IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-07-15

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th1aHow we doing, aelkner, replaceafill?21:34
replaceafillmade the changes you suggested21:34
th1aPut the "Done" at the bottom of the email queue.21:35
th1aAlso, move the second column to the left in the main table.21:36
th1aThe server settings table.21:36
replaceafillah ok21:36
replaceafillif you enable the service, you'll see the "Send test" action21:37
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th1aAh, right.  Good point!21:38
th1aCan't send a test with a disabled service!21:38
replaceafillhowever we don't have a natural way to reset the password :(21:38
replaceafillit only can be reset deleting the username! :|21:39
th1aThe mail server password?21:39
replaceafillsince the settings form only allow you to set a *new* password...21:40
replaceafillno way to delete the old one21:40
th1aIs there a bug filed for that?21:40
replaceafillno (and i looked) :)21:40
replaceafilli should file one :/21:40
th1aCan you file one and we'll move on21:41
replaceafilli've started with /control21:41
* replaceafill goes to file the password bug21:42
replaceafillhey! we accidentally fixed this: :)21:43
th1aOne would hope we've "accidentally" fixed a lot of bugs.21:44
replaceafillbug filed:
replaceafillth1a moved the right column closer to the left:
* th1a goes to lie down for a bit.21:57

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