IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-11-02

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th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner_, yvl, menesis.15:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon15:30
yvlgood morning15:31
th1aOK, so first, let's talk final release dates.15:32
th1aI'm thinking Nov. 22 for SchoolTool 2.0.15:32
th1a(in our PPA, ofc)15:33
yvlsounds good to me15:33
menesisdepends on what we want to call a 2.015:34
menesisall existing tests must pass15:35
menesisflourish merged back to trunk15:35
menesisa new frontpage15:35
th1aWhat's the current test situation?15:35
menesisnew style book15:36
menesisnew branding in launchpad15:36
th1aMost of that is my job.15:36
menesisall unit tests pass15:37
menesisyvl fixed journal tests last week15:37
menesisbut functional tests are the same like a month ago15:37
menesisTotal: 145 tests, 22 failures, 0 errors in 9 minutes 5.157 seconds.15:37
th1aOK, so we've got 22 functional tests to fix...15:38
yvlthat can be done in 20 days :)15:38
menesissome of failures mean that old skin is broken15:38
menesissome are not updated for changed timetable creation wizard15:39
th1aNothing too scary though.15:40
th1aShould we put that on yvl's plate?15:40
th1aLet's make it clear here that this is REALLY the deadline.15:42
th1aBecause I'll need to send Mark our annual report at the same time.15:42
th1aSo this is the HARD deadline.15:43
yvlmenesis, how many days you'll need to make a release?15:43
th1aWhich will also help me get my work done...15:43
menesisa release means merge translations, update changelogs and bugs in launchpad, make eggs, make debs15:44
menesisthis is 1-2 days15:44
yvlso... two weeks from now on dev side15:45
yvljust to be sure :)15:45
th1aThere is just one feature I'd like to squeeze in -- the report sheet management that aelkner_ is working on, since pretty much everyone complains about it now.15:46
th1aWe'll see how that is coming shortly.15:46
th1aProbably we should have a RC a week before?15:47
yvlrelease candidate15:47
aelkner_ah, thaks15:47
yvlso... fix stuff before Mon 14th15:48
yvland make RC for ~Wed 16ht?15:48
th1aSounds good.15:48
yvl(and before 14th Vilnius time, so menesis can start packaging)15:48
menesisI plan releases for Thursdays15:49
menesisso 17th15:49
th1aOK, but the 24th is a big holiday here.15:49
th1aSo I'd like the final release to be the 22nd.15:51
th1aThen I can wrap everything up and go to Maine for four days.15:52
th1aAlso keeps it a hard deadline...15:52
menesissounds good15:52
th1aOK.  Any other questions about the schedule?15:53
th1aMoving on then...15:54
th1aHave people looked at the current colors?15:54
th1aAre they in trunk, replaceafill?15:54
menesisdo you expect any further design/color changes?15:54
th1aI think we have some loose ends.15:55
th1aButton colors, what else replaceafill?15:55
menesisbuttons are ugly.15:55
aelkner_replaceafill, do you have a demo link for us?15:55
th1aI should probably have Vinny look at the accordion.15:55
replaceafillaelkner_, usual
replaceafillth1a, the calendar15:55
th1abuttons are not done, essentially.15:55
th1areplaceafill:  Right.15:56
yvlerror message font color (next to the red x) looks a bit to bright for me15:56
yvl* too bright15:56
aelkner_what are we looking at?  what view?15:56
th1areplaceafill:  tbh, in that whole conversation about warning colors I didn't know which colors we were talking about.15:56
th1aThe font?15:56
th1aOr the red?15:57
replaceafillth1a, well, i was asking vinny what he was referring to15:57
yvlsay, light blue "required input is missing" next to a form field15:57
replaceafillth1a, and i "think" he meant the font15:57
aelkner_replaceafill, what view should i be looking at?15:57
yvlyes, the font color.15:57
replaceafillbecause he said something about the teal being better15:57
yvladd person15:57
replaceafillaelkner_, any form:
aelkner_are we talking about how the rollover on the buttons is now blue, not red?15:58
th1aI like the grays now.15:58
yvlno aelkner_15:58
th1aThe rollover color on the buttons is just wrong.15:58
yvlclick on a button, but don't enter anything15:58
yvllook at the "required input is missing" near first name field15:59
yvltoo bright for me15:59
yvland buttons are essentially "not done yet", as th1a said before15:59
aelkner_ah, i see, why do we get rid of the red there15:59
aelkner_isn't red for danger15:59
