IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-06-08

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yvlmorning, guys? :)16:34
yvlwell, since nobody seems to be here, I'll assume that everything is going well ;)16:39
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* replaceafill is back home with his daughter :)19:20
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th1aGreat news replaceafill.19:27
aksasharma: how are the translations going on?19:34
asharmaall right19:35
asharmaI'm doing the manual right now19:35
aksasharma: ok, any problems till now?19:35
asharmanot really, I'm still testing them19:36
aksasharma: i see19:36
aksth1a, replaceafill: I'll be building RPM packages for the new release19:36
asharmagetting  the pictures and replacing them is quite time consuming19:37
asharmasorry aelkner: I accidentally typed your name19:38
aksasharma: so you are copying pictures from the *.doc file I sent you?19:38
asharmayes. I have to resize them though19:39
aksasharma: ok19:39
aksasharma: I'll try to find the images in png format, and if I find them, i'll mail them to you19:39
asharmasure. thanks!19:40
asharmaaks,  I have something like this for one file file  :///home/asharma/st-book-nep/build/years.html19:41
aksasharma: sorry I can't browse that link because it is local to your machine and inaccessible on the internet19:42
th1aaks:  Good to hear.19:45
th1aasharma:  I've actually automated some of the screenshot process, but it might still be dependent on the links being in English.19:45
aksth1a: I have also shared inclusion of SchoolTool in OLPC XS (my wishlist), see
th1aAh, thanks.19:49
asharmath1a,  I have the Nepali screenshots in a text file...I'm saving them and replacing the english ones with there another way to do that?19:51
th1aAre you using Selenium at all?19:52
asharmaI'm doing the translations in gedit19:54
th1aSo... this may be overkill.19:54
th1aThere are selenium scripts -- for english -- that will step through the examples in the schooltool book automatically, letting you stop and take screenshots.19:55
th1aBut they'd probably (almost certainly) take fiddling to work in Nepali.19:55
asharmaI already have the screenshots19:56
th1aAnd also, I've started working on Python scripts that actually automate the whole process, including taking the screenshots.19:56
th1aOK, I'm wasting your time then.  ;-)19:56
aksth1a: asharma already had the screenshots for the Nepali interface (as a part of the Nepali manual that I sent her) :)19:56
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jelknerth1a: to use selenium we would need a running instance of ST set to use the Napil locale, yes?19:58
jelknerasharma has the screenshot for now19:58
jelknerso she doesn't need to worry about that19:58
th1aYes... just forget I ever said anything.19:58
jelknerth1a, btw asharma will have a bzr branch on launchpad with the sphinx work she has been doing by end of work today19:59
jelknerwe talked to the sphinx-dev folks yesterday19:59
jelknerto ask if they could get her Napli support into sphinx before her internship ends20:00
jelknerthey will try to accommodate that20:00
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aelknerreplaceafill, hey20:29
replaceafillhey aelkner20:30
aelknerso what happened this morning20:31
replaceafillsorry i was out, coming back home20:31
aelkneri decided to go back to sleep, so i feel really well rested now20:31
replaceafillgood for you :)20:32
aelknerso did you look at my commits20:32
aelknerand how's the relationship thing coming?20:32
replaceafillgot stuck with the relationship base view20:33
replaceafilltoo many controls to handle20:33
aelkneryeah, it is a complex view20:33
replaceafillif we're going to do it a dialog, we should better implement a new view with the same functionality20:33
replaceafillinstead of porting the current one20:33
aelkneri'd do that20:35
replaceafilli'm pulling your changes20:35
aelknerwe have that freedom i think20:35
th1aI'm ok with that.20:36
aelknersince we're taking advantage of modalness and buttons next to things that need changing20:36
replaceafillth1a that view uses table functionality20:36
aelknercould we have two different dialogs for adding removing?20:36
replaceafilland allows you to display several pages20:36
aelknerwould that make it easier to code20:36
aelknerperhaps the user would like it, too20:37
aelknerthe dialog would be simpler if it just was about one thing20:37
replaceafillth1a that makes it hard to port to JS20:37
replaceafillbut it's possible, i just didnt know if i should do it20:37
replaceafillbut i will20:37
aelknerreplaceafill, what are you responding to, 'th1a that makes it hard to port to JS'20:38
aelknerhe just said 'I'm ok with that'20:38
replaceafillaelkner i just was explaining what i found20:38
