IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2011-10-31

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th1ahi aelkner, replaceafill.15:31
replaceafillgood morning15:31
th1aIt is a holiday in Lithuania.15:32
th1aA government holiday.15:32
th1a(tomorrow too)15:32
th1aSo basically aelkner and I get to discuss David's needs.15:32
th1aWe can start with replaceafill.15:32
replaceafilli worked on Cambodia's report15:33
replaceafillfixed the font issue that preventing us from displaying khmer15:33
replaceafilland updated the census reports for primary and secondary schools15:33
replaceafillgot a couple of questions, which i already asked Chandara about15:34
replaceafillalso, worked a little on the journal15:34
replaceafillfixed a security issue reported last week by a user15:35
replaceafilladded support for selenium tests to the journal's buildout15:35
replaceafilland tests for the bug15:35
replaceafillth1a, Vinny answered about our warning color question15:36
replaceafillhe said he likes the way it is now (with teal for the text) :)15:36
th1aThe light teal?15:36
th1aDo you like it that way?15:37
replaceafillyes, i agree with him that the red "X" next to the warning message is enough15:37
replaceafill"I think that the teal in the file Doug posted works better than the red that I recommended. The red X next to it does a good enough job of showing that it is an error"15:37
th1aI think it should be a darker teal, personally.15:38
replaceafillok, basically that's it from me, i'd like to keep working on Cambodia if that's ok15:39
replaceafillimproving the reports15:39
th1aFor how long?15:39
replaceafilluntil Wednesday?15:39
replaceafilli mean, couple of days15:39
replaceafillah, i need to work on the tests for the student view of the journal too15:40
replaceafilli'll start with that today15:40
replaceafillthat's it from me15:40
th1aThanks replaceafill.15:41
th1aaelkner, how's the report sheet thing coming?15:42
th1aEagles had a good night for a change.15:42
aelknerhow about them Steelers?15:42
aelknerare we looking at an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl?15:42
aelkneri saw both games15:43
aelknerbeating the Patriots must have been satisfying15:43
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th1aaelkner jumps straight to the all-PA Super Bowl.15:43
th1aThe real question is whether or not we'll be able to watch it in Poland.15:44
th1aI'd better check that out with dwelsh.15:44
aelknerhow about we just schedule the sprint for AFTER the super bowl for Pete's sake15:44
aelkneranyway, i took another day of last week because I needed to get a flu shot and run various other errands15:45
aelknerhowever, i did work on making the report card changes we discussed, but i ran into some issues while coding15:46
aelkneri believe there are too many issues with what we are trying to provide to handle them all15:46
aelkneri figured this out while doing a manual paper-trace of the process15:46
aelkneri believe the solution is, as it usually is when things get too complicated15:47
aelkneris to reduce the flexibility just a little bit to allow certain assumptions15:48
th1aI was sure you were going to say "start over from scratch."15:48
aelknerand then the whole process can become predictable15:48
aelkneroh no, it's just that we can't have our cake and eat it, too15:48
th1aGo on...15:49
aelknerok, so here's the thing15:49
aelkneri think that each deployment, be it term-specific or whole-year, must be a single row in the table15:50
aelknerand that it must be only that row that can be hidden or unhidden15:50
th1aCan we just get rid of the concept of whole-year?15:50
aelknerwell, here's the thing15:50
aelknerif they create, say a fall template and a spring template15:51
th1aConfuses the report card?15:51
aelknerno, just the deployment views15:52
aelknerthis may be easier on the phone, if you don't mind15:52
th1aLet's move on to David's issues.15:53
aelknergo ahead15:53
th1aI think the "Photographs" email is the most useful.15:53
th1aDo you have that one?15:53