aelkner_and errors are danger15:59
th1a... well, we've gotten rid of all the red ...16:00
aelkner_i remember the portugal consultant complaining about the use of red in normal situation16:00
th1ayes aelkner_... that's kind of been the point of this entire re-coloring ...16:01
aelkner_but i think red is good for when there is an error (danger, will robinson)16:01
replaceafillaelkner_, according to vinny, the red x is enough for the danger part16:01
th1areplaceafill:  You're going to be in charge of changing our Sphinx templates.16:01
aelkner_ah, ok16:01
replaceafillth1a, ok16:01
th1aVinny is going to give us a mockup and we'll do the templates.16:02
th1aI think they're doing the html for the front page.16:02
th1aThat is, they are.16:02
th1aSo just be aware that's coming down the pike, replaceafill.16:03
th1aOK, moving on to reports...16:03
replaceafillgot it16:03
aelkner_ok, so i added the -ng translations to lyceum journal16:04
aelkner_and i pushed the change to my branch, but i didn't merge to trunk16:04
menesiswhat is NG ?16:04
aelkner_menesis, since the summer, i've been merging to trunk normally, but this time replaceafill said i shoudln't16:04
aelkner_ng for nigeria16:05
aelkner_the only thing that david with schooltool.niepa said he needed changed was Journal -> Register16:05
aelkner_so i did that16:05
th1aBasically David wanted to change "Journal" to "Register" in the interface.16:06
aelkner_and we are assuming that all nigerian installations will be done by him16:06
th1aWell, no.16:07
menesisen_NG is ok, I see it is an official language of Nigeria16:07
th1aPerhaps we're assuming that it is the term generally used in Nigeria.16:07
aelkner_we are lettting david decide what is what for nigeria is all i'm saying16:08
menesisthey have to set locale to en_NG in all browsers, or in schooltool.conf16:08
th1aYes, the main point is that nobody will see it unless they set it in schooltool.conf,16:08
aelkner_menesis, yes, i already did this in the niepa demo instance, and it works16:08
th1abecause I highly doubt Nigerian users set their browsers to Nigerian english.16:08
aelkner_well, if they do, they'll get Register for Journal16:09
aelkner_anyway, menesis, i'll make the merge request in a sec16:09
yvlcan't find en-ng locale in Firefox 3.516:10
aelkner_can you get to that quickly16:10
aelkner_i.e., update it to merged so i can know that it is out of the way16:10
th1aI would assume this is only relevant if set on the server side.16:11
aelkner_menesis, merge request made16:12
menesisen_NG not available in Google Chrome either16:13
aelkner_th1a, you can let david know that the demo instance has Register16:13
aelkner_i should say, could you please let him know?16:14
aelkner_ok, for the report sheets16:14
aelkner_i changed the deployment logic to work as we discussed16:14
aelkner_including appending -n to the title if already used16:15
aelkner_i haven't updated my demo instance yet, but please look at this a sec:16:16
aelkner_nothing there should change except the addition of a pencil for hiding/unhiding, correct?16:16
aelkner_next to the h3 for 'Currently Deployed Report Sheets'?16:17
th1aI really shouldn't be able to see that page without being logged in...16:18
aelkner_yes, you filed that bug already16:18
th1aJust reminding you...16:19
aelkner_i can get to that immediately after finishing the hide/unhide16:19
replaceafillaelkner_, css advice16:19
replaceafillselect elements should have classes16:19
aelkner_also, look at this view as teacher001, same for password:16:19
th1aAlso, should those columns be aligned differently?16:20
aelkner_ignore the deployed sheets a sec16:21
aelkner_is this the kind of view you would like for hiding/unhiding?16:21
aelkner_the fact that we let the teacher change the order of the deployed sheets presently makes letting the manager do it from the hide/undie view a bit of a conflicting feature16:22
aelkner_so we could scrap that part for the manage view, but at least have the hide/unhide checkboxes16:22
aelkner_as far as aligning the columns differetnly, i don't understand how you mean16:23
th1aYou're just going to click on the edit for a single sheet to get to its hide/unhide form, right?16:24
th1aDo we need a grand hide/unhide table?16:24
aelkner_remember, we agreed we wouldn't have a hide/unhide form for a single sheet16:25
th1aThe checkboxes under the term titles just seem further to the right than they ought to be.16:25
