IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2011-09-22

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th1ahi replaceafill, yvl, menesis, aelkner_.16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
th1aSo I've been trapped in the Oneiric beta swamp.16:31
th1aIt is a little alarming because you don't have an easy fallback to conventional GNOME and Unity isn't so awesome for multiple displays.16:32
th1aThe GNOME is GNOME shell or GNOME 3, both of which are pretty half baked.16:33
th1aAnd Xubuntu would require manual jiggering to get multiple displays working.16:33
th1aSo I upgraded my Pandaboard to Oneiric and reinstalled Natty on my desktop.16:34
th1aAnyone else try Oneiric on the desktop?16:34
th1aI'll take that as a no.16:36
th1aMoving on, do we have Oneiric packages yet, menesis?16:36
* replaceafill wonders where's everybody16:40
th1areplaceafill, why don't you tell us what you've been up to...16:40
th1aOnce you get out of the daily meeting routine...16:40
replaceafillwe need a small paragraph for the small sample data spreadsheet16:40
th1aLet's make the small one sample_data.xls and the big one large_sample_data.xls16:41
th1aEncourage the small one.16:41
replaceafillah ok16:41
replaceafilli tested yvl's selenium branch16:42
replaceafilli only had one issue with my tests returning spanish16:42
replaceafillbut setting LANG=C before running the tests fixes it16:43
replaceafilli tried the three drivers, html_unit, firefox and chrome16:43
replaceafillthey all work great16:43
th1a"We also provide a large data set -- 1000 students over multiple years -- for performance testing.  This import can take a very long time to be imported and may fail on systems with inadequate memory."16:44
th1a"We also provide a large data set -- 1000 students over multiple years -- for performance testing.  This set can take a very long time to be imported and may fail on systems with inadequate memory."16:44
replaceafillth1a thanks, i'll update the What is This? section16:44
th1ayvl: ayt?16:45
th1aHe did tell me he probably wouldn't be here.16:45
replaceafilli hope yvl's selenium stuff lands soon in trunk16:45
replaceafill... so we can start writing tests16:46
th1aYes... you should be able to start the middle of next week.16:47
replaceafillth1a any plans on the book? ;)16:47
th1ayvl is probably going to want to write a few himself to shake out the obvious bugs.16:47
th1aI am almost done with that step.16:47
th1aBreaking my computer is part of that process.16:47
th1aWhat's your queue look like now?16:49
replaceafilli need to fix the gradebook keyboard navigation16:49
replaceafillit breaks when you add linked activities16:50
replaceafilland i have to test it with report sheet activities too16:50
replaceafillcomment scores, etc16:50
replaceafillso i was thinking on working on that16:50
th1aI know you have a good list.16:51
th1aaelkner_?  You awake?16:51
aelkner_didn't want to interrupt to say i was here16:52
th1aOK, what's up?16:52
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aelkner_ok, so i fixed the importer to give an error if the contact id is a user id and any person data field is filled in16:54
aelkner_and then i made sure the exporter provided blank cells for those fields16:54
th1aWhat is the message?16:54
aelkner_i went with:16:55
aelkner_Contact Persons A2(3-5) must be empty when ID is a user id16:55
th1aOK... I need to add the documentation to the sheet itself.16:56
aelkner_anyway, i then moved on to create export tests for the contact sheets16:57
aelkner_i updated test_export,py to have them and in the process found and fixed some bugs16:57
aelkner_i  got this index index error that i can't reproduce now16:59
aelkner_but i think it may have been brought about by using pdb while manually testing16:59
aelkner_rendering the data ujnstable, so i'm going to assume that it is not an issue now that i can't reproduce17:00
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aelkner_anyway, it looks pretty solid now, so i'm ready to move on17:01
th1aOK.  Do you have any bug preferences?17:01
aelkner_i don't know what the next task is, so i guess i'll have to look for one17:01
aelkner_do you have any suggestions?17:01
th1aIs this still a bug?17:02
th1abtw, you need to look at our colors CSS if you haven't already.17:04
th1aIs this still a bug?17:04
aelkner_the first one, i'm not sure of17:05
th1aTake a look at it then.17:05
aelkner_we definitely didn't do the report sheet style one17:06
replaceafillmenesis wrote a comment on this one yesterday:
aelkner_as for the intervention summary, how should it look?17:07
th1aDon't we sort of have that now?17:07
aelkner_we don't have a pdf for it yet17:08
aelkner_we just have the student intervention view17:08
aelkner_which has a table for the goals with only a couple columns of the data in it17:09
aelkner_jelkner wanted something to print out and bring to a meeting17:09
aelkner_i think that would have all the details of each object17:09
aelkner_rather than just the selected columns we have in the student intervention view17:10
th1aWhy don't you ask him?17:10
th1aThere's other stuff to work on in the meantime.17:10
aelkner_ok, i'll see him this weekend, so i can work on that with him17:10
aelkner_, the boolean thing, i can check on that17:11
aelkner_ is another one i can check on17:12
aelkner_anyway, i' have plenty to do until Monday17:12
th1aOK, cool.  Squash bugs.17:12
aelkner_i'm not hindu, so i can do that without feeling guilty17:13
th1aThanks aelkner.17:13
th1areplaceafill:  So should we be using yvl's new toys to automate screenshots for the book?17:14
th1aNot that I'm looking for a reason to procrastinate...17:14
replaceafillwell, i haven't done that yet (take screenshots) with it17:15
th1aIf I just use regular selenium for now can we export those into a form that can later go in there?17:15
replaceafillth1a ah, i'll look into that too17:15
* th1a waves his hands furiously.17:15
replaceafillwebdriver's api is different17:15
replaceafillso i dont know if old tests will work17:16
th1aOK, take a look.17:16
th1aI guess we're done here.17:17
th1aHave a good week/weekend guys.17:17
replaceafillthanks everybody17:17
aelkner_thanks, th1a, you, too17:17
aelkner_great weekend all17:17
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:17
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th1aMajor OS upgrades take a loooong time on a pandaboard.18:34
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jelknerreplaceafill, a little google bird told me you were looking for me...19:31
jelknerstudents just left19:31
jelknerso i have a few minutes now19:32
replaceafilljust a question, i see an "image" field being used in pyquiz19:32
replaceafilli mean, being created, but not used19:33
replaceafillwere you thinking of storing images some way?19:33
replaceafillfor questions?19:33
jelknerbut that probably shouldn't be on the first pass, if we are using an agile approach19:33
replaceafillis this the part we discussed a while ago, about creating the questions using rst?19:33
replaceafillah ok19:33
jelknerwe should get a minimal system working19:34
replaceafillmy last question19:34
jelknerteacher log in, make quiz19:34
jelknerstudent, log in, take quiz19:34
replaceafillonce a exam has been "closed", will it be impossible to edit it?19:34
jelknerteacher see results in ST gradebook19:34
replaceafillclosed as the period to answer it expired19:35
jelkneryou edit the quiz?19:35
replaceafillthere's an option for that19:35
replaceafillbut my concern is editing/deleting a test after has been taken19:36
jelkneri imagine we will need the requirement that quizes can't be edited once students start taking them, right?19:36
jelknerthat makes sense to me19:36
replaceafillthat's what i was thinking19:36
replaceafillit's just that those parts have not been implemented19:36
replaceafilland made me wonder about it19:37
replaceafillok, i have all i need19:37
jelknersee you sunday then19:37
replaceafillsee you19:37
jelknerthanks *you*!19:37
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