged in as a teacher ... there is a journal under the section which is in the calendar21:28
srikanth_so when i click on journal it takes me to enter attendence21:29
srikanth_i see a row period under day21:30
srikanth_what is the period ?21:30
th1aWhen the section meets.21:30
srikanth_it says 08 and 0921:32
th1aDid you create a timetable?21:33
th1aDo the sections meet at 8:00 and 9:00?21:33
srikanth_got it thanks21:36
srikanth_period says the time of the class21:36
th1aYes... I guess time is more generally applicable.21:37
th1aIn the US we have named periods.21:37
th1aNot that this is for the US, but if affects how we conceptualize things.21:37
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?21:57
th1athis whole thread of section scheduling is just a bit out of compliance with flourish.21:59
th1aI'm filing bugs...21:59
srikanth_once again thanks th1a . time to leave21:59
th1aYou're welcome srikanth_.21:59
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th1areplaceafill:  I seem to have run into a bug with the section calendar for the instructor.22:15
replaceafillth1a, i'm back22:17
replaceafillyes, jelkner has complained a lot about the multi-term sections22:19
th1aIt still needs some tuning.22:20
th1aIt should have tertiary navigation.22:20
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th1areplaceafill:  I have a random question.22:29
th1aThe little punch outs around all the ports in the back of your pc -- does that metal insert come with the motherboard or the case?22:30
replaceafillwell, the ones i've bought (two) had it22:31
th1aI was thinking it must...22:31
th1aSince most of these ports didn't exist when I bought this case.22:31
* th1a is due for an upgrade.22:31
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