IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-11-04

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replaceafillth1a, you around?18:40
th1ahola replaceafill.18:41
replaceafillhey th1a, popups styles?18:42
th1aYeah.  Where should I be looking?18:42
replaceafillteacher001 is broken at the moment18:42
th1aPerhaps a dark background color for starters?18:44
replaceafillvery dark? like the gray in second nav?18:45
th1aMaybe the former breadcrumbs bar background.18:45
replaceafillthe current tables background :)18:45
th1aThat one's almost exactly the Ubuntu contextual background color.18:45
th1a(the current breadcrumbs)18:45
replaceafillthe vps is sluggish18:47
th1aThat's better.18:54
th1aYou can get rid of the borders.18:55
replaceafillyou mean the padding?18:55
th1aIs there a lighter outline?18:55
th1aThere are dividers in the cells.18:55
replaceafillah, got it18:56
th1aOK, highlight the hovering one in teal.18:58
th1aBasically we're just making them look like the ubuntu contextual menus.18:58
th1aExcept different colors.18:58
replaceafillrefresh, something like that?19:00
replaceafillbut fixing the padding19:00
th1aMaybe a darker teal.19:03
* replaceafill is looking for our old darker teal19:05
replaceafilli remember we had one...19:05
th1aDon't we still have it in the header for the active tab?19:06
th1aI think it is better.19:08
th1aI think the little title needs to be differentiated.19:09
th1aMaybe make it the darker gray background and not bold.19:11
th1aI think the bold is better...19:12
th1aDo you have any thoughts on it.19:12
replaceafilli like both19:13
replaceafillbold is back19:13
replaceafilldivider below it?19:13
th1aI guess we could do both.19:14
replaceafillrefresh, bold + divider19:15
th1ahow about bold + background19:21
replaceafilli like it more :)19:23
th1aThat's probably the best.19:23
replaceafillaverage menu?19:23
th1aWhat about it?  Other that indeed, it doesn't work now...19:25
replaceafillscore system suboption19:25
th1aI think it is ok aside from the fact that I can select "Score System" itself and nothing happens.19:26
replaceafilli think we should mark the selected score system option19:26
th1aYes, good idea.19:26
replaceafillah yes, let me fix that in the pt19:26
replaceafilldon't know if that does it...19:34
replaceafillmaybe we do need the left indent19:35
replaceafillfor the score system options19:35
th1aYes, we need some indication.19:35
th1aI don't think "Score System" needs a different background.19:36
th1aBold is good there.19:36
replaceafillah ok19:36
th1aMore importantly... can we force it to stay visible in the browser window (not go off the right edge?).19:37
replaceafillwe should19:38
th1aI guess it is a separate issue.19:39
replaceafilli mean, we should file a bug to remember to fix it19:43
th1aI'll do it.19:43
replaceafillis that enough left padding for the score system options?19:43
th1aI think so.19:44
replaceafillanything else?19:44
th1aNot that I can think of.19:44
replaceafillk, i'll push these changes19:45
aelkner_replaceafill, hey19:45
replaceafillhey aelkner_19:45
aelkner_th1a, ,too19:45
aelkner_i saw ou gys discussed remembering sections between Gradebook and Jpurnal19:45
aelkner_did you see my diff for that?19:46
aelkner_we agreed at the meeting to simply do it the old gradebook way19:46
aelkner_is that what you plan to do as well?19:46
replaceafilli know19:46
aelkner_ah, cool19:46
aelkner_i just wanted to make sure, it will be easy to change to cookies at some point19:47
replaceafillaelkner_, we're styling the popups in the gradebook:19:48
replaceafillin case you want to see it19:48
aelkner_i like seeing the options rather than having to roll-over something to see them19:50
aelkner_sometimes more info is better, some time it's clutter, here it's better19:50
aelkner_obviously, you guys felt the sae way19:50
aelkner_but, yeah, it's rather pretty :)19:51
replaceafillpushing to trunk...19:51
replaceafillchanges pushed19:52
th1areplaceafill:  Did you push your flourish-book yet?19:53
replaceafillth1a, no, i still have to clean some files i created while testing sphinx19:53
replaceafilland finish the styling19:54
replaceafillwe may need to restart the vps19:56
replaceafillpushing to launchpad took a looot19:56
th1aFeel free, replaceafill.19:57
aelkner_replaceafill, how did you get the >> to appear next to the score system?  i can't see it in firebug19:58
aelkner_is it a css rule?19:58
aelkner_i see that it's a span and the others <a>19:59
replaceafillsee the styles in firebug19:59
replaceafilli mean, the style of the span19:59
replaceafillthe first rule19:59
replaceafillcontent: XXX19:59
replaceafill.popup_menu .hover_menu span:before {19:59
replaceafill    content: "ยป ";19:59
replaceafillwe do the same for breadcrumbs20:00
aelkner_ah, cool, what can't i see the rule in firebug when i am on the span?20:00
replaceafillhmm you should, in firebug's style tab20:01
aelkner_that's where i'm looking20:01
replaceafillyou see the tree on the left, right?20:01
replaceafilli see the rule as the first one20:01
aelkner_i hate all these default rules that clutter the whole thing up20:02
aelkner_reset.css, i mean20:02
aelkner_did you set anything in the style dropdown, i have all off20:03
replaceafillah no20:03
aelkner_nothing set?20:04
replaceafilli dont have any checkbox marked20:04
aelkner_ok, so what's the first rule?20:04
aelkner_.popup_menu li span {20:04
aelkner_    color: #FFFFFF;20:04
aelkner_from colors.css?20:04
th1aColors go in colors.css now.20:04
aelkner_replaceafill, is that your first rule?20:05
aelkner_you said, 'i see the rule as the first one'20:05
replaceafillsee my screenshot20:05
replaceafillaelkner_, you seeing it in the vps?20:05
replaceafillskin/flourish/resources/gradebook.css, line 18820:06
aelkner_i don't know why i'm not getting the gradebook.css section, even though the browser renders the content20:06
th1areplaceafill:  Did we change the behavior after a user changes his password?  In the packaged release it is kind of a dead end.20:08
replaceafillth1a, we only set a warning message20:08
th1aBut it is still a dead end?20:08
replaceafillyou get the warning20:09
replaceafillnext action you get the login form20:09
replaceafillby next action i mean if the user clicks on something20:09
th1aWell, that's the thing.  What's he supposed to click?20:10
replaceafilla dialog would be better20:10
replaceafillwith a redirect after hitting OK or something20:10
th1aYeah, lets do that.20:10
replaceafillok, assign that to me20:10
replaceafillor reopen the old one :)20:10
* replaceafill looks for it...20:11
replaceafillok, i'll go to the grocery store, bbl20:13
th1areplaceafill:  Where'd send test email go?20:57
th1aoh, maybe I need to activate it.20:57
th1aaelkner_:  How's the report sheet stuff coming?21:11
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replaceafillth1a, to the To: address21:37
th1aI mean, it is hidden until you activate the server.21:38
th1aTHat's fine.21:38
th1aOr were you making a joke.  ;-)21:39
replaceafillno :)21:39
replaceafill"the cute javascript notifier" lol21:40

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