IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2011-09-19

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th1ahi aelkner, replaceafill, yvl, menesis.15:33
yvlgood morning :)15:33
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon15:33
replaceafillmy laptop is dead :(15:33
replaceafilli'm on marcela's laptop15:33
* th1a is kind of in the middle of upgrading his systems to Oneiric beta and both are kind of broken right now.15:33
yvlouch, replaceafill!15:33
th1aWhat's wrong with it, replaceafill?15:34
replaceafilldon't know, i turned it off yesterday in the afternoon and i tried to turn it on at night and nothing15:35
replaceafillit justs starts for 3 seconds15:35
replaceafilland then turns off15:35
th1aSounds like a motherboard problem.15:35
replaceafilli had been slightly vibrating for the last couple of weeks15:36
replaceafilli'll take it apart later15:37
th1aI wonder if a fan died and it is set up to just shut off if it detects that it isn't working.15:37
* th1a has no idea of what he's talking about, btw.15:37
* menesis hi15:37
th1aOK, we need to make this quick so let's get started.15:38
th1amenesis:  Where are we in the release process?15:38
th1aThanks for showing up early, guys.15:38
menesisI am making a schooltool release from flourish branch15:39
th1aAnything else you need to say before tomorrow, menesis?15:41
menesisI have made a new intervention release on Friday15:41
menesisthat's the last of non-flourish releases I needed to do15:41
* th1a never knows if menesis is done or just composing his next sentence.15:44
th1aWe need some kind of cue...15:44
menesisI'm done15:44
yvl"over" ;)15:44
th1aThanks menesis!15:45
th1aGrumbling over Vick's concussion?15:45
aelknerok, i got the contacts importer to work15:45
aelkneroh, that, not really15:45
aelknerbut i was srprised at the extent of the Steelers turnaround15:46
aelkneror maybe i shouldn't have been15:46
th1aThe Ravens were a little extra-motivated last week.15:46
aelkneryeah, i think so, and look what happened to them this week15:46
aelkneryvl, btw, thanks for fixxing the expert tests last week15:47
yvlyou're welcome15:47
aelkneri noiced you also, made some changes to the timetable part of importer15:47
aelknercold you look into a bug i found with that15:47
aelknerif you try reimporting, it crashes on the timetable stuff15:48
aelkneryou can just start with a blank Data.fs, import sample_data.xls, then reimport15:48
aelkneranyway, i added the contact sheets to test_data.xls and added tests to sample_data.txt15:49
aelkneri have a small thing left which is to create an errant_contacts.xls and add tests for it15:50
aelknerthat is a small task though15:50
aelknerotherwise, the contact import is done15:50
th1aOK, just email us a copy of the spreadsheet so I can check the format.15:51
aelknerit's in trunk now15:51
aelknerbut i just remembered something15:51
aelknerthere is one more thing, sample_data.xls15:51
th1aJust email me a copy please, aelkner.15:51
aelknerthe one the user would want to download15:52
th1aYes, some sample contacts would be good.15:53
aelknerth1a, sent15:53
th1aDo you want to do that aelkner?15:54
aelknerin the case of sample_Data.xls, the Persons sheet is very long15:54
aelkneri don't know how many lines you would want in the contacts sheets15:54
th1aWell, we probably should prune that for shipping, but it is really important that we have it for testing.15:54
th1aI'd like 1000 contacts.15:54
th1aI can make replaceafill do it...15:55
aelknerhere's the thing, how do i come up with 1000 different address15:55
aelkneryeah, i like that idea :)15:55
aelknerbut that's ust passing the buck on my part15:55
th1aThis is either an amusing or annoying task, depending on your personality.15:55
aelknerannoying for me15:56
th1aI know you well enough to know that.15:56
aelknerso if replaceafill finds it amusing...15:56
th1aI guess I could do it...15:56
replaceafilli'd like to change the dates of the sample sheet though15:56
aelknerdid you come up with the 100 persons we have?15:56
replaceafillto 2010-201115:57
th1aalga did it.15:57
yvl ;)15:57
yvlor similar15:57
th1areplaceafill:  Yeah, actually, could you do a general update and also produce a short version?15:57
replaceafillth1a, sure15:57
aelknerth1a, thanks for that15:57
aelknernow i just need a new direction to go in15:57
th1aSo as far as test stuff goes, aelkner should wait for yvl?15:57
aelkneroh, you mean the reimport thing?15:58
replaceafillyvl, nice link :)15:58
algaBTW, in Stephan's current software the first sample patient is called Agnieszka Lambert :)15:58
th1aThat's a good name.15:58
algait reminded me of something, and sure enough, he tool the fistname/lastname files from ST :)15:58
aelkneryvl, did you have a chance to reproduce the bug as met here?15:59
th1aI mean, should aelkner wait on working on tests in general?15:59
yvlwell, it depends which tests16:00
yvlnew tests - yes16:00
th1aThe basic choice seems to be a)fixing bugs b) fixing tests.16:00