aelknerone sec15:53
* th1a goes to pee...15:54
aelknerok, ready when you are15:57
th1aaelkner:  Can you check to see the reload time on deleting a person from a group on the demo server?15:57
aelknerwhich server, the normal one or the niepa one?15:57
th1athe one David is using.15:57
aelknerhe's using it, oh15:57
th1a(delete someone and add them back)15:57
th1areplaceafill: 1) It is very difficult editing items especially removing students from the list in the groups, as it is very difficult, except if there is something i'm not getting right.15:58
aelkneri just removed, added back a student, it was easy15:59
th1aJust checking.15:59
th1aOK, one related issue I noticed, we really should be sorting the groups in the filter widget.16:00
replaceafillth1a, is that from David Ally?16:00
th1areplaceafill:  Yes.16:00
aelknerreplaceafill, i noticed that the members are not batched16:01
aelkneror filterable16:01
replaceafilli think it's related to our checkboxes vs buttons discussion16:01
th1aI'll send him a response, I just want to bounce this off you.16:01
th1areplaceafill:  Did you discuss that with him?16:01
replaceafillno, we did16:01
aelkneronly the available list is batched16:01
replaceafillwhen we changed to buttons16:01
th1aI don't recall, replaceafill.16:02
replaceafillwell, it was when we started flourish basically16:02
replaceafillMatt also complained about it, it's too difficult to delete a loooot of people16:03
aelknerwe used to have check oxes16:04
th1aWell, we could add back a special view for mass deleting.16:04
aelkneryes, probably a good idea16:04
th1aIt doesn't make sense to me other than allowing you to invert selection.16:05
th1aOr maybe we should just add in a Delete All button.16:05
aelknerbut in david's other email he refered to inverting selection16:06
aelknerso that you select the students you want ot keep, invert, then delete those16:06
th1aI'd say we should add that as a separate view rather than complicate this one further.16:06
th1aOK, I'll think about that.16:07
th1aHe also wants groups to sync with sections, i.e.: I also noticed that when new names are added to the group, it doesn't appear in the gradebook.16:08
th1aThat's not a quick fix.16:08
replaceafillsimilar to Cambodia16:08
th1aAlso it is something we took out of sections that used to be there because it was a bit scary.16:08
th1aI was thinking though that it might be cleaner to implement it on the group side.16:09
th1aMore of a hook on groups than embedding groups in section enrollment.16:09
replaceafillin Cambodia, we use a subscriber to the relationship16:09
th1aSo, essentially "Associate a Section with this Group."16:10
th1aI think it should be a push thing rather than a pull thing though.16:10
th1apush to section not pull from group.16:10
aelkneri agree, keep it simple16:10
th1aIs that how Cambodia works, replaceafill?16:11
replaceafillyes, there's a subscriber that catches the addrelationshipevent16:12
replaceafillwhen you assign someone to a group, the subscriber gets called16:12
replaceafilland enrolls the student in the appropriate sections16:12
replaceafillthere's another subscriber for the removerelationshipevent16:12
replaceafillwhen you take someone out of the group16:13
replaceafillhe's removed from the related sections16:13
aelknerthat's all hard-coded to a table in code, not something the user configures, correct?16:13
replaceafillit's not hard-coded, it's all relationships16:13
th1aBasically, I don't want this to be automatic.16:13
th1aI'm thinking more like:16:13
th1aIF there is a section relationship on a group, when you add someone to that group (or delete), you get a popup asking if you want to remove them from the associated sections.16:14
th1a(or add)16:14
th1aadd/delete in both cases, ofc.16:14
replaceafillyou'll need UI for relating a group to one (or several) sections16:15
th1aOf course.16:16
th1aThis would be for the spring release.16:16
th1aI just don't want it to be a hard, automatic relationship.16:17
