IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2011-10-24

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th1ahi aelkner, menesis, yvl.16:31
th1aI guess replaceafill is still having some issues (understandably).16:31
yvlhey guys16:32
th1aSo, yvl and menesis, have I asked if you've ever been to Lodz?16:34
yvlLodz, you say... :)16:34
th1aOr know anything about it?16:34
th1aIn January?16:34
yvlwell, I know it's in Poland :)16:34
menesisI haven't been there16:35
yvlso... news from Poland?16:35
th1aWell, Welsh is working on some kind of US/Poland exchange on career tech with people in Lodz.16:36
th1aAnd he'd like to get them on CanDo and is going back in January.16:37
th1aSo I thought instead of going back to Arlington to plan our CanDo assimilation, we could do it in Lodz.16:37
th1aI'd rather avoid another Career Center sprint.16:37
th1aWe'd have facilities at the local university.16:38
th1aI said I'd check to see if PoV had any "Nooo.... not LODZ!"  Reaction.16:39
th1aMeeting with Schwa went fine.16:40
yvlgood to hear!16:40
yvldid things get unstuck?16:40
th1aLooked at the homepage design with some color photos in the spaces at the bottom and that's sufficient to make it not look like a German army uniform.16:41
th1aVinny is working first on completing the palette for the app itself.16:42
th1aChecking the various grays, etc.16:42
th1aHe's got the colors css for reference.16:42
th1aClarified what we need for the book template.16:44
th1aSo that went fine.16:44
th1abtw, anyone feeling less good about the basic colors/logo after looking at them for a month?16:45
yvl"it grows on you" :)16:46
th1aWhen I see the old version I think "red?"16:46
th1aWhat were we thinking?16:47
menesislooks good16:47
aelkneryeah, i don't miss the red16:47
th1aOK, just checking.16:48
th1aOK, moving on...16:48
th1aHow difficult would it be to write a script to, say, go through a Data.fs and just discard any CanDo objects?16:48
th1aIf that would work at all.16:49
yvlyou're talking about Niepa?16:49
aelknersounds like it16:49
yvlbecause it also has modified schooltool persons IIRC16:49
yvlor maybe not16:50
aelknerno, just special views which it doesn't have anymore16:50
aelknerperson views, i meant16:50
yvlwell, probably not that difficult16:50
th1aIf anything it is probably just a couple random experimental objects anyhow.16:51
yvlbut I wouldn't be 100% sure it works afterwards16:51
aelknerthis speaks to the whole unplugability issue, right?16:51
th1aWe also have to have some Data.fs cleanup tools in our kit.16:51
aelknerpulgins tend to add stuff to Data.fs in the AppInit hook16:52
aelknerthen the user could have added more stuff16:52
yvlwell, we kind of did something similar manually before16:52
yvlold db export16:52
th1aAlso, this isn't so much the plug/unplug case as just the "user has customized objects in his db we want to get rid of" general case.16:55
th1aI mean, those are both cases.16:55
yvlbut objects aren't usually just stand-alone16:55
yvlthey're related in some way to our objects16:55
th1aIn the future we'll have just annoyingly fucked Data.fs's with stuff we'd like to purge.16:55
yvland strictly speaking, we don't know how16:55
aelknerwhat customized objects can the user possibly have that aren't related to plugins that are no longer plugged in?16:56
th1aLike if they just re-write some code.16:56
th1aAnd then want to update back to regular code.16:56
aelknersounds more like corrupt data than customized data16:57
yvlaelkner is not wrong, th1a16:57
yvlbut I can write something to just purge broken objects16:57
yvl.. and see what happens :)16:57
th1aOK, don't do anything yet.16:58
aelknerit would have to run on startup because that's when it crashes16:58
yvlthe script would be run manually16:58
aelknerthe server doesn't even start to allow the user to select some 'fix data.fs' link16:58
th1aaelkner:  I'm thinking more of a one-time script you'd just run directly against the Data.fs.16:59
aelknerah, outside the running server16:59
aelknermuch better16:59
aelknerso we would have a separate python script that runs16:59
aelknerand we could, in theory, add custom hooks to it?16:59
th1aIt would just be a custom script.17:00
th1aFor whatever the problem happened to be.17:00
th1aIt is a one-shot weapon.17:00
aelkneri meant, if it's something that could happen ore than once, project-wise17:00
aelknerwe would have a standard fix script that we could add particular code to when needed17:01
