IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-07-12

replaceafillhoffman access_control is redirecting back to itself on Apply00:00
replaceafillif we keep that i think we need a 'your changes were saved' message00:00
replaceafillshould we keep it that way (redirecting to itself)00:00
replaceafilland Cancel redirects to /00:00
aelkneryou have to log in to get the pencil00:03
aelkneri decided in favor of cloning because the resistance to discussing good design has been too strong00:05
aelknerand it was easer for me to just go ahead and code the clone00:05
replaceafillso you took the easy way out, uh?00:05
aelknerthe only way out in this environment :)00:06
replaceafillbut you had a hat!00:06
replaceafill(im messing with you aelkner) :)00:07
aelkneryeah, no00:07
hoffmanI would say go with the redundancy and put the year in the subtitle as well.00:07
replaceafilldont we want 2010-2011 for the title of schoolyears?00:07
aelknerhoffman, ok00:07
aelknerreplaceafill, that's the title of that schoolyear00:08
hoffmanI just sent you an email btw.00:08
replaceafillaelkner i mean for the title of the page, where you have School Year now00:08
replaceafillis /settings the new /manage.html?00:10
aelknerhoffman, updated with subtitle00:11
replaceafillwe have a /settings view00:14
hoffmanOh, ok.00:21
hoffmanThat's not necessarily permanent.00:21
aelknerhoffman, many times people choose the same title for the one and only term as for the year00:25
aelknerso if the title is the only thing they see up top, how do they know it's a year?00:26
hoffmanI don't know why you're asking me that question.00:26
hoffmanRight now it says "School Year00:27
aelknerbecause i anticipate the confusion man users will have when the term00:27
hoffmanThat seems pretty clear to me.00:27
aelkneri thought i you wanted me to change that00:27
hoffmanYou're confusing me with replaceafill.00:28
aelknerah, ok00:28
aelknerso for the term, it would be Term 2011-201200:28
aelknerbut we'll get to the term vew later00:29
replaceafillgot it00:29
replaceafillwhat if the title is 2011-2012 and the subtitle School Year?00:29
aelknerhoffman, so is the schoolyear view ok as is now?00:29
replaceafillbut, never mind00:29
aelknerreplaceafill, i thought about that00:29
aelknersee, with people, we just just put the person's title as the view title00:30
aelkneri suppose that people's names couln't be confused with anything else00:30
replaceafillwith contacts?00:31
hoffmanaelkner:  Looks ok atm.00:31
hoffmanIt is a little inconsistent right now.00:32
aelknerdo you want a delete action for the schooyear view00:32
aelknerwith similar warning message00:33
aelkneras with person delete00:33
replaceafillchange pushed to trunk: "Styled Access Control view. Radio buttons and checkboxes are now displayed vertically"00:35
replaceafillok, starting third-nav00:36
* replaceafill goes to take a shower00:48
hoffmanaelkner:  Yes.01:20
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hoffmanreplaceafill:  I'll actually be around most of the day after all.16:49
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replaceafillgood morning hoffman, sorry i was having breakfast17:16
replaceafilli'm starting with the tertiary navigation bar17:16
replaceafillhoffman i suppose we're putting the third nav above the content part of the page, correct?17:18
replaceafillsince we cannot put it above the sidebar...17:18
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replaceafilldummy links, but i think the style is done17:59
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hoffmanreplaceafill:  First, you know this won't actually go on that page, right?18:28
replaceafillit is just a test :)18:28
hoffmanSecond, why wouldn't it go above the sidebar?18:28
replaceafilli just didnt like it :P18:29
replaceafilllet me show you18:29
replaceafillit's because our gab18:29
replaceafillbetween the sidebar and the content area18:29
replaceafillbut if you like it... :)18:30
hoffmanEh.  I guess you're right.18:30
replaceafillhoffman if you're ok with the navbar i'll push to trunk18:37
replaceafillso aelkner can use it18:37
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replaceafillchage pushed to trunk: "Added tertiary navigation manager"18:43
replaceafillaelkner is the manager for placing viewlets in the third-nav bar18:45
replaceafillin case you need to :)18:46
aelkneri'm still waiting for launchpad to update the branch wth your recent push18:46
replaceafillaelkner ah ok18:46
replaceafilldo we still have oddballs to handle....?18:48
replaceafillok, moving to
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replaceafillchange pushed to trunk: "Ported and styled application preferences view"19:51
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aelknerreplaceafill, i've merged you trunk changes and pushed some of my own19:56
aelknersomething doesn't look right now with the nav bar at the top19:56
replaceafillaelkner ah ok, i'll update my instance19:56
replaceafillaelkner what's wrong?19:58
aelknerdid you follow the link?19:58
aelknerso, above the School Years heading, you see the overlapping text?19:59
replaceafillhhmm no20:00
aelkneroh, never mind, i did a ctrl-shirt-r to reload the css and it's fine20:00
* replaceafill goes to take a shower20:25
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hoffmanHow we doing guys?22:37
replaceafillhoffman any ideas for
hoffmanCan you get rid of the redundant descriptions in site preferences?22:42
hoffmanAnd I'll clean up the rest later.22:42
hoffmanI don't think we need anything fancy for security.html, but some of the spacing, etc. looks a bit funky.22:43
hoffmanAre paragraphs pararagphs?22:43
replaceafillyes, they are paragraphs22:44
replaceafillbut they're inside a bunch of html, <ul><li>22:44
replaceafillsome <br><br> too :)22:44
replaceafillthat's the original template, i'm going to clean it22:45
replaceafilli was just wondering about a nice way to present that huge list22:45
replaceafilllike using tables with checks or something22:45
replaceafillbut maybe it's not possible22:46
hoffmanNo... I think at that point we'd just be adding junk.22:46
hoffmanAre you skipping h2's?22:46
hoffmanI think it will look fine once it is tidied.22:47
replaceafillyes, i'll start cleaning after lunch22:47
replaceafillwhat should i work next?22:48
replaceafill(after finishing /security.html)22:48
hoffman /control22:49
hoffman /email22:50
hoffman /++etc++site/default/RootErrorReportingUtility22:50
replaceafillah! /email would be good22:51
* replaceafill goes to get lunch22:55
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aelknerhoffman, i got schoolyear add/edit views to work if you'd like to try them out23:02
aelknercurrently wrestling with a strange bug after successful delete23:02
replaceafillremoving those <br> really helped23:25

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