IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2011-05-12

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th1ahi fsufitch.21:23
fsufitchth1a: hello21:23
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th1aDid you get my message re:aelkner & skype?21:23
aelknerfsufitch, hey21:24
th1afsufitch:  How are your jquery skillz?21:24
fsufitchdecent, ive been playing with jquery a bunch21:24
fsufitchit's fun21:24
fsufitchaelkner: hi21:24
th1aI need you to teach aelkner.21:24
fsufitchalso, th1a, you *do* know that Skype is now technically microsoft tech, right?21:24
fsufitch(oh no i said the M word)21:24
aelkneri saw, that sucks21:25
th1aThey were always evil.21:25
fsufitchnot *that* evil, they have a linux version21:25
th1aActually, Google Voice video chat works just as well on Linux, iirc.21:25
fsufitchdon't know how that's going to keep up with MS with the reins21:25
fsufitchit's not a standalone app though, i would prefer if it was21:25
th1aThe Linux version is already way behind for skype.21:25
fsufitchreally? i didn't know...21:26
th1aIt is like version 2.x vs 5.x21:26
fsufitchoh. well then.21:27
th1aAnyhow, just try to get it going for him.21:27
aelknerth1a, btw, should we have score systems for absences and tardies?21:28
aelkneror just the number21:28
th1aJust the number.21:28
aelknerok, thanks21:28
aelkneri'll have screenshots tonight21:28
aelkneroh, and i look forwrad to learning jquery very soon21:29
aelkneri want to get these tasks out of the way first though21:29
th1aI'm just preparing you.21:30
th1aYou guys should try to do one of those as part of your sprint.21:30
aelknerfsufitch, at this point, we had solved the crashes with the add form21:31
aelkneri guess you should be working on the tests right now21:32
aelkneris that right?21:32
fsufitchaelkner: yeah, that's what i was doing21:32
fsufitchth1a: that looks pretty cool, but i have no idea how that is going to integrate with z3c.form21:32
aelknerwhat looks cool?21:32
fsufitchthe jquery modal form21:33
th1aThe modal form.21:33
aelknerah, i'm just reading it now21:34
aelknerwell, we'll definitely want to get that going during the sprint21:35
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aelknerreplaceafill, hey22:10
replaceafillhey aelkner22:10
aelknerthanks for responding to the post update updating grades22:11
aelknerabout, i mea22:11
replaceafillsure, i remembered we discussed that with jelkner22:12
aelknerhow did you manage to dig up that chat from two years ago?22:12
aelkneri see, i didn't know that the logs where all visited like that, but now i guess it's obvous they wold be22:12
aelkneranyway, i wanted your opinion about another question from my post22:13
aelknerthe one regarding the calculation of the grade22:13
* replaceafill opens aelkner's email22:13
aelkneri suggested changing the order of the calculation so that the float part stays unitl the end22:14
aelkneri'm getting 9.70 when i need 9.6722:14
aelkneri can do it as part of my working branch22:14
replaceafilllet me see the code so i can follow you22:14
aelkneri just wanted your thoughts22:14
replaceafillaelkner +1 on moving the "%.2f" out of there22:16
aelknercool, will do22:16
th1aMath bugs shouldn't even require discussion.  ;-)22:18
replaceafillaelkner i wonder how that change will affect existing external activites22:31
replaceafillalthough i assume not many people use them...22:32
th1aWe don't have to be backward compatible with incorrect math.22:32
aelknerth1a, but you can see why i asked, it at least have replaceafill pause :)22:38
aelkneri hate typing sometimes22:38
th1aaelkner should get skype running.22:38
aelknerwhy, is there a tele-conference i'm missing?22:39
th1aThen you can stop typing.22:40
aelkneryeah, i wish22:41
th1aUnfortunately the Linux client doesn't do group videoconferencing, though.22:41
replaceafillmy skype for 64 bits is really unstable22:42
aelknerth1a, should zero absences or tardies come up as 0 or blank?22:45
aelknerblank would highlight hose who do have one or the other22:46
aelknerif that is the kind of behaviour you would want22:46
th1aWe don't specifically make people present, right?22:47
th1aWell -- in the gradebook it should be 0.22:47
aelknergiving them a number instead of a or t means they were present22:47
aelkneri guess22:47
aelkner0 it is22:47
replaceafilli think i've abused the word Custom in my class names :D23:50

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