IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2011-12-11

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mgedminhi, folks!00:32
mgedminlong time no see00:32
mgedminthis morning schooltool's buildout DOSed the build slave00:32
mgedminsee the bin/buildout forkbomb in action here:
mgedminany ideas?00:33
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mgedminpretty pictures:
* mgedmin sets some resource limits and reboots the server; let's see what happens now00:57
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srikanth_Any one der /12:57
srikanth_wel what all features does schooltool have ?12:58
srikanth_anyone briefly12:58
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srikanthcan anyone give me an overview of what really schooltool is about19:21
srikanthlike what all the features it have19:21
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