yvlit would be slow though17:01
yvlbut hey17:01
yvlone shot17:01
aelknerspeed doesn't matter17:02
th1aThe first step in the script should be packing the database.  ;-)17:02
aelknernot when fixing data17:02
aelknerdata patches can take as long as they want17:02
aelknerespecially when they happen outside of the server running17:02
aelkneri would love it if we had a base fix script that we could add custom hooks to any time we needed to patch something17:03
aelknerin the past, many times, i've had to actually patch a view to call patch code17:04
th1aI think the "hook" would just be a method you copy/paste your code into.17:04
aelknerthat's pretty much what i meant in this case17:04
aelknerit doesn't have to be rocket science, or zope science (same thing) :)17:05
th1aWell... the problem is that it is ZODB science.17:05
th1aIf it was SQL science you'd just delete the table.17:05
th1a(or just ignore the table)17:06
aelkneryes, sql is friendlier when it comes to patches, it's meant for it17:06
th1aOK, so, let's just segue into aelkner's report.17:07
aelknerthe reason th1a is bringing up this subject is because i finally got schooltool.niepa to work with flourish17:07
aelknerit doesn't have its own skin anymore, just includes flourish skin instance config which sets the skin to flourish17:08
aelkneri installed it on a demo instance and informed david ally, then th1a and he discussed things when i wasn't there17:09
th1aWell, he just immediately got confused is all.17:09
aelknersure, that's not surprising with such a new UI17:10
aelkneri see he didn't respond about meeting17:10
th1aWe'll see how it goes.17:10
aelknerif he ever pops up and i'm not responding to chat, please call me17:10
th1aI wasn't around at the time either.17:10
aelkneroh, i thought you met17:10
th1aNot when he actually was using it.17:10
th1aIf it is easier for us to write a script for his old data then walk him though this, we'll write the script.17:11
aelkneri kept a copy of the old data that i had in my sandbox17:12
aelknerso if we do come up with a script plan, i can test using that17:12
aelkneranyway, i also fixed a bug:17:12
aelknerit's nice that the gradebook and journal look exactly the same now, navigation between sections and all17:13
aelknernow it you switch between the gradebook and journal using the tabs, the section stays the same17:13
th1abtw, it isn't entirely clear to me that we couldn't leave the CanDo objects in our data model even though we weren't actually turning the views on.17:13
th1aAs another way to keep the app from barfing up errors when it happened upon a CanDo object.17:13
aelknerit barfs on server startup, not in any views17:14
aelknerjust having the object in the db with no code to support it is enough to prevent the server from starting17:14
th1aI'm not sure about the terminology... what if you installed the package but didn't enable the skin?17:15
th1aIf the objects are in the data model but there is no interface, that would be fine.17:15
aelknerif only it wouldn't crash on startup, you mean17:15
th1aThat's the only thing we're worried about.17:15
aelknerthat's the only problem i know of17:16
th1aSo would that solve it?17:16
yvlsay, we have an app object17:16
yvlit's a container17:16
yvlwe put sub-containers there, like persons17:16
yvlif we directly put MagicCanDoObjectContainer there17:17
yvlthe app container itself is "broken"17:17
aelknerthat's right17:17
aelknerany view that visits the app object (practically every one) would crash17:17
th1aBut if CanDo is installed but there are no links to it in the interface... ?17:17
aelknerwe really need to excise it before starting the server17:17
yvlI can't tell off hand17:18
yvlbut if they put objects somewhere17:18
th1aOr is it all tied up in the "skin" aspect of it?17:18
yvleverything that holds direct references is broken17:18
aelknerthe skin is not held in the db, just the data17:18
aelknerthe skin is just for the views17:18
th1aI know.17:18
th1aThe reason we can't use CanDo is that it isn't integrated into the interface.17:19
yvlI don't remember where precisely competencies are stored17:19
th1aThat's the problem there.17:19
th1aIt isn't that they don't want CanDo.17:19
th1aIf it is invisible to them, we're in the same place as if it wasn't installed at all.17:19
th1aEither would be fine.17:20
yvlumm, I'm a bit confused of what you're trying to say, th1a17:20
th1aIf we installed CanDo with a SchoolTool running flourish.17:21