yvlwhere new tests == flourish tests16:00
th1aUnit tests?16:00
aelkneryeah, we don't have flourish tests yet, yvl is working on that16:00
yvlunit tests - yes16:00
yvlI mean no16:00
yvlwe should write unit tests16:00
aelknerunit tests work fine as far as i know16:01
yvlwe should fix old func. tests where it makes sense16:01
yvlwe can write old func. tests for stuff like xls export/import16:01
aelknerthat i did16:01
aelknerbecause that didn't change in the new version16:01
yvlbtw, I'd like to work exclusively on Selenium testing this week16:02
aelkneryvl, can you get us a working old skin functional test16:03
yvlunless th1a is willing to extend the deadline16:03
yvlaelkner - there are many working old skin functional tests16:03
yvlI think16:03
th1ayvl needs to focus on selenium this week.16:03
aelknerok, never mind16:03
th1aSo basically, I think aelkner should fix bugs this week.16:03
aelknershold i take over this bug?16:05
th1aA lot of our bugs are features at this point.16:05
th1a(that is feature requests)16:05
th1aaelkner:  Yes you could do that.16:05
th1aBasically, I think you should cherry pick some bugs without worrying who they're assigned to.16:06
th1aAnd/or fix rough edges in flourish you're aware of.16:06
th1aJust change the assignment/status in LP so we know what you're doing when you take over a bug.16:07
aelknerbtw, why is Attendance tab back to Journal?16:07
aelknerin the old skin, we had changed it to Attendance16:07
th1aProbably because a Lithuanian was working on it.16:07
th1aI'm feeling ambivalent about it.16:08
th1aI could go either way.16:08
aelknerjust thought i'd mention it16:08
yvltrue, because a Lithuanian was working on it ;)16:09
yvlbut you know, Lithuanians are people too! :P16:09
th1aI'm not really against it.16:09
th1aOK, so aelkner is working on bugs.16:10
th1aThanks aelkner.16:10
yvltoday I finally wrote a simple test for Selenium16:11
yvland finished buildout recipe for multi-browser config16:11
yvltried out on Firefox, Chromium and HTMLUnit+JS16:11
yvlit's kind of fun to see all that work ;)16:11
th1aCan you watch your tests run?16:12
yvlyes, if you prefer16:12
yvlwell, more like16:12
yvlyes, if you choose Chromium or FFox16:12
yvlunless you set up them to run under vritual frame buffer (hidden)16:12
yvlChromium is excatly twice as fast as FFox on my machine btw16:13
yvlso... I have a decent TODO list16:13
yvlwill be working on it this week16:14
yvlthere are many things that need wrapping around16:14
yvlform filling, etc.16:14
yvl... well, many :)16:15
yvlbut it works16:15
yvland it's not a complete hell to set it up16:15
yvlso that's it for now16:15
th1aOK.  Thanks yvl.16:15
th1areplaceafill is going to be getting his laptop fixed...16:16
replaceafillnot much to report since friday ;)16:16
replaceafillmost important change:16:16
replaceafillwe changed to the schwa design16:16
replaceafillusing teal as the main color16:16
replaceafilli also created a new color.css style sheet16:17
th1aOne thint to note -- we haven't dealt at all with the grays, etc. used in the sidebar and content area.16:17
th1aPresumably those will need to be tweaked.16:17
replaceafilland that's it, i have a couple of items still in my TODO16:18
replaceafillwill add the sample_data.xls task to it16:18
th1aWe should include both the small and large versions of the spreadsheets in the next release.16:19
th1aI guess we'll have to update the text in the page a bit to reflect that.16:19
replaceafillthe What is This? area16:19
th1aYes.  We can settle the text later.16:20
th1aOK, I have to go get a few old fillings drilled out.16:20
aelkneryeah, joy16:20
th1aIt could be worse.16:20
th1aCatch you tomorrow at the regular time, guys.16:22
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:23
yvlthanks th1a16:23
aelknerhave a nice evening, pov guys16:23
yvlthanks ;)16:23
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replaceafillit's alive!!!21:13
* replaceafill needs a tool to monitor the fan...21:14
th1aSo it was just the fan?  The computer won't start without it?21:19
replaceafillbut the area around the fan seems burned :(21:21
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th1aDoes it work?21:40
th1aWhich fan was it replaceafill?21:41
replaceafillit only has one21:41
th1aI guess you need that one to work then!21:45
th1aIs it on the CPU or an exhaust fan?21:45
replaceafillno, it's on the rear21:45
th1aI just ordered two new fans for my desktop.  Trying to quiet it down.21:48
th1aDid I tell you I got a fanless power supply?21:48
replaceafillah yes21:48
replaceafilli put like 3 extra fans in my old desktop once and it was really noisy :)21:50
th1aYeah... I did the same thing once.21:50
th1aSeemed like a good idea at the time.21:50
replaceafillbut the temperature was really low21:50
replaceafillbut my electric bill wasnt :S21:50
th1aYou can do it if you have them set up for variable speed, but I never really figured that out.21:50
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