aelkner_it's either hide the whole sheet or not16:25
aelkner_each row in the table is a deployment action, so each hide would be for the whole action16:26
aelkner_that's why we would only need a grand view as you said16:26
th1aI'm not really sure where you're going with this.16:26
th1aIf you16:26
aelkner_with on checkbox per deployment row16:26
th1aYes, you should have a checkbox.16:27
th1aIt can be one big hide sheet or several.16:27
th1aI don't really care as long as it is clear.16:27
menesiswill there be many rows for each time the same sheet is deployed?16:27
aelkner_each deployment action is a row16:27
th1aAnd they will have different titles.16:27
aelkner_that could be a deployment to the one term or the whole year16:28
th1afoo, foo-1, foo-216:28
aelkner_but we don't support deploying Foo to Fall, then deploying it to spring16:28
aelkner_the second action result in a new row with Foo-216:29
aelkner_in order to support hide/unhide, we need to link that action to the deployment action itself16:29
aelkner_not to a particular sheet, term pair16:30
aelkner_does that make sense to everyone?16:30
th1aPerhaps we also need to add the option to designate a title when you're deploying the sheet.16:30
aelkner_ooh, that's a good idea, so they are free to reuse the title if they want to16:31
th1aSay you have a "quarterly" report sheet (that's the title).16:31
th1aAnd for whatever reason you deploy it four times to individual terms.16:31
th1aYou want it to show up in the teacher's gradebook as "first" "second" "third" "fourth"16:32
th1aNot "quarterly-1" "quarterly-2"16:32
th1aThat is, you want to specify how it will appear.16:32
th1aWhich you can't do now, right?16:32
th1aRight now would they all show up as "quarterly" ?16:32
aelkner_ok, so support overriding title, but add -n if already used16:33
th1aOK, let's move on and aelkner_ and I can discuss this further if necessary.16:34
menesisI would expect it to be titled "quarterly" in each term16:34
aelkner_ok, for the hide/unhide view, accessed via pencil next to h316:34
th1aaelkner_:  Let's move on entirely because it is getting late.16:34
aelkner_menesis, there is no way to know that is what they want16:34
menesiswhile we are here: there are no links from this "Report Sheets" page to "Report Sheet Templates" and the individual templates listed here; no breadcrumbs, and the School is not highlighted.16:34
th1amenesis:  can you file a quick bug and assign it to aelkner_?16:35
menesismost importantly people want to delete report sheets deployed twice by mistake16:35
th1amenesis:  The absolute disaster scenario is a teacher with a gradebook that has identically titled report sheets.16:35
th1aThat's the end.16:35
aelkner_th1a, for the hide/unhide view, accessed via pencil next to h3?16:35
th1aThe sys admin has to commit ritual suicide.16:35
menesissame term, yes16:35
th1aaelkner_: no.16:36
th1aPut that in the sidebar.16:36
aelkner_yes, i like that, consistent with teacher Worksheets link in the gradebook16:36
aelkner_so should it look like the Worksheets view except no fdropdowns for reorder?16:37
aelkner_just two cols, title, checkbox?16:37
aelkner_submit on change16:37
th1aThank you aelkner_.16:37
aelkner_hidden sheets go to the bottom16:37
aelkner_ok, then i'll have to write an evolve script16:37
th1aaelkner_:  Let's finish this later.16:37
replaceafillok, quick question for yvl16:38
replaceafillwhat's the appropriate way to make a schema field required in some forms16:38
replaceafillfor example16:38
replaceafilli wanted to avoid a new interface16:38
replaceafilland i ended up using a lot of z3c.form stuff :D16:38
replaceafilllet me show you16:38
replaceafillthe StaticWidgetAttribute makes the widget "look" like required16:39
replaceafillwith the * and all16:39
replaceafillbut it doesnt work on validation16:39
replaceafillyou can leave the field empty16:40
replaceafilland validation doesnt react to that16:40
replaceafillso i added the the field validator :(16:40
yvlok, I don't know that off-hand16:40
yvllet me look at it16:40
replaceafillah ok, np16:40
yvl(and continue meeting for now :) )16:40
replaceafilli mean, this way works, but feels weird ;)16:40
replaceafillth1a, i changed a few fields in the cambodia forms to be required16:41
replaceafillafter Javier's reply16:41
replaceafillto be consistent on reports16:41
