IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-05-20

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david_hi aelkner00:46
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dadeng_hi aelkner11:54
dadeng_did u see my email?11:54
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aelknerreplaceafill, ayt?22:53
aelknercould you look at something for me please?22:53
aelkneri haven't pushed yet, but can soon so that you could see22:55
aelknerone sec22:55
aelknerreplaceafill, ok, here's the thing:22:58
aelkneri created a skin for the schooltool.courseinfo package22:58
replaceafillcan i ask why do you need a new skin?22:59
aelkneri'm not sure i do because I still don't understand how skins work23:00
aelkneri needed to override the schoolyear add view23:00
aelknerplease look at lp:~aelkner/schooltool/schooltool.courseinfo23:00
aelknerin the last comit, i created a skin and made it the default skin23:00
aelknerit has a courseinfo-specific layer23:01
aelkneri registered the schoolyear add view against it, but it passes all tests without hitting the pdb23:01
aelknerand tests always add a schoolyear23:01
replaceafillgive me a minute, i'll test23:01
replaceafillwhat a bunch of pdbs :D23:04
aelknerjust trying to get to one23:04
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aelknerfsufitch and i are imagining you scratching your head, saying, "why the heck is his not working"23:11
replaceafilldownloading eggs23:12
replaceafilli dont see why it's not working23:12
aelknerit looks like it should work, right?23:12
aelknerit's very frustrating because i did the same thing you did in schooltool.cambodia23:13
aelknerit just doesn't want to work for me23:13
* replaceafill should use an eggs cache...23:14
aelkneri don't either :)23:15
replaceafillfinished building :D23:15
replaceafillok, let's see23:15
replaceafillyep, i get the usual school year view in the browser23:16
replaceafillyou're registration is not being picked up!23:17
replaceafilllet me confirm23:17
aelknerwhen i got rid of the layer, it got the conflict, so it is picking it up23:17
replaceafillyep, confirmed23:17
replaceafillbut if insert a typo in the skin name the server starts...23:18
replaceafill<browser:defaultSkin name="SchoolToolCourseInfoa" />23:18
replaceafillcan you confirm that?23:18
replaceafilland cambodia won't start if i do the same23:19
replaceafilllet's see why not...23:19
aelkneri'm sure there's ust one more thing i need to do, but what is the question23:20
replaceafillhow did you set up this?23:21
replaceafillas a plugin?23:21
aelkneris it a plugin?23:22
replaceafilli'm asking you23:22
aelknerno, i understand, but i guess it should be23:22
replaceafilli see cambodia is registered differently23:22
replaceafillcheck setup.py23:22
replaceafilland cambodia has all this crap:23:23
replaceafill  <include package="schooltool.common" />23:23
replaceafill  <include package="z3c.autoinclude" file="meta.zcml" />23:23
replaceafill  <includePlugins package="schooltool" file="plugin.zcml" />23:23
replaceafill  <include package="schooltool.timetable" />23:23
replaceafill  <include package="schooltool.basicperson" />23:23
replaceafilli wonder if that's related to the plugin not being registered...23:23
aelknerperhaps includePlugins is necessary23:24
aelkneri added the first three lines you just mentioned above, no help23:27
aelknerhow is different in cambodia?23:27
replaceafillit has an entry point23:29
replaceafillfor the configuration23:29
aelknerbut here's the thing23:29
aelknerwe need this to be pluggable into a cando instance in the end23:29
aelkneralso, do you know what it means to set the instance type to
aelkneri guess it uses that as the starting configure.zcml, right?23:31
aelknerif i change, i need to do bin/buildout, right?23:32
aelknerstill doesn't get to the view23:33
aelkneri added this to entry_points:23:34
aelkner        [schooltool.instance_type]23:34
aelkner        schooltool.courseinfo = schooltool.courseinfo23:34
aelknercambodia puts its entry point in app, but we don't even have an app package23:35
aelknerdependency links?23:41
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replaceafillok, do you have a cambodia running?23:42
replaceafill   raise ComponentLookupError(interface, name)23:42
replaceafillzope.configuration.config.ConfigurationExecutionError: <class 'zope.component.interfaces.ComponentLookupError'>: (<InterfaceClass zope.publisher.interfaces.browser.IBrowserSkinType>, u'SchoolToolCourseInfoa')23:42
replaceafill  in:23:42
replaceafill  File "/home/replaceafill/.sandboxes/schooltool.courseinfo/src/schooltool/courseinfo/configure.zcml", line 27.2-27.5423:42
replaceafill    <browser:defaultSkin name="SchoolToolCourseInfoa" />23:42
aelkneri can't get cambodia to run23:43
aelkneri tried pulling your branch23:43
aelknerbut your buildout.cfg has local checkouts of schooltool and schooltool.gradebook23:43
replaceafillhere's what i've found23:44
aelknerdevelop = . schooltool replaceafill_schooltool.gradebook23:44
aelkneranyway, i'm all ears23:44
replaceafillwhen you create an instance with your package, the school.zcml file references schooltool.standard23:44
replaceafillcan you see that?23:44
replaceafillwhy it's schooltool.standard, i have no **** idea23:45
replaceafillbut in cambodia, that line gets to: schooltool.cambodia.app23:45
replaceafillso all the configuration in takes place23:45
replaceafilli forced your skin to work by:23:45
replaceafillchanging the instance/school.zcml file to point to schooltool.courseinfo23:46
replaceafilland add the lines we talked about above to configure.zcml23:46
aelknerand to, right?23:46
replaceafilli didnt touch setup.py23:46
aelknerbut that's where the instance type is set23:47
replaceafillbut the problem it's there23:47
aelknerbut school.zcml is a generated file23:47
aelknerbut tests don't use school.zcml, do they?23:48
aelknerare you saying that you get to the pdb now when you bin/test?23:48
replaceafillah no, make run23:48
replaceafilllet me see the test23:48
replaceafilltests still pass23:50
replaceafillbut the ftests are using the basic person skin...23:50
aelknerah ha23:51
replaceafillif i change the tests to use the courseinfo skin i get to the pdb23:51
aelknerso that's it then23:51
replaceafill    TypeError: ('Not enough context information to get parent', <zope.browserpage.metaconfigure.SchoolYearAddView object at 0xa0e4090>)23:51
aelknerthat's if you continue on from the pdb, right?23:52
replaceafilli changed the basicperson skin to the courseinfo skin in the ftesting.zcml23:52
replaceafilli ran bin/test23:52
replaceafilland i got to the pdb23:52
replaceafillbut you dont need to declare courseinfo if your registration works correctly23:53
replaceafillwhich in your case doesnt23:53
aelknerthat view class is broken, if i get rid of the __init__ and __call__, it would work better23:53
aelkneri'm changing the __call__ method to call super as it should to see if that fixes it23:56

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