th1aOne thing I think we do need (and is easy) is an "Add All" button on the section edit form, so you can do a search and hit Add All to just add an entire group.16:18
th1aMake sense?16:18
th1aAlso, replaceafill, what can we do about this: I will also like the title change to Register, we use something like Class Register here in place of Journal.16:19
th1aCan that actually be handled like a translation?16:19
replaceafilli think so16:20
replaceafilli do it with "Gradebook"16:20
th1aCan you tell David how to do it (by email)?16:20
aelknerthat's a code issue, not a user one16:21
replaceafillyou mean, edit/compile the translation?16:21
aelknerso it's not fixable that way16:21
th1aIt doesn't have to be done through the web.16:23
th1aIf he really cares about it, he'll follow directions to fix it.16:23
aelknerhe can't change code16:23
aelknerthat waht it takes to change translations16:24
replaceafillis he still using the vps for his testing instance?16:24
aelknerhe's using my test instance for now16:24
replaceafillbut th1a is right about this one, it can be handled as a translation16:25
replaceafillyou translate "Journal" the way you want to see it in your language16:25
aelknerbut not in the UI16:25
replaceafillno, the UI stays the same16:25
aelknerso david isn't the one who can change it16:26
aelknerit has to be us16:26
th1aIt is a translation.16:26
replaceafilli don't know how to spell "Register" in David's language :)16:27
th1aYou don't have to re-write the application to make it work in Khmer.16:27
aelknerDavid want English, just different words16:27
aelknerRegister for Gradebook16:27
aelknerof course, what does he want for Journal?16:28
th1aI think he means Register for Journal.16:28
th1areplaceafill:  Can you send an email and cc: aelkner.  ;-)16:30
replaceafillth1a, but David doesn't have access to the vps16:30
aelkneryeah, and shouldn't we wait for the other guys to discuss this?16:31
th1aWell, then aelkner will have to help him until he gets off it.16:31
th1aaelkner:  This is not really a difficult problem.16:31
aelknerit would require me to elicit assistance from the pov guys16:31
aelknerand i'm not sure how we want to handle this now that we don't have separate skins16:32
th1aaelkner:  Chill.16:32
th1aWe have many translations.16:32
th1aThe whole premise here is "replaceafill send instructions."16:32
aelknerok, i understand, and i make the canges and install16:33
aelknergot it16:33
aelknerreplaceafill, does translation rely on skin?16:33
replaceafillyou have to set it up in the instance16:33
aelknerniepa uses intance_type=flourish16:34
aelkneroh, that config file16:34
replaceafillfor example if i want the instance to be displayed in Salvadorean spanish i use:16:34
replaceafilllang es-sv16:34
aelknerso we have to create a niepa lang that is english + small tweeks?16:35
replaceafillDavid is from nigeria, right?16:35
th1aHe works with them.16:35
aelkner\well, david is making decision for niepa16:35
aelknera project that happens to like in nigeria at the moment16:36
th1aIn Nigeria, yes.16:36
aelknerbut it's not a decision for all nigerian people that would use schooltool16:36
aelknerjust the people who use schooltool.niepa16:36
th1aIt is pretty likely to apply generally.16:37
th1a"Journal" isn't even really used in the US.16:37
th1aBut neither is "register."16:37
th1aSo I mean it probably will apply to Nigeria as a whole.16:38
th1aBut it doesn't really matter for the purposes of this conversation, right?16:39
* replaceafill is looking for nigeria's english code16:40
aelknerwe could just assume that all of nigeria goes with what david thinks and put those translation in eng-ng (or whatever the letters after the - would be)16:40
replaceafillaelkner, +116:40
aelknerif another nigerian has a problem (not likely in the short term)16:41
aelknerwe could create a second lang for them16:41
aelknerreplaceafill, does that make sense?16:41
replaceafillaelkner, it does to me16:42
th1aCan we force that to be the default on their server?16:43
aelknerthat's what replaceafill was talking about in the instance/schooltool.conf16:43