replaceafillanyway... i pulled your changes aelkner, starting my instance20:39
aelknerth1a, what do you think about the idea of having one dialog for adding20:40
aelknerand one for removing relationships?20:40
aelkneri always thought those views were too big20:40
replaceafillaelkner why two dialogs?20:40
replaceafilli see it as an edit view20:41
aelkneri was thinking because we had agreed that we didn't want our modals to be too big20:41
aelknerthe idea was that they were for quick things20:41
replaceafilli always forget this: is the teacher supposed to see the student's index view?20:42
replaceafillhhmm i'm getting the not allowed form...20:42
aelknerbtw, i made the permission on the advisory viewlet schoooltool.edit20:42
aelkneras manager?20:43
aelknerth1a, are you browsing the instance?20:44
th1aI was looking at something else.20:44
replaceafilli'm going to pull the changes to the testing instance20:44
th1aMy vague feeling is that adding and removing relationships should be one view.20:45
replaceafilli agree20:45
replaceafillok, instance updated,
th1aAlso, in re-doing this form, we'll need to *completely* step away from the current implementation.20:46
th1aWhich is strange, but works.20:46
th1aBut I suspect a *completely different* implementation is out there that is much better.20:46
aelknerwhich form?20:47
th1aRelationship editing.20:47
aelknerso what about splitting i up into two spearate forms20:47
th1aThat sounds weird to me.20:47
aelknermost of the time, the user only wants to do one20:47
replaceafillwe're getting rid of home.html, correct?20:47
th1aI don't think so, aelkner, also then you need two links.20:48
th1aI can't think of another application that works that way.20:48
replaceafillaelkner you need autoHeight in the accordion settings20:48
aelkneryeah, right now it seems to always have the same hright, even if empty20:49
th1aWe could have a two-column drag and drop interface.20:49
replaceafillth1a hhmm...20:49
replaceafillinteresting :)20:49
aelknerwhat is interesting?20:50
replaceafillbut would that work for selecting persons?20:50
replaceafilllike students in a section20:50
aelknerwould what work for selecting purposes?20:50
th1aAdding students to a section?20:50
aelknerare you guys private chatting or something?!20:51
replaceafillthe two-column drag and drop interface20:51
aelknerwhat two-column drag and drop interface?20:51
th1aWe could have a two-column drag and drop interface.20:51
replaceafillaelkner if i'm following the chat correctly, th1a is suggesting drag and drop for editing relationships20:52
replaceafillam i right?20:52
aelkneroh, sorry, i see his comment on two columns20:53
replaceafillso, when you enroll students, that view is editing relationships20:53
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aelknerth1a, remember when we discussed two column with selection and arrow keys way back in Dallas?20:54
replaceafilli see drag and drop functional for small lists, like groups20:54
aelknerfo some reason ignas didn't like it20:54
aelknerbut i always thought that two columns with the < << > >> what eas to usey20:54
aelknerperhaps << and >> would be two much for adding persons to a section20:55
aelknerbut the main reason for the complexity of the current views is the use BatchTable20:55
aelknerwhich they need to in order to handle the tousands of candidates and filtering20:56
replaceafillso, the student cannot see his advisors?20:56
replaceafill(i'm coming back to the accordions btw, sorry)20:56
th1aTheir contact info, etc?20:56
replaceafillno, his advisors accordion20:57
replaceafillis protected with schooltool.edit20:57
th1aOn the student's page?20:57
replaceafillnot displayed when the student sees his profile20:57
replaceafillperson index of a student20:57
replaceafillsorr, person index view of a student20:57
th1aThe student should be able to see the name of his advisor, yes.20:57
th1aBut not demographic or contact info about the advisor.20:57
replaceafillaelkner, that's not possible with schooltool.edit20:57
replaceafillon the advisory accordion20:58
aelknertaking a step back a moment20:58
aelknerwho can see a student's index.html view?20:59
aelknerand if they can, are there parts that need to be protected?20:59
aelknerperhaps i was mistaken to protect the advisory viewlet wth schooltool.edit21:00
th1aYou need to differentiate between view and edit.21:01
th1aYou need to protect the edit buttons with edit.21:01
replaceafillaelkner yes, if the person has advisees, she cannot see them either21:01
th1aThat is, hide the buttons if the person doesn't have edit.21:01
aelknerso who the student has as advisor is not to be protected, right?21:01
replaceafillaelkner check the groups viewlet, works that way21:01
aelkneri'm just asking if the advisors is more private info than groups21:02
th1aIt is not.21:02
aelknerok, than jsut the edit buttons are protected21:02