th1aAnd we didn't enable the CanDo skin,17:21
th1awould the application load the objects without barfing?17:21
th1aThat would be a satisfactory outcome.17:22
yvlaelkner, can you try this one out?17:22
aelknercan i just add cando to buildout.cfg to try it out?17:22
yvljust add a dependency on CanDo egg, but not actually include or enable it17:22
aelknertrying now...17:22
yvlkind of a "doh" moment :)17:23
aelknerError: Couldn't find a distribution for 'cando'.17:23
th1aIt was actually the first thing I thought but I dread any conversation which includes skins.17:23
yvljust check out some version of cando aelkner, and add it to develop17:24
aelknerwhat, no egg?17:24
* yvl shrugs17:26
yvljust bzr branch lp:cando17:26
th1aOK, meanwhile...17:27
aelkneri did that, and it started successfully, now trying with old Data.fs17:27
th1ayvl:  Why don't you go ahead.17:29
aelknerrunning flourish evolve script, i think....17:29
th1aWe can multitask.17:29
yvlI'm working on speeding up main gradebook and journal views17:29 (2, u'schooltool.lyceum.journal', 217:30
aelknerAttributeError: '' object has no attribute 'date'17:30
yvlold bug, fixed in trunk, aelkner17:31
aelknerso again, not in the egg17:31
yvlshould be17:31
yvlbut I haven't checked17:31
aelknerremember how you told me i didn't need to use develop, just let it get the eggs17:31
yvlI remember17:32
aelkneri guess that strategy won't work17:32
aelknerso i need to branch all the flourish trunks and add them to develop, rght?17:32
aelknerthis means, of course, complicated instructions for david ally to install himself17:33
aelknerkeep that in mind17:33
yvlor ask menesis to check if latest committed things are in eggs17:33
menesisflourish/dev eggs are quite recent17:33
th1aIs there something aelkner should be doing to update his?17:33
menesisI made them after evolution fixes17:34
menesisbin/buildout -n17:34
menesiswill get newest eggs17:34
aelknertrying that...17:35
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yvlback to report17:35
yvlso it's quite clear where the major slowdowns are17:35
yvlI will be fixing over-zealous security checks first17:36
yvland then again, there's a question how much time I have17:36
th1aWhat's making them overly zealous?17:36
yvlwhen gradebook looks at activity scores or something17:36
yvlit checks n_activities*n_students*2 times17:37
yvlif it can look at student17:37
yvlwhich triggers ~700 checks of if a person instructs that student in any of his sections17:37
yvlthere are few offending places like this17:38
yvlso for 25 activities and 27 students17:38
yvlI get something like 2800 security checks17:38
th1aSo you should only need to do it per-student, not per activity?17:38
aelknermay i interrupt with an update17:38
yvlyes, aelkner17:38
yvlright, th1a17:38
aelknerafter getting the latest eggs, the server starts!17:38
aelkneri can't login, though, because it don't remember the manager password17:39
aelknerhow do i reset that?17:39
yvlwell, it's a bit more complicated than that, but basically yes, check once per student17:39
th1aaelkner:  Let's get through the rest of the reports now.17:39
th1ayvl:  So a week on this?17:39
yvland the rest of the slowdown is for template rendering17:40
th1aWhat's the point of diminishing returns?17:40
yvleasiest part is removing securities in *reasonable* places17:40
yvlso it something like several days or less17:41
yvlthen there's template rendering17:41
yvlwe could remake gradebook and journal to generate the gradebook part of html dynamically17:41
yvldon't know how long it will take though17:42
yvlspeedups are....17:42
yvlsay, we have 12 secs to generate a page17:42
yvllet me check...17:42
yvlsome 5 secs are spent in security17:43
yvlwe can speed that up to some 1 sec probably17:43
yvlthen we can claim some 4 more secs from template rendering17:43
yvlfixing security - 1-3 days17:44
yvldynamic templates 1-x days17:44
yvlI could hack faster, but I don't want to be careless this close to release17:45
th1aWell, give it a week and we'll see how it is coming.17:45
th1aIt is a high priority.17:45
yvland good timing17:45
yvlnew UI + faster UI is a good match17:45
th1aOr at least usable UI... ;-)17:46
th1aUsably fast.17:46
th1aThanks yvl.17:46
menesisI worked little today and friday17:47
menesisbut mostly on zope packages17:47
menesisfirst in debian17:47
menesisthen ubuntu17:47
menesisbut still some left17:48
menesisnow my packages fail to build in precise17:48