aelknerafter the schooltool eggs have a new lang set up16:43
aelknerthen all i have to do is change the lang=?16:44
aelknerreplaceafill, is that correct?16:44
replaceafillyes, hold on, i'm testing it16:44
replaceafillcheck the language selector16:47
replaceafillnext to the login button16:47
replaceafilland watch the "Home" tab16:47
replaceafilli couldn't find a better example :P16:47
replaceafillsee the change to "House"?16:47
th1aWorks for me.16:48
replaceafill"Start" should have been a better example ;)16:50
th1aCan you force my browser to see that lang by default?16:50
replaceafilljust remove the other languages16:50
th1aWe're good then.16:50
th1aMoving on?16:51
th1aEveryone ok?16:52
replaceafillaelkner, ?16:52
aelkneri have no objections16:52
aelknerbut how would i?16:52
th1aOne more quick question.16:52
th1amy mother is talking to me...16:54
th1aFor the Mass Delete thing.16:54
th1aDo you think we could implement that as tertiary navigation (tabs)16:55
th1a(as in the way we do years)16:55
th1aSo you'd have16:55
th1aAdd/Delete | Mass Delete16:55
th1aWith Add/Delete as the default.16:55
aelknerthat tertiary nav thing has worked out nicely for us16:56
aelknerlike when you want to add an activity to the gradebook16:56
aelknerand having the tabs for the less often used case16:56
th1aAh, right, we have used it similarly in a number of places.16:57
th1aOK, I'll recommend that then.16:57
th1aWell, just as I thought, a nice short meeting.16:57
th1aI'll call you in five aelkner.16:57
th1aLater, gentlemen.16:58
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:58
replaceafillaelkner, i'm writing the instructions for you16:58
replaceafilllet me know if that makes sense17:01
th1aI'll wait for you to respond to call aelkner.17:03
aelknerreplaceafill, i'm using eggs in niepa instance17:06
aelknerbut i guess i could change the buildout to use local checkouts of trunk17:07
aelknerare you saying you already added the translation domain to trunk?17:08
aelknerok, i don't what to do for the 'Make appropriate changes to src/lyceum/journal/locales/en_NI.po'17:09
replaceafillopen the file, look for "Journal"17:09
aelknerand for step 5, copy a pot file to a po file?17:09
aelknerlet me take this a step back17:12
aelknerright now schooltool.niepa buuldout uses eggs17:12
aelknerif i'm only changing translations in schooltool.lyceum.journal, i would only need to add that to buildout17:13
aelknerand make local checkout of trunk for that, right?17:13
replaceafilli wrote a general case :)17:13
replaceafillnot the niepa case17:13
aelknerso, following the steps i just mentioned17:14
aelknerbranching lyceum.journal, copying the pot file to the po file17:14
aelknerrunning make compile-translations from the lyceum.journal directory17:15
replaceafillremember edit the en_NI.po file before running "make compile-translations"17:15
aelknerto change Journal to Register, yes17:15
aelknerhow does that make schoooltool.niepa know about the new language?17:16
aelkneryes, the lang is changed there17:16
replaceafilllang en-ni17:16
aelknerbut how does schooltool know about the lang if it's only defined in lyceum journal17:16
replaceafillit will use default strings, which is english17:17
aelknerok, i can try this out at some point, thanks17:17
aelknerth1a, you can call me now17:19
* replaceafill goes to get breakfast17:27
replaceafillnigeria's country code is "ng" not "ni" ->
replaceafillaelkner NI|ni -> NG|ng in my instructions17:35
replaceafillhey! starting next week, meetings are one hour later for me!17:40
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aelknerreplaceafill, ayt?19:10
replaceafillaelkner, yes19:11
aelknercool, i cold use your help a sec19:11
aelknerso i followed your instructions, copying and changing the en_NG.po file19:11
replaceafillah ok19:12
aelkneri do the make compile-translations from the lyceum pacjage as you instructed19:12
aelknerit outputs three unix script lines with done as the last output19:12
aelknerhowever, nothing seems changed19:13