th1ain particular, hidden.21:03
aelknerright, not even there21:03
replaceafillcan we go back to edit relatioships? :)21:04
replaceafillso, we need a new view, hopefully one that makes easy to convert it to a dialog21:04
replaceafilllike we do with z3c.forms21:04
replaceafillthe current view has services like search and batching (limited number of items in a single page)21:05
replaceafillwe still need those in the new view, correct?21:05
th1aI should note here that also one of the reasons I thought this would be good to do in a modal dialog is the nature of the current design.21:06
th1aSo another alternative is just a better whole-page implementation.21:06
th1aOne problem is that I don't know the generic name for this kind of selector.21:07
* replaceafill is looking how many relationship views we have21:11
th1aSomeone has to be in charge of a group.21:12
replaceafill"Edit Leaders"!21:13
replaceafilli see the link for courses21:13
* replaceafill goes see the zcml21:13
th1aDon't worry about that now replaceafill...21:14
replaceafillok, just curious :)21:14
replaceafilli have never noticed that concept21:14
replaceafillok, relationship views for: advisor/advisees, leaders, section instructors/members, group membership, groups of a person21:16
replaceafilldid i forget anything?21:16
th1aNot that I can think of.21:18
replaceafillwith two columns :)21:20
replaceafillif we keep the search functionality, it could work21:20
th1aIt is possible.21:20
replaceafilli look for all the "elkners" and the drag jelkner and aelkner and loui :)21:21
jelknercool, dragging elkners, what will you think of next?!21:23
aelknerhopefully not through the mud!21:24
th1areplaceafill:  calendar_selection.html?21:25
replaceafillth1a i see the view in code, but how do i get there through the UI?21:27
replaceafillah, Manage button21:28
th1aI had that one flagged to make modal.21:29
replaceafilli think i'm going to load the sample xls to see all these options enabled21:31
replaceafilli need Resources21:31
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dadengoh, it's a full house!21:35
dadengaelkner, r u there?21:35
dadengand th1a, i'm still having some challenges with niepa branch installation21:36
th1aYes... you pulled menesis's update?21:37
dadengno, i still used aelkner21:37
dadengdo u mean i should menesis's instead?21:38
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th1amenesis made change for you.21:38
th1aDid you get the email?21:39
th1a(this was a while ago)21:39
dadengoh, i did not understand that when i read the email on update or something like that21:39
menesisdadeng: bzr pull lp:~menesis/schooltool/schooltool.niepa21:39
menesisin your niepa branch21:39
menesisits two small fixes21:39
dadengoh, this is where the problem came from21:40
menesisI also built cando eggs21:40
dadengok, i'll make that adjustment and get back to u21:40
replaceafillth1a that Resources list in calendar_selection.html can get pretty large :)21:42
replaceafillth1a, but yes, i think we can do it modal21:42
menesisdadeng: do 'make update' to rebuild using the latest cando21:47
aelknerdadeng, hi21:52
dadenghi aelkner21:52
aelkneri'm letting menesis help you because he has the answers for these package building issues21:52
dadengi'm just effecting the changes21:53
dadengand i think everything is ok for now21:53
aelknergood to hear21:53
dadengi've just log in with one of the teachers account now21:53
dadengand it was successful21:53
dadengi'll look through it and get back21:53
dadengi also saw the reporting modules21:54
dadengand i have some questions concerning them21:54
dadengbut that would be later21:54
aelknerok, we'll be looking for your email21:54
dadengaelkner everything is ok for now,22:10
dadengbut how can i assign a common password to all the students in the db?22:11
aelknerif you create an new XLS file with just a sheet for persons22:15
aelkneryou could reimport the students with the passwords set to the new identical ones22:16
aelknerbut what you are asking for is a new view that allows the administrator to assign the password22:16
aelknerto all persons in the 'students' group22:17
aelkneror something like that22:17
dadengwell... i guess doing it that way is also possible but22:17
dadengwill the existing persons be overwritten?22:18
dadengif import thrugh xls?22:18
aelknerany fields in the XLS file will replace the ones in the existing persons22:19
aelknerbut the objects themselves will not be replaced, just some of the attributes22:19
aelknerso no grades, for instance, would be lost22:19
dadengok, then i guess that is the easier way to go then22:19
aelknerplease make a backup of your Data.fs file before doing the import22:20
dadengyeah, i have that already22:20
aelknerok, good, let us know how it goes in your email22:20
dadengok, and thanks!22:20