menesissolving that now17:49
menesisother than packages17:49
menesisI plan to do another round of flourish releases17:50
menesison Thursday17:50
menesiswill check with you all on Wed if all bugfixes you wanted are in17:50
menesisthat's it17:51
aelknermay i interject now?17:52
th1aGo ahead aelkner.17:52
aelknerok, great news, i found the manager password in an old email from david17:52
aelkneri visited a number of manage views, no crash17:52
aelknerth1a, kudos for thinking of adding cando package back since we don't use its skin17:53
aelknermenesis, can we get a cando egg made?17:53
* yvl applauds th1a 17:53
yvlno idea how *that* didn't cross my mind17:53
menesisto reset manager password...17:53
menesisbin/python -m -- --config instance/schooltool.conf --manage --restore-manager -17:54
menesisI will have to work on schooltool start script soon17:55
menesisto make restore password and pack db available17:55
aelknerbash: bin/python: No such file or directory17:56
menesisand cleanup story to make a nice script17:57
* th1a rolls his eyes.17:57
menesisaelkner: add "interpreter = python" to buildout.cfg [scripts]17:57
aelknershould i do that in base.cfg or create a [scripts] section in buildout.cfg?17:58
menesisother schooltool projects have it17:59
menesisaelkner: what cando egg do you want?18:00
aelknerone that matches lp:cando which is what i had to check out manually to get it to run18:00
menesisthere is a 2011.09 egg, in lp:cando only one more commit18:01
menesisbut, in
menesisif this is niepa, you have to add this location to [buildout] find-links18:02
menesisso that buildout knows where to download cando from18:02
aelknerlet me try that and get rid of cando from the develop section18:02
th1aOK, I'm going to...18:05
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.18:05
yvlthanks guys18:05
yvlsee you Wed18:05
aelknermenesis, excellent, cando egg found18:05
aelknercya guys18:05
aelknerth1a, again, great idea to put cando back, works like a charm18:06
th1aKeep that one in the toolkit.18:07
aelknerdavid just emailed us18:08
aelknerth1a, are you of the mind to move on from the demo server and get him to try bzr pull?18:09
aelknerremember, we lose the ability to see his issues easly when we depart from the demo server18:09
th1aAlso, the latest from your favorite bird-painter:
th1aaelkner:  I am in no big rush to do that.18:11
aelknerth1a, cool, i could copy my data.fs to the demo server at least18:12
th1aI guess you'll have to.18:12
aelknerso she's the girl from the seattle show that had 'put a bird on it', right?18:13
aelknercool, a four-girl band18:14
th1aYes... her former band, Sleater-Kinney, was quite popular.  This is her new band -- Wild Flag.18:14
th1aAlso they are on the same label as my former band was (Merge).18:15
aelknerok, so who made the square pie chart? :)18:15
th1aI'm looking at you, aelkner.18:15
aelknerth1a, how do we want to proceed?  did you read david's email?18:18
th1aI can meet tonight.18:18
aelkner'Also can we meet by 9.00pm Lagos time tonight for further discussions'18:18
aelknerwhat time is that for us?18:19
aelknernot tonight, right?18:19
th1aHe is in Africa.18:19
aelkneryes, so 9:00pm Lagos time is, what, 4:00 pm for us?18:19
*** yvl has quit IRC18:20
aelknerok, so i'll be available to meet then, can you email him that we will be there?18:21
aelknerth1a, still there?18:30
aelknerok, i copied the data.fs to the demo server and updated the code, ran bin/buildout -n, etc.18:31
aelknerif you're interested in looking at it, i'll email you the manager password18:31
aelknerok, even if you're not interested, i emailed the password to you :)18:33
aelknerth1a, do you want to look at this reall quick, or wait until 4:00?18:34
th1aI'll look at it now.18:35
th1aAnything in particualr for me to look at?18:37
aelkneronly if something jumps out at you18:37
aelknerif not, i'd like to take a nap to finish the incomplete sleep i got last night18:38
th1aNight night.18:39
aelknercya at 4:0018:39
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KribabaHi guys, anyone there?19:03
th1ahi Kribaba.19:03
th1aWhat's up?19:03
Kribabahiya... I'm testing out schooltool for my school and there was a feature I was looking for which I don't know whether exists or not... Is it possible to log every class and the activity done in a class?19:04
th1aLog in what sense?19:04
KribabaI've created a recurring event (a test class) - I'd like to be able to log what was done in a particular class. i.e we read page 32 and did assignment B19:05
