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th1areplaceafill:  I need your invoice.17:56
replaceafillth1a ah yes, i'm going to the mall to scan my receipts17:57
th1aDo you plug your laptop into a display model?17:57
replaceafillno, i use their multifunctional scanner17:58
th1aI was joking.  ;-)17:58
th1aDid you get any jquery fun in yesterday?17:58
th1aWe're all going to be very curious about this...17:58
replaceafillyes, i read the docs for the modal stuff17:59
replaceafilltoday i'm going to try to do what yvl suggested yesterday17:59
replaceafillhaving a button that creates the form17:59
th1aYou could just do like "Add group" or something.18:00
replaceafillyes, something simple to start18:00
th1aSee any gotchas?18:06
replaceafillmy only question is: should we load the form in the same page or call another page that returns the forms body18:07
replaceafillusually the form is hidden in the page18:07
th1aYeah, I'd do that.18:07
replaceafillwhen you click the button, it shows18:07
th1aIt is simpler, right?18:08
th1aJust potentially a bit slower.18:08
replaceafillbut we could also use ajaxy methods to retrieve content18:08
replaceafillbut yes, the hidden form is easier18:08
th1aLet's go with easier, definitely.18:11
th1aNo premature optimization.18:11
replaceafillmenesis are you around?18:20
* replaceafill needs to install natty...18:20
replaceafillth1a are you running natty?18:37
th1areplaceafill:  Yes.20:18
replaceafillah, never mind, i wanted to know the version of the natty package for jquery-ui, but i found it:
replaceafillth1a zyt?20:59
th1aahoy replaceafill.21:09
replaceafillclick New Group21:09
th1aSo... thoughts on the process?21:10
replaceafill1. validation21:10
replaceafillclient side/server side21:10
replaceafillclient side: hightligth stuff, etc21:11
th1aWe don't reall do client side at all now, right?21:11
replaceafillthe gradebook a little, i guess21:11
th1aBut not in general.21:11
th1aSo this actually makes that easier?21:11
replaceafilli think we need to define a general way to do it21:12
replaceafillwhat i've done is still a hacky solution21:12
replaceafill2. translations21:12
th1aback to 1.21:12
replaceafillah ok21:12
th1aDo we NEED better client side validation for this to work?21:12
th1aOr does it just suggest also improving client side validation?21:13
replaceafillclick on New Group and not enter a title21:13
replaceafilland hit Add21:13
th1aThat's client side.21:14
replaceafill*that* is javascript21:14
th1aOtherwise, I'd get a new page with an error message?21:14
th1aOr, you'd need to write a whole error view.21:14
th1aOr something nasty.21:14
th1aIt would be worse than just keeping the old way.21:15
replaceafillwhat i'd like to do is what yvl said21:15
replaceafillour current forms21:15
replaceafillbut taking only the <form></form> part21:15
replaceafilland letting the form to render21:16
th1aHm.  OK, I see.21:16
th1aWould that be loaded via ajax?21:16
replaceafillyes, well, jquery provides a .load() method that you can use like:21:16
replaceafilland you can specify ids and parts21:17
replaceafilllike '#content-body form'21:17
th1aSo then our "old" server side validation would be usable.21:18
replaceafillbut we have to sync stuff like the form label and button labels21:19
th1aOK.  So that's really probably an easier path.21:19
th1aIs that dialog generated by the interface or just hardcoded?21:20
th1ayour group prototype.21:20
replaceafillthe form is hardcoded in the template21:20
th1aEventually it should be generated from the interface, right?21:20
th1aLike the other forms?21:20
th1aWell... unless we just use the same forms, I guess.21:21
replaceafillif the form uses z3c.form we can create a new view, use the same class and just a different template that spits <form></form>21:22
replaceafillin this case, the group add form uses
th1aThis doesn't seem too deadly.21:22
replaceafilli'm here to experiment, right? :P21:22
th1aI'm not criticizing.21:23
replaceafillwill try to do that: z3c stuff21:23
replaceafilljust to compare21:23
th1aSo what about adding straight confirmations?21:24
th1aIs that easy?21:24
replaceafillsame deal, all the dialogs use the same api, being just popups, confirmation, forms, etc21:24
replaceafilli mean, same jquery ui api21:24
replaceafillyou just define different parameters when you call $('...').dialog()21:25
th1aI guess in some cases we'll have to decide if we're going to completely eliminate the "standard" version of the dialog.21:29
th1aOooh... jquery wizard plugins... shiny...21:30
th1aMust resist...21:30
replaceafillwe're not going to replace big form with this idea, right?21:31
replaceafilllike the add form for persons?21:31
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th1aProbably not add persons.21:54
* th1a was just talking to welsh.21:54
replaceafilli hope we get rid of old zcml directives <addform> <editform> <menuItem> for the next release21:55
* replaceafill goes to scan his receipts23:03
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