* th1a returns from his unannounced siesta.22:33
dadengaelkner, i got "A system error occurred"22:34
dadengwhile exporting the exprt.xls file back22:34
dadengsorry importing22:35
aelknercan you send the traceback in an email please22:35
dadengi i've just sent it22:41
aelkneri responded, please read22:44
dadengok, i just saw it22:47
dadengbut i think we had this error before,22:47
dadengand u asked me to modify the demographics22:48
dadengand it solved the problem22:48
dadengcan u remember?22:48
dadengok, i'll send u all the file and u can just remove whatever is not necessary22:49
aelkneri don't remember, but let me look...22:52
aelkneranyway, in the meantime, why don't just remove the worksheets yourself until you are down to just Persons22:55
aelkneri mean, make a copy first, and do it to the copy22:55
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aelknerth1a, ayt?23:01
th1aI am here.23:01
th1aAre you wondering what to do?23:02
aelknerquestion: while importing sections, there is a timetable section23:02
aelknerfor each timetable, there is a row with day id, period id and location id23:02
* replaceafill is making calendar_selection.html to submit using JS23:03
aelknershould resource id be required there?23:03
aelknerwe need the activity, even if the resource is blank, right?23:03
aelknerso it's just an optional thing to assign a resource for a given activity23:05
aelkneri'll file a bug so that we change it to not crash if they leave it blank23:05
aelknerand by we i mean me of course23:06
aelknertimetable activity is the class name for when the class meets23:09
aelkneranyway, i'll be fixing the advisory permissions and hiding the edit buttons23:10
aelkneralso, i'll work on the demographics viewlet23:10
aelknerhave you looked at the instance yet?23:10
aelknerabout the top part of hte person index.html view,23:11
aelknershould we put that stuff in a viewlet that is the top one, and thus, by default expanded?23:11
th1aWhat's the url again?23:11
replaceafillaelkner <div>&nbsp;</div>, really? :/23:12
aelkneryeah, well23:13
aelknerwe don't have a system yet for creating css classes23:13
aelknerthat's supposed to be done during this sprint!23:13
aelkneranyway, i hesitate to create a class, in this case for spacing23:14
aelknerand put it into schooltool.css23:14
replaceafill+1 on a new class23:14
replaceafillwhy do you hesitate?23:14
replaceafillyou don't like classes?23:14
aelknerit's an overcrowded, everything and the kitchen sink file, don't you think?23:15
th1aWhat's the issue?23:15
aelknerto me, classes should be well thought out at the global level23:15
replaceafillnot, really, i prefer the class 100 times over <div>&nbsp;</div>23:15
th1aAdding spaces?23:15
aelkneri need a spacing div in the advisory viewlet23:15
replaceafillaelkner you can add the class *now* and we fix it when we get to that part during this sprint ;)23:15
aelknerok, i'll do that23:16
aelknerwhen will we be getting to that?!23:16
aelknerone the last day23:16
replaceafillwhen we have flourish?23:16
aelknernext friday23:16
aelknerwell, whenever23:17
th1aSpacing div where?23:17
th1aSeparating the rows?23:17
aelknerare you looking at the advisory viewlet?23:17
aelknerafter edit advisors23:17
replaceafillth1a to separte advisors from advisees23:17
aelknerand before Advisees, the h323:18
aelknerthey were scrunched together without the spacing div23:18
aelknerand replaceafill just objected to me taking advantage of the fact that a div with just one space23:18
th1aDoesn't our h3 have spacing before and after?23:18
aelkneri guess not23:19
th1aTHAT'S THE BUG.23:19
aelknerwell, there's all kinds of bugs with our css, that's just one of them23:19
aelknerso i was working around it with a spacing div23:19
th1aOK, don't.23:19
replaceafillwe should also consider that these accordions change our style rules23:19
th1aWe need to start fixing those right now.23:19
aelknerand i could have coded it <div class="my_on_time_spacing_class" />23:20
th1aNo, we need to fix the base css classes.23:20
aelknerbut we don't have a flourish branch to build on23:20
th1alike, h3.23:20
aelkneri don't think you can always know how you want h3 to behave in all views23:21
th1aTo be clear... it would be much better for this to look wrong and cause us to fix the base css than any workaround.23:21
aelknerthat's what classes are for23:21
th1aAn h3 should ALWAYS have padding.23:21
th1aThat's part of what makes it an h3.23:21
aelknerwhere do you get that?23:21
aelknerh4, not so much, h2, neither?23:22
aelknerpeople use hn for titles of views, for instance23:22
th1aApparently this is a fundamental flaw in our CSS.23:22
aelknerthey don't want padding-top necessarily23:22
aelkneri think you want the css class to do the pading, not the element css23:23
replaceafilland we also have h1 -> h2 -> h5 -> h323:23