th1aDid you look at the gradebook?19:06
Kribabaaah cool.. I thought that was only for grading students.. will check it out.. thnx...19:08
th1aI suspect you'll be a little disappointed that the gradebook doesn't actually create calendar events yet.19:09
th1aWe need to get to that soon.19:09
Kribabayeah... or the other way around - clicking a class on your calender takes you to a gradebook entry..19:13
Kribabahumm.. well.. anyway. I think I'm beginning to understand the system...19:20
th1aGetting the parts better integrated is definitely a goal for the next six months.19:22
th1aWhat OS are you using?19:23
th1aKribaba:  Which version of SchoolTool do you have?19:25
th1aWe're beta testing SchoolTool 2.0 so you should be looking at that.19:25
th1aOn what system?19:25
th1aIs this a Critical Links system?19:26
KribabaUbuntu 10.04.3 LTS19:26
th1aSo... what's your timeframe for potentially adopting SchoolTool?19:27
KribabaERhm.. I installed the old schooltool because there wasn't a intall package for my server version.. But I have to run this version to use webmin ..19:28
Kribabawithin 6 months ..19:28
th1aYou could run a current version from source.19:28
th1aIs there any likelihood of updating to the next LTS (next april)?19:29
Kribabano... I don't think so.. that would be tricky...19:31
th1aIs this for a school or just personal use?19:31
th1aI don't suppose you have experience setting up virtual machines...19:32
KribabaThis is for a school that is in the startup phase, right now everything is managed through spreadsheets.. I don't have much experience with VM's in ubuntu... only ever used vmware for windows server environment..19:34
th1aI assume you'd be using this same server in production?19:35
th1aI'm making this seem more impossible that it is, btw.19:35
KribabaIt's running virtualmin to manage the entire thing - but virtualmin doesn't allow you to install a server with a different OS19:36
th1aYou can run the up to date code from our source releases, the main thing you lose is just the startup scripts and some of those conveniences.19:36
Kribabahumm. .19:36
th1aSo those are hardly insurmountable problems.19:36
Kribabahow'd I go about that then?19:36
th1aOf course, I may be overoptimistic about this...19:37
th1aLet's see19:37
Kribabano problem - it's a good attitude to have ;)19:38
th1aJust a sec...19:38
th1afirst 'sudo apt-get install bzr'19:38
th1aOoh... wait.19:39
th1aYou know, I'm probably going to tell you the wrong thing.19:39
th1amenesis:  Are you here?19:39
Kribababtw. it's a cloud server and I only have command line access... ;)19:39
th1aYes, that's not a problem.19:40
Kribaba(in the installation guide it says you should install a desktop environment xP)19:40
th1aJust a sec.  I'm the project manager not a developer so I'm trying not to screw up.19:42
th1aOK, go ahead and try to install bzr as above.19:43
KribabaHehe no problem - I try to not do that occasionally as well - I appreciate you giving it a shot btw. ;)19:43
Kribabaok done : )19:45
th1abzr branch lp:schooltool.release/flourish ; cd flourish ; make develop19:46
th1aTry that.19:46
KribabaIt's giving a warning about launchpad ID but seems to be downloading the data fine..19:48
th1aProbably this doesn't work with such an old version.19:50
th1aI'll ask the guy who does the packaging what might work.19:50
th1aone more thing..19:51
th1aif you're in the flourish directory try19:51
th1a'make ubuntu-environment'19:51
th1aActually this might be a recent bug...19:51
Kribabawill install almost 80MB - might take some time..19:51
th1aAh, I think you'll have to explicitly do this too:19:52
th1asudo apt-get install python-virtualenv19:52
th1aWe talked about that bug last week.19:52
Kribabaso python-vitualenv then try bzr again?19:53
th1amake ubuntu-environment19:53
th1athen python-virtualenv19:53
th1athen 'make develop'19:53
Kribabagotcha... still doing the ubuntu-envin19:54
th1aThe bzr pull worked.  I gave you three commands in a row.19:54
th1aIt failed on 'make develop'19:54
Kribabapython already installed - trying bzr commands again19:56
Kribabalooks better - this will not conflict with the old version installed? (port etc?)19:57
th1aIt will try to use the same port.19:57
th1ayou can change the port in ./instance/paste.ini19:58
*** Kribaba_ has joined #schooltool20:01
Kribaba_mr.developer: Host key verification failed.20:01
th1aDid that stop the installation?20:01
