IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-07-06

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th1ahi aelkner, yvl.15:31
th1aYou up aelkner?15:31
yvlgood morning, th1a15:32
th1ayvl:  Well, let's just plow ahead.15:33
th1aSo... what to do about timetable wizardry?15:34
th1aWhat do you think?15:34
yvlthat's a very good question15:34
yvlI'm somewhat torn on that15:34
yvlon one hand, we can set fixed dialog widths, large enough, and leave it as it is15:34
yvlbut we could just revert it to basic views - it would be a little bit safer15:35
yvlthe problem with JS wizards is that they are suited for big static forms15:35
yvlsay, person add view, that has multiple fieldsets15:35
th1aWe have too many branches?15:36
th1aYes, that's the problem, right?15:36
yvland they are somewhat dependent on previous ones15:36
yvlyes, that's the problem15:36
yvlall JS wizards I saw are fake15:36
yvljust sugar for large forms15:37
yvlmakes sense, actually15:37
yvlanyway - the time wasn't wasted15:37
th1aOK, so... I'm feeling like punting on this.15:37
th1aSorry to send you barking up the wrong tree.15:38
yvlsorry, what does "punting" mean?15:38
* yvl knows punt - a boat, but that's it15:38
th1aAh, the football metaphors are always lost.15:39
th1aGive up the ball, kick it away.15:39
yvlrevert to simple pages15:40
th1aI think so.15:40
yvlkeep the back button though?15:40
yvl(even if it annoyingly "forgets" the data put in)15:41
yvlok, will do15:41
yvlwe'll fix that later ;)15:41
yvlso, a short report...15:41
yvlmerged journal timetabling refactoring15:42
yvland did a very basic flourish form class15:42
yvlthat actually shows another annoying thing with modal dialogs15:42
yvlbrowsers "handle redirects transparently"15:43
yvland that leaves us with:15:43
yvleither "apply" button does not work at all in modal dialogs15:43
yvlor we do not redirect / close dialog after sucessfull apply15:44
yvl* successful15:44
yvlor... we work around it15:44
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yvlI'd say 4-8 hours of plumbing15:44
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yvl(spent 1:30 h today on research)15:44
th1aI'm a little confused on what the issue is.15:45
yvlwhen you hit apply button, you need to show form errors15:45
yvlwhen there are no more errors, expected behavior of modal dialogs is to get closed15:46
yvland that's the problem15:46
yvlif we pass a "redirect" - reload the container15:47
yvlthe browser reloads contents of modal dialog, and we have no way to control that result at the moment15:47
yvlthis is a known "major headache" apparently15:48
yvlI have the workaround, but that means extra plumbing work15:48
th1aI thought we had modals that trigger a reload of the original page when closed already.15:49
th1aOr do we?15:49
yvlbut those reload always15:49
yvllike preferences view15:49
yvlit's impossible to make a mistake there15:49
yvlbecause of radio buttons15:50
th1aWe can't do validation AND reload the original page?15:50
yvlwithout hacking or working around it - no15:50
yvlit's not that much work, just that it's not "free"15:51
yvlpersonally I would go with that plumbing15:52
th1aWell, it sounds like it is worth doing.15:52
yvlI think we could speed up other modal dialog flourishing15:53
yvlwell, that's my goal for tomorrow then15:53
yvlalso, there's the vacation coming up15:54
th1aI'm going to update the wording in the timetable process.15:54
th1ayvl:  Yes.15:54
yvl(and as it turns out today is a bank holiday here, which I totally forgot :) )15:54
th1aIt happens!15:55
yvlpreferably I would take Friday off15:55
yvlbut then again, I'd like to attend the IRC meeting15:56
yvljust in case15:56
th1aSounds fine.15:56
yvlso I'll do what I can tomorrow, and that's it for now15:56
yvla small personal note - the work we're doing is something to be excited about15:56
yvlit's going to be a tough release, but I think we'll pull it off15:57
th1aI think so.  We just need to be disciplined about not getting stuck in dark alleys.15:57
th1aPart of that it is not being afraid to just turn around when necessary.15:58
* yvl agrees15:58
th1aAlso, I remembered yesterday why we stayed with some of those timetable forms.15:59
th1aJust filling in textboxes is really more straightforward than the more mechanical options.15:59
th1aAnd I can't think of any really clever yet simple solutions.15:59
yvltrue, the process itself is quite good16:00
yvlprobably the only thing missing is to show the "state of things at this step"16:00
th1aYes.  Making the times follow the localization, perhaps.16:01
yvldetails, details... yes.16:01
th1aOr maybe just use some kind of time widget...16:02
th1aWe need a little javascript clock you can move the hands on...16:02
yvlwe'll figure something out eventually16:03
yvlmy personal goal is to have the release that is not broken :)16:03
yvloh, and my personal thank you, th1a16:04
yvlfor everything16:04
th1aThank you too, yvl!16:04
* yvl is really awful at communicating stuff like that over IRC16:05
yvlallright then, I think that's that on todays agenda :)16:05
th1aWell, yes, it is difficult to do things like keep your employees motivated over IRC.16:06
th1aWe really do need to skype at some point!16:06