replaceafillalso, i was testing catalogs yesterdays16:41
replaceafillyvl, version catalogs are simply beautiful :D16:41
yvlok, found it16:42
yvlto make required, you'll need16:42
yvl                    (self.context, self.request, self.form, self.field, self),16:42
yvl                    interfaces.IValue16:42
yvlnamed "required"16:42
replaceafillisn't that what the staticwidgetattribute does?16:43
replaceafill<zope:adapter factory=".person.RequiredBirthDate" name="required" />16:43
replaceafillagain, it will let you pass on validation16:43
yvlbut it should be enough16:43
replaceafilli thought so too16:43
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replaceafilland i tested it in a simple form, and it didnt work16:44
replaceafillmaybe i set up something wrong... but i dont think so16:44
replaceafillmenesis, a quick question for you16:44
replaceafillis it possible to run the old lp:schooltool.gradebook branch16:45
aelkner_ok, i'm back16:45
replaceafilli tried and got some errors:16:45
replaceafill1. related to the file_type in the report links16:45
replaceafilli tried to fix it by using schooltool<1.9.0 in setup.py16:45
replaceafillthen i got a similar error for the journal16:45
replaceafillused  <1.9.0 for the journal too in setup.py16:46
replaceafillbut i still get a conflict16:46
aelkner_zzz :)16:46
replaceafill  Installing scripts.16:47
replaceafillError: There is a version conflict.16:47
replaceafillWe already have: schooltool 1.9.2dev-r317116:47
replaceafillbut schooltool.gradebook 0.9.3dev requires 'schooltool<1.9.0'.16:47
replaceafillmake: *** [.installed.cfg] Error 116:47
replaceafillsorry, was getting the error16:47
menesischange buildout.cfg to develop = ../schooltool ../journal16:48
menesisor add [versions] schooltool = 1.7.0 journal = 0.8.016:48
replaceafillah, you mean using checkouts instead of eggs?16:48
replaceafillnot in, but in buildout!16:48
menesisbecause there are no versions set in versions.cfg16:48
menesisbuildout tries to use latest, then gets a conflict16:49
menesisstupid buildout16:49
replaceafillgreat! i'll try that then16:49
replaceafillth1a, i think that's it from me16:49
menesisit should be enough to add  "< 1.9" in setup.py16:49
replaceafillmenesis, i did, but didnt work16:50
menesisbut with shared eggs, does not work16:50
th1aSo... wrapping up Cambodia?16:50
th1a(for now)16:50
replaceafillth1a, yes, wrapping up the reports16:50
replaceafillbtw, i checked Chandara's instance and the khmer fonts work now16:50
replaceafillwith khmer person names, etc16:50
th1aYou have bugs then, right?16:50
replaceafillyes, ah, quick question for you16:51
replaceafillare we going to include the mass delete for nov 22?16:51
th1aI'm not sure.16:51
th1aI'd be ok with not.16:51
replaceafillah ok16:51
th1aOTOH, the alternate form already exists.16:52
th1aI don't want to say yes if there are hidden traps.16:52
replaceafillth1a, are we still aiming for a spanish version of the new book?16:52
replaceafillfor nov 22?16:52
th1aNot at launch, no.16:52
replaceafilli think that can wait, right?16:52
replaceafillthat's it from me then16:53
th1aThanks, replaceafill.16:53
yvlI took the Friday off16:53
yvlso with bank holidays it turned out as a nice little vacation16:53
yvloh, and on Thu I was bugfixing, but can't recall what exactly now16:54
yvlbasically that's it16:54
th1aOK, back to bugs for yvl then?16:54
yvland tests then16:54
th1aI added some new ones for you I think.16:55
th1aThanks yvl.16:55
menesisit was four days off, too16:55
menesisonly read mail16:55
menesiswhat I remember16:56
menesismade 1.9.2 releases of intervention and journal16:56
* th1a is not expecting detailed reports from Lithuania today...16:56
menesisI had to wait for some bug to be fixed in schooltool, but don't remember16:57
menesissome infinite loop in calendar fix, yvl?16:57
yvlright, that one16:57
menesisis that done?16:58
yvland a bit more timezone fixing along the way16:58
yvlit should be pushed16:58
replaceafillmenesis, great the versions change worked!16:59
menesisso I am making releases of gradebook and schooltool tonight17:00
menesiswith whatever fixes are there already17:01
menesisand re-target the others to 1.9.3 (will be the release candidate I guess)17:02
th1aAll right, are we done?17:03
menesisalso tried to look why someone had an evolution failure17:03
menesisbut didn't understand what happens with the utility unregistration17:04