*** Kribaba has quit IRC20:02
Kribaba_yes... seems so..20:02
Kribaba_ mr.developer: bzr branch for 'schooltool.gradebook' failed.20:02
th1aThat's... annoying.20:02
Kribaba_well put..20:03
th1aCan you paste the whole message?20:03
Kribaba_I think it has to do with the ID it complained about earlier..20:04
th1aOh... I think it might have just been from a dropped connection.20:05
th1aYou've been coming and going on IRC too.20:05
th1aSo just try it again... you're on 'make develop' right?20:05
th1aI think the real error is the Unexpected end of message.20:05
Kribaba_I'm at  /flourish#20:06
th1aRight, I mean, the step was 'make develop'20:06
th1aJust repeat that.20:06
Kribaba_failed again.. Will give you a more complete paste (this time looks different though)..20:08
Kribaba_Think this is the problem: Permission denied (publickey20:09
th1aAh, I see.20:09
th1aOK. Just a sec...20:09
Kribaba_uninstalled 2009 version btw (didn't have any data there anyway)20:11
Kribaba_uninstalled 2009 version btw (didn't have any data there anyway)20:12
th1aYou might need to do this:
Kribaba_will do20:12
th1aI don't know why... probably the way we have this set up for ourselves.20:13
*** jelkner has quit IRC20:17
* th1a is going to take a shower...20:18
Kribaba_erhm.. ok...20:23
Kribaba_root@ns1:~/flourish# make develop make: *** No rule to make target `develop'.  Stop.20:23
Kribaba_huum.. think I'm figuring this out... logged in with my launchpad ID at it seems to be installing..20:26
menesisoh my...20:29
menesisfirst, you don't need to use checkouts to do a quick test20:29
menesisschooltool branches are very big20:29
th1amenesis arrives to clean up my mess.20:29
th1aI knew I wasn't really doing it right...20:30
Kribaba_it's currently stuck for some reason..20:30
menesisth1a: no, you have said everything correctly20:30
th1aI don't think we've got the "just check out eggs" instructions anywhere.20:30
th1aIt is correct but overkill I think.20:30
menesisbut instead of 'make develop' you can simply 'make'20:30
menesisand it will download latest flourish eggs20:31
Kribaba_make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.20:31
menesisKribaba_: wrong directory20:31
Kribaba_so which directory should I be in?20:31
Kribaba_flourish/flourish ?20:32
menesiswhere the Makefile is in20:33
menesisflourish, yes20:33
Kribaba_that should be it then... trying that... let's see..20:33
Kribaba_seems to get stuck with a warning: no files found matching '*.ini' under directory 'scr'...20:35
Kribaba_ok.. it just ignored it and continued..20:35
* Kribaba_ goes for a cig and a crap - still installing.. .20:40
* Kribaba_ is back20:46
Kribaba_loads of errors and warnings - still installing though - but should I be worried?20:46
*** Kribaba_ has quit IRC20:58
*** KriBaBa has joined #schooltool21:01
KriBaBaerhm.. problem... just lost connection and putty dropped connection to the terminal.. I then tried to do the make again but now it says make: Nothing to be done for `all'. but it doesn't seem to have installed correctly..21:02
th1amake run21:03
*** KriBaBa has quit IRC21:07
*** KriBaBa has joined #schooltool21:09
KriBaBahumm... well21:09
th1aOh... probably you have to edit ./instance/paste.ini to allow remote access.21:11
KriBaBait's runnign but isn't available through web.. also... I can't exit the script,,,21:11
th1aChange paste.ini to say 'host ='21:13
KriBaBaand so pretty >D21:15
KriBaBaWell, it looks like it's working perfectly - thanks for all the help guys! Amazing support :D21:17
th1aWell, if you could use a current Ubuntu it would be a lot easier.  ;-)21:20
th1aIf you want to use this in production we should be able to get you set up with proper startup scripts, etc.21:21
KriBaBahehe.. yeah... life sucks that way...  how to start up the instance in such a way that I don't have to be on the CLI (right now if I quit it stops the script and therefor the instance)21:22
menesisKriBaBa: bin/start-schooltool-instance --daemon instance21:25
menesisubuntu packages have an init.d script21:26
menesisso they work like other services21:26
menesisbut when running from source is different21:26
KriBaBaok.. well... I'll jsut write a batch for this... thanks a lot!21:26
KriBaBaso happy!21:26
menesisI will try to make this latest version installable from PPA, so you don't have to do all this21:27
KriBaBathat'd be swell... anyway - this seems to be working for now..21:28
th1aThis will do for testing, menesis.21:28