replaceafilldid you change instance/schooltool.conf?19:13
aelknerthe only change bzr sees is the unknown (not yet added) .po file19:13
aelkneryes, but that was later, unrelated19:13
replaceafillthat's correct19:13
aelknerthe command was run from the lyceum package, not aware of the others19:13
aelknerso why didn't the comand change aything19:14
replaceafillaelkner, this in the vps, right?19:14
aelkneri'm doing this locally first19:14
aelkneryou said you did this locally19:14
aelknerduring the meeting19:14
replaceafilli showed it to you and th1a in the vps ;)19:14
replaceafillbut anyway19:15
aelknerwell, here's the thing19:15
replaceafillbzr ignores the compiled files19:15
replaceafilland directories19:15
aelknerwell, that could explain it :)19:15
replaceafillcheck .bzignore19:15
aelknercompiled directories?19:15
aelknerah, got it19:15
replaceafillwhen you run make compile-translations19:15
replaceafilla directory is created for each .po file in /locales19:16
replaceafillso you should have a en_NI directory19:16
aelknerbtw, i saw that directory, it is empty19:16
replaceafillin /locales19:16
aelkneroops, sorry19:17
aelkneri has a .mo file in it19:17
replaceafillyou should have /locales/en_NG/LC_MESSAGES/*.mo file19:17
aelkneryeah, got it19:18
aelkneras for the conf file19:18
aelknerthe instructions (commented out) suggest a pattern19:18
aelknerlang en-gb19:18
aelknerah, ok, so en-ng would follow that19:19
replaceafilljust leave: "lang en-ng"19:20
replaceafillso that's  the default language19:20
replaceafillyou can use multiple languages, but that can be confusing for the users19:21
aelkneryes, i set lang en-gb and restarted instance19:22
aelknerJournal tab still says Journal, but I probably changed the wrong message19:23
replaceafillyou mean  "lang en-ng" right?19:23
aelkneryes, that one :)19:24
aelknerbtw, i change the empty msgstr to be Register, right?19:24
replaceafillline 4619:24
aelkneri just need to find all cases where msgid is Journal and change them19:24
replaceafillof the current trunk19:24
aelkneryes, i changed line 46 already19:25
replaceafillthe journal pot template has very few translation strings19:25
aelknertab still came out Journal19:25
replaceafillyou added the branch to buildout, right?19:25
replaceafillcheck bin/start-schooltool-instance to see if it's being picked19:25
aelkneryep, and i doble-check start-schooltool-instance19:25
aelkneri do that so that i don't go crazy?19:25
aelkneri meant :)19:25
aelknerbut, yes, i'm pointing to my branch of lyceum journal19:26
replaceafilllet me try19:26
aelkneri found another typo19:28
aelknerreplaceafill, it works!19:28
aelknersorry for the confusion19:28
replaceafillcool :)19:28
aelknerand thanks for the help19:28
aelknernow i know how to do translations19:29
aelkneri'm glad for that19:29
replaceafillyou should ask menesis to include the en_NG.po file in the trunks19:29
replaceafillso David can use it19:29
aelkneri can merge my branch to trunk as i've been doing since the flourish sprint19:30
replaceafilli dont recommend19:30
replaceafillmenesis is the right person to mess with the translations19:30
replaceafilli've learned that the wrong way :)19:30
aelknerok, i'll discuss it with him wednesday19:30
aelkneri won't push to trunk, good suggestion19:31
aelknerbut you do agree that merging bug-fixes to trunk gets them out of the way nicer19:31
replaceafillah yes19:31
aelkneri've noticed that menesis doesn't complain when i update trunk with bug fixes19:31
aelknerit helps that i change CHANGES.txt19:32
aelknerbut is saves a tedious step of creating new branches each time with merge requests19:32
aelknerand then having to check if they got merged19:32
replaceafillbut translations are uploaded to rosetta and all19:32
aelkneryeah, so i like that improvement to the development process since the sprint19:32
aelknerbut yes, i see translations as a special case19:33
aelknerso i won't bother mucking with that19:33
* aelkner goes to run an errand19:36
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