menesisfiled a bug17:04
yvlplease subscribe or assign me to that one17:04
menesisth1a: done17:05
replaceafillth1a, you change time next sunday, correct?17:05
replaceafillso we're meeting one hour later17:06
th1aIs everyone changing?17:06
replaceafillnot me17:06
replaceafilli think lithuania changed last week?17:06
th1aYou never change replaceafill?17:06
th1aOK, so yes, from your perspective we're changing.17:07
th1aAnd Lithuania is getting back to normal.17:07
th1aAnd Alan and I will be at the regular time.17:07
th1aThanks for reminding me replaceafill.17:07
th1aHave a great week and weekend, guys.17:08
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:08
yvlthanks guys17:08
replaceafillthanks everybody17:08
yvlreplaceafill, I think setting required for widget does not update required for the field17:08
yvland it makes it pretty useless I guess17:08
aelkner_th1a, can you call me?17:09
replaceafillyvl, at least you get the * next to the field ;)17:09
yvlhmm, we'll probably need a more decent validator17:10
th1aaelkner_, yes.17:10
yvlor, well, you can always make a new interface :)17:11
replaceafillnew interface + form adapter, right?17:11
replaceafillfor edit forms, for example17:11
yvlI think you shouldn't need an adapter17:12
replaceafillhhmm, i thought i did, but i didnt try17:12
yvlbut it's been a while with z3c.form for me ;)17:12
replaceafillok, i'll try it17:13
yvlgood luck! ;)17:13
replaceafillthanks yvl17:13
yvlwell, see you guys around17:13
yvlgood week to you all17:13
*** yvl has quit IRC17:17
th1aHide/unhide Sheets17:21
*** yvl has joined #schooltool17:30
th1aLooks pretty good to me.18:39
replaceafillare we going to use the same top bar as in the app?18:40
replaceafilli mean, the style18:40
th1aI think so.18:40
replaceafillk, i'll start with this next18:42
replaceafillth1a, this is the latest version of the book, correct?
th1aOK.  The Sphinx, um, documentation makes finding this a little tricky.18:44
th1areplaceafill, I'd think.18:44
th1aFinding the part on theming is a little tricky, that is.18:44
th1areplaceafill:  Do you know how to do rounded corners?18:47
th1aGood.  ;-)18:47
replaceafillwe use them in flourish18:47
replaceafillor not?18:47
replaceafillah yes18:47
replaceafilllook the top bar18:47
th1aAh yes.18:47
th1aJust checking...18:48
replaceafillst-book Makefile doesn't work with python2.718:53
replaceafillcan we file bugs for the book? :)18:53
replaceafill:| wow, how does the sphinx search work?!?!? javascript?18:57
replaceafillah, searchindex.js :)18:58
replaceafillth1a, great! it's possible...:
replaceafilli was wondering how to do that :)19:07
th1areplaceafill:  That IS new.19:36
replaceafillan issue will be screenshots though :(19:36
replaceafillalthough i'll worry about that when we get there :)19:37
th1areplaceafill:  Just forwarded a translation question that you might know the answer to.19:48
th1aI don't know what to do with the ${ }19:49
replaceafillyou don't touch it19:49
replaceafillit's dynamic19:49
replaceafillor static...? :)19:50
th1aWell, that seems like an odd case.19:50
th1aWhy would it be dynamic?19:50
replaceafillnot really, it's a link19:50
replaceafillwe've used several in flourish19:50
th1aah.  ok.19:50
replaceafillit's a link which contains it's own translation19:50
replaceafillwill reply19:51
*** menesis has quit IRC20:13
replaceafillth1a, should we set a maximum width for the book?21:21
th1aWell... what we need is a screenshot solution.21:21
th1aThat might even benefit from some javascript love.21:22
replaceafillscreenshot solution?21:22
th1aThat is, scaling them appropriately to fit in our fixed width.21:23
th1aIn general terms we should still use a lot of the UWG.21:23
th1aPerhaps a little more than Vinny did.21:23
replaceafillso, UWG applied to the book too?21:25
th1aThat was the original intent I guess.21:25
th1aVinny's isn't far off.21:26
th1aHm... is there a style for screenshots in the guidelines...21:36
th1areplaceafill: p. 28-29.21:36
replaceafillso, the task is to flourish the book :)21:37
replaceafillwith colors suggested by vinny21:37
th1aMore or less.21:38
th1aI'm ok with the sidebar on the right.21:38
th1aStep 1.21:41
replaceafilldo we want the "Show Source" option?21:42
th1aCan we move that to the footer?21:43
replaceafillah! sure21:43
* replaceafill needs to set up this on the vps, so th1a can see it...21:44

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