KriBaBayar - this'll do fine... I gotta go - finished this just in time - I've got a class in 30 minutes - praised be the schooltool wiz'es.. (y)21:30
KriBaBal8 :D21:30
*** KriBaBa has quit IRC21:31
*** dadeng has joined #schooltool22:29
th1adadeng:  Your old data is on the demo server now.22:43
dadengoh, that's great22:43
dadengoh, no wonder i couldn't log in again22:46
dadenganyway, i'll send the password to u and aelkner22:46
th1aWe have it.22:48
dadengso give me some time to look at it and get back to u22:51
th1aOne thing that might not be obvious -- the little yellow pencil in a circle icon is the link to edit an object.22:52
dadengyeah, i got it22:53
th1akk  ;-)22:53
aelknerhey guys22:54
*** KriBaBa has joined #schooltool22:54
dadengwell done aelkner and th1a22:55
th1aI had to figure this one out.  ;-)22:55
th1aYou've still got CanDo installed, it is just not visible.22:55
aelkneryes, th1a gets the credit for solving your data problem22:55
KriBaBahi guys... I'm back.. for some reason schooltool has stopped responding.. I checked and the daemon is still running... any clues?22:56
aelknerdid you look at the log?22:56
aelknerit is probably a networking issue, but checking the log can rule out a schooltool problem22:56
th1aDo you still have the terminal connection?22:57
KriBaBachecking the log22:57
th1aOne thing you can do is install a text browser like w3m or lynx and use that to see if you can access the server locally.22:58
aelknerthat says the serer is running fine22:59
aelkneroh, wait22:59
aelknerthat is not the system log, is it?23:00
KriBaBacan't access form lynx..23:00
aelknerthat looks more like a sandbox: ~/flourish/flourish/instance/log# nano schooltool.log23:00
KriBaBahum.. where is the system log?23:01
KriBaBawait.. getting through with lynx now..23:01
th1aaelkner doesn't know the backstory now.23:01
th1aaelkner:  We set KriBaBa up with a sandbox this afternoon.23:01
aelkneryes, sorry, i'm just guessing to try and help23:01
KriBaBahehe.. oh .. yeah..23:01
th1aaelkner is assuming...23:01
aelknerso if it is a sandbox, then my point the log saying that it's running fine stands23:02
th1aSee if you can access it from the text browser locally.23:04
KriBaBalynx pops up asking if I wanna accept a cookie, then just awaits respond..23:04
th1aAnyhow, that would seem to indicate that the server is running.23:04
th1aAre you trying to access it from a different place?  Sometimes firewalls block non-standard ports.23:05
KriBaBanot really... and anyhow.. can't access through localhost....23:06
aelknersometimes you need to open up the port, but i don't know how that is done23:07
th1aIf lynx is getting the cookie -- and you might have to say 'y' to accept, then the server is running.23:07
aelknerchecking on our demo instance...23:07
KriBaBajust strange.. since it worked fine and then suddenly stopped..23:07
th1aYou could kill the process and make run again.23:07
KriBaBahum... that didn23:11
KriBaBadidn't help..23:12
KriBaBaIt stopped working when I put in some test classes... I don't know if that fucked up the calender and therefore I can't access - something like that?23:12
th1aI'm feeling pretty certain that you're just having trouble hitting port 7080 remotely.23:13
aelknerme, too23:13
th1aPerhaps for some reason our paste.ini changes aren't being read.23:13
aelknerdid you change the port?23:14
th1aRight?  We changed ./instance/paste.ini to say 'host ='23:14
aelknerthen it stopped working?23:14
th1aWe didn't change the port.23:14
KriBaBahost port 7080..23:14
aelknerbut you changed he host, then it stopped woring?23:14
KriBaBanope... changed the host, then it worked.. suddenly while working in it - it stopped...23:15
th1aDid you use 'make run' this time?23:15
th1aDid you test it after you started it in daemon mode?23:15
KriBaBanope... started it as a daemon ..23:15
KriBaBanew make run?23:15
aelknerkill the daemon first though23:15
aelkneror stop it, i sould say23:16
th1aI suspect it is not looking at the paste.ini file when you start it as a daemon for some reason.23:16
aelkneri see what you are trying there, and i agree it is worth checking as a trouble-shoooting task23:16
KriBaBathat made it work..23:17
KriBaBabut now it's not runnign as a daemon >.<23:17
aelknerwhat's the command to start the daemon?23:17
KriBaBa bin/start-schooltool-instance --daemon instance23:17
aelknercould you paste your paste.ini?23:18
KriBaBasure.... 2 sek23:18
th1aI imagine menesis knows the answer to this.23:18