th1aOn the other hand, we've been chatting a lot lately.16:06
yvlIt's not the same as meeting live though16:07
th1aOK.  I'm going to have to get ready to go soon.  You can tell aelkner and replaceafill that I'll be around this afternoon.16:07
yvlMy condolences, th1a.16:07
* th1a out.16:11
yvlgood morning, aelkner16:32
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th1aaelkner:  ayt?19:48
aelknerth1a, hey, sorry for not being there at 8:3019:57
th1aNot a big deal.19:57
aelknerquestion: is douglas going to work on resources when he returns19:58
aelknerbecause it wold be easier if i did that part19:58
aelknertwo reasons: i'm already making changes that are needed for that19:58
aelknerand it avoid conflicts which waste time19:58
aelknerit's great that i don't get an conflicts on all those changes yvl madey19:58
aelknerbecause i'm not working ontimetabling at all19:59
aelkneri was just wondering19:59
th1aI have not heard from replaceafill.19:59
th1aBut he's already partly into it.19:59
aelknerah, ok, too late, no big deal20:00
th1aI don't see why there would be a conflict.20:00
aelknerwell, we are changing all the same files20:00
aelknerresource package didn't even have flourish.zcml20:00
aelknerthat file is being built by both of us separately20:00
aelkneralso browser/resource.py20:01
aelknerbut, like i said. no big deal20:01
th1aDon't worry about it.20:01
aelkneranyway, i'm making changes to the person demographics view so that it can be subclassed for resource demos20:01
aelknermost of it alread does what we needy20:02
aelknerand we should take advantage of that20:02
aelknerbut the template and view class just needs to be generalized20:02
th1aWe just need to relabel things to make sense.20:02
aelkneri need to soften the logic for the groups columns20:02
aelknerin the view class and the template20:03
aelknerand then it won't matter how many of group columns either person or resource demos has20:03
aelkneranyway, that's what i'm up to20:05
th1aJust remember that we don't want to slow down in order to abstract things.20:06
th1aThat is, it isn't always worth the payoff.20:07
aelkneryeah, i understand that, it's always something to consider20:09
aelknerin this case, we are going to be dong demos for all objects, so there's no reason to start cloning now20:11
aelknerth1a, question20:47
aelknercan we expand the width of the group columns to accommodate the whole group name?20:48
aelknerif so, then the demo field container view would completely match the add/edit views20:48
aelknerwhich use a vocabulary to convert the internal key name to translated strings20:49
aelkneri should be using that vocabulary (another generalization, yes)20:49
aelknerin order to protect against changes in one place not being reflected elsewhere20:50
aelkneri'm sure yvl would vote for using the vocabulary20:51
aelknerand even make me create a new one just to handle the abbreviated Stud., Teach. names we are20:51
aelknercurrently using for the column headings, but what's the point of creating a new vocabulary20:52
aelknerif the existing one makes sense and would make the container view match the edit views20:52
aelkneri'm asking because i figure you had a reason for abbreviating them, but maybe you'll reconsider20:53
aelkneryour thought?20:53
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replaceafillth1a ping20:58
aelknerhey replaceafill, how are you feeling?21:01
replaceafillaelkner still dizzy, but a little better21:02
aelknerah man, you have the flu?21:02
aelkneri hate when that happens21:02
aelknersorry to hear it21:02
aelknercan i trouble your dizzy head about your resource task?21:03
aelkneri was wondering how far you've gone and what files you had to touch21:03
aelkneri created flourish.zcml and am filling it with views21:03
replaceafillwell, i'll probably get conflicts since trunk has changed, but i can resolve them21:04
aelknerok, i'll let you know when i've pushed to trunk21:04
replaceafilli'll start to work on that again after lunch21:04
replaceafill(i just woke up) :21:04
aelkneryeah, well no rush21:05
replaceafillyou working on the resource attributes?21:05
aelknerhow about you?21:06
replaceafillah ok, cool i'll wait for you to push21:06
replaceafilli'll go to get lunch21:06
replaceafillsee you later aelkner21:06
aelknercya, try to enjoy lunch21:07
aelknerreplaceafill, i pushed my first batch of changes to trunk21:22
aelknerby that, i don't mean that a new batch is coming right away, i just mean it's a good time to merge21:26
aelknerit had been a while since i pushed my branch into trunk21:26
aelknerthe add/edit views still say Demographics, but i'm working on that21:36
th1alooks good.21:37
aelknerwhat about the column names, the question i had before?21:49
th1aIf it works without abbreviations, I'm ok with it.22:47
aelkneri changed the add/edit views to have the right title23:18
aelknerif you click on the square footage resource, you'll see that the title and subtitle don't fit on onw line23:19
aelknerone line23:19
aelkneralso, i kept the group column names as abbreviations because it did get cramped23:21
aelkneras you probably anticipated23:21
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