aelknerbut that's just my opinion23:23
th1aI guess Ubuntu does this with line-height, not padding.23:23
th1aWell, both:23:23
th1aHeader 223:23
th1aFont-size: 24px23:23
th1aLine-height: 28px23:23
th1aFont-weight: normal23:23
th1aColor: #33333323:23
th1aMargin-top: 16px23:24
th1aMargin-bottom: 8px23:24
th1aPage 17.23:24
th1aAnyhow, that's the wave of the future.23:24
replaceafillaelkner why did you change the h5s to h3s?23:24
aelknerwell, ok then :)23:24
aelknerreplaceafill, i did not23:24
th1aBut basically, if you find yourself thinking you need to add a new class for something like this, or some workaround, then that is a RED FLAG.23:25
aelknerreplaceafill, those are headings within and accordion, not heading OF an accordion23:25
aelknerthe same is true for advisory23:25
aelknerif they were h5s, then each would accordion, not what we want23:26
replaceafilli dont like h5 being higher than h323:26
aelknerwe can fix that23:26
replaceafilli think we can screw it accidentally this way23:27
aelknerwe can change the accordion to h3 and change all the viewlets23:27
aelknerand use h5 for sub-sections23:27
aelknerwill do23:27
aelknerth1a, what about my point about the top of person index.html23:27
aelknerwe don't want that form look there anymore do we23:28
aelknershouldn't that info go in the first accordion, open by default?23:28
* replaceafill wonders why the first accordion doesnt have icon...23:29
aelkneryou're right, weird23:30
th1aWell, yes, that will be completely different.23:30
aelkneri didn't even see it, i guess the eye sees what it expects to see sometimes23:30
aelknerwill be?  how about right now?23:30
th1aGroups also has a little line above it and is indented.23:30
replaceafillth1a yes23:31 style23:31
replaceafillRED FLAG ;)23:31
th1aaelkner:  It will probably just be h1, First Name, Last Name.23:32
th1aBut that's running ahead of the CSS work.23:32
th1aWhich we kinda need to get replaceafill started on.23:32
replaceafillth1a we're doing that when we move to flourish, correct?23:32
replaceafillsince i think flourish will restrict our css23:32
replaceafillbecause the layout23:33
aelkneryes, flourish will have viewlets for css local to a page23:33
th1aAt this point I'm not particularly worried about the styling of the js work.23:33
aelknerregistered conveniently with zcml23:33
th1aAside from adding cruft and workarounds.23:33
th1aWe want replaceafill to shift to working on changing the CSS in yvl's branch.23:34
aelknerwell replaceafill and i were working on getting jquey-ui stuff working23:34
aelknerin preparation with using flourish features23:34
aelknerwith > for23:35
th1aI was hoping the js handover to aelkner would be simpler.23:35
aelknerhow do you mean?23:35
th1aLike, "ok aelkner, do x, y, z to turn a regular form into a modal dialog.  See ya!"23:35
th1aApparently it is more involved than that.23:36
aelknerreplaceafill wanted to teach me by doing one small change at a time23:36
aelknerthat's how we have been working this week23:36
th1aThat something takes longer than the manager hopes is not surprising.23:37
aelknerbesides, we were supposed to be sprinting this week23:37
aelknerit doesn't feel like a sprint23:37
replaceafillaelkner is the icons you inserted that break the styles23:38
replaceafillaelkner why are those needed?23:38
th1aIf nothing else we're talking a lot more, which has certainly been helpful.23:38
replaceafill+1 on removing those icons23:38
aelkneryou asked me to put them there23:38
replaceafilli asked you to move the text to the right ;)23:39
aelknerbefore i put them there, there were no icons23:39
replaceafillso we could see the icons23:39
th1aIs there something in particular that would make this feel more sprint-like, aelkner?23:40
aelknera central branch that we all work with23:41
aelknerreplaceafill, change pushed23:41
th1aWell, we're a little behind with that but there is still plenty to do.23:42
replaceafilli've been happily merging your changes aelkner23:42
th1aThe western hemisphere has been sprinting.23:42
aelknerif you guys are happy, i'm happy23:42
th1aI'm not unhappy.23:43
th1aAnd look -- the h2 discussion we just had was extremely important.23:43
aelkneri just thought we were going to be working tighted with the pther hemisphere23:43
aelknertighter, other23:43
th1aWell, you guys weren't there this morning.23:43
replaceafillmy bad :(23:43
replaceafilli apologize23:44
aelkneri was, but the question was, 'any questions?'23:44
th1aApparently you had no questions.23:44
aelkneri suppose, when are we all going to be working on the same branch could have been the question23:44
aelknerbut never mind23:45
th1aOK, moving on.23:45
th1aBasically, on this pass we're not really worrying about the styling of the js widgetry.23:45
th1aWe just want to get the parts plugged in.23:46

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