th1aThe problem isn't the file itself, I don't think.23:18
aelkneryes, but installing schooltool.courseinfo has given me a little more confidence to try trouble-shooting23:18
aelknernot to say i know what i'm doing :)23:19
aelknerbut i can guess right more these days23:19
KriBaBaguessing is always better than nothing... well.. not always... anyway... some times..23:20
th1amake run just does 'bin/start-schooltool-instance instance'23:20
KriBaBathat is true23:21
aelknerpaste.ini is identical to mine23:21
aelkneri return to the host blocking the port guess i made at the outset23:21
th1aBut it works now with make run, right?23:21
KriBaBabut... I do : make run = works... I do daemon = doesn't work...23:22
aelkneri withdraw it again23:22
aelkneryes, that's the head-scratcher23:22
menesisbin/start-schooltool-instance instance --stop-daemon23:22
KriBaBathe funky this is that it worked for some time as a daemon - and then stopped - and now it isn't working as a daemon at all..23:23
th1amenesis arrives to save us all.23:23
menesisstops the daemon23:23
aelknermenesis,  bin/start-schooltool-instance --daemon instance, is the command line order important?23:24
aelknershould --daemon some AFTER instance?23:24
KriBaBastopped, then started daemon - didn't work... make run still works... I am very confused..23:25
aelknerKriBaBa, could you try bin/start-schooltool-instance instance--daemon ?23:25
menesisaelkner: not important23:25
aelknersorry, a space before --daemon23:25
aelknerok, never mind23:25
KriBaBatrying daemon --instance23:25
KriBaBathat's a no-go..23:26
menesisthat's backwards23:26
menesis--daemon (or --stop-daemon) is an option23:27
menesisinstance is the directory where config and database are23:27
aelknermenesis, if make run works, but --daemon doesn't, what could cause that?23:28
menesisno idea, sorry23:28
menesisI am not running any servers23:29
menesisbut the flourish demo server that replaceafill used23:30
menesiswas being started using --daemon23:30
menesisso it should work23:30
th1aYes... this is very random.23:31
th1aI am going to have to go make dinner.23:32
menesissorry it is late and I cannot think anymore23:32
th1amenesis is in Lithuania.23:32
th1aHe is supposed to be asleep.23:32
menesisand did not follow what logs say23:32
th1aKriBaBa what if you start it with:23:32
KriBaBaok.. well thanks for the try guys - I've gotta go too.. have work to do... I'll check back later and see if we can sort it out... perhaps a server restart is a good idea..23:33
th1a'bin/start-schooltool-instance instance'23:33
KriBaBaI'll try that.. .23:33
th1aI'm not going to literally tell you to restart your server...23:33
th1aLater KriBaBa.23:33
KriBaBal* - again.. .thanks for the help23:33
* KriBaBa in class23:33
th1aaelkner:  Stick around in case dadeng has questions.23:33
KriBaBaI'll keep IRC open :)23:34
menesisI will look what is needed to make flourish installable on lucid23:34
aelknerKriBaBa, if you try what th1a just suggested and it works23:34
aelknerwell, you could always do make run &23:34
aelknerthat runs make run in the backround23:34
aelknerallowing you to exit the terminal instance still having it running23:35
aelknerif that works, at least for now, you could have a running server for all to use23:35
menesisthen people don't need to mess with buildout and strange scripts just to try a new version23:35
menesisthe first question that KriBaBa asked23:35
menesiswas is it possible to log class activities23:36
menesisthat is to write what we plan to do or did in a particular class23:36
menesisbut the answer is no :(23:36
KriBaBaooh.. :(23:37
menesisthere is gradebook, there is journal, there is calendar. but gradebook is not connected to calendar, and journal is only to mark attendance.23:38
KriBaBahumm... would be a nice thing to implement in the journal...23:39
menesisth1a: please make this a feature request23:44
dadengaelkner, pls the search facility, can i use wildcards or other stuffs?23:44
aelknerno wildcards, sorry23:48
dadenghey, so just plain search?23:48
aelknerlet me look for the code, one sec, then i can give exact answer23:48
aelknerdadeng, ok, usually the search logic is to look for the serach string 'inside' the title attribute of the item in question23:59
aelknerfor person searches, we additionally look in the username23:59
aelknerso if the tile is Intro to Math23:59
aelknerntro would work23:59

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