IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-12-09

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replaceafillmenesis, you around?18:30
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maker-kunMMh, from contacts/ seems like there is already an interface for parents. But, am I wrong or there isn't anything visible from the html page of a student?19:40
th1aWhat do you mean by "an interface for parents?"19:41
maker-kun(let me know if I should post these questions on another chan)19:41
th1aThere is no other IRC channel for us.19:41
th1aWe do have an email list.19:41
maker-kunth1a: some fields cointaining telephone, name, and relationship.19:41
th1aAnd other stuff on Launchpad.19:41
th1aYes, "contacts" include parents.19:41
th1aIt is just more generic.19:42
th1aIt can also be a "self" contact for the student himself.19:42
th1aOr some other kind of responsible adult, emergency contact, etc.19:42
maker-kunFound. Have you ever thought about a little of js in order to hide/show some fields specific for a new person's group? I mean, for example a new student should have at least one contact (parent/guardian/etc) required.19:50
th1aWell... we more or less do that.20:08
th1aWe just didn't decide to include contacts in the same add form.20:09
th1aIt is kind of big as is.20:10
th1aIt could go there though.20:10
th1aBut other demographic fields can be customized to group.20:10
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