IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2011-05-05

fsufitchaelkner: ping, how do i manage radio fields?00:07
fsufitchthe yes/no elective option00:07
aelknerin an example where the following test is true:00:10
aelkner    >>> manager.printQuery("id('content-body')//td/input")00:10
aelkner    <input type="radio" name="LINK_SECTION" value="section_3" />00:10
aelkner    <input type="radio" name="LINK_SECTION" value="section_4" />00:10
aelknerthis is the code to choose the radio button:00:10
aelkner>>> manager.getControl(name="LINK_SECTION").value = ["section_4"]00:10
fsufitchwhy a list?00:11
aelknerthat's the way zope's Browser class wotks with list controls like checkboxes and radio buttons00:11
aelkneri know why you ask, since only one radio button can be clicked at a time00:11
aelknerbut that's just the way the Browser class wants it00:12
aelknerbtw, it can be handy to use xpath tests to see what list controls are rather than using serve() and firebug00:13
aelknerlike the test above does00:14
fsufitchhmm, i dont think CourseInfoValueList is working as it should00:22
fsufitchTypeError: Field ``requirements`` of type ``CourseInfoValueList`` must provide ``IFromUnicode``.00:22
fsufitchemail you the diff, or commit?00:22
aelknergo ahead and commit/push00:23
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fsufitchaelkner: ping?00:33
aelknerfsufitch, i sent you a diff to apply00:54
fsufitchwhat was wrong?00:54
aelknerping me after you apply it so we can discuss the diff00:54
aelknerfirst off, i had to create a custom dataconverter like did with enum fields00:55
aelknermine is much simpler because it doesn't have FormatterDataERrors00:55
aelkneri mean, FormatterValidationError00:55
aelknernote that i added the file headers to the py files00:56
aelknerwe need that aith all our py files00:56
aelkneralso, please make sure that all source files end with a new line character00:56
aelknersee the final line of, i had to add the newline, also to README.txt00:57
aelkneralso, when clicking add buttons, when you expect to return to the other view00:58
aelknerif you entered invalid data, the form will have errors00:58
aelknerso you can put an xpath test for the errors div right after the 'Add' click00:59
aelknerthat can be part of your permanent tests00:59
aelknercall up the add form, fill in nothing, click 'Add'00:59
aelknerxpath test the errors div to demonstrate which fields are required01:00
aelknerthen fill then in with invalid data, click 'Add' again, test that those errors come out01:00
aelknerthat will keep you busy, and it will make for a good final test01:00
aelkneralso, when you can't figure out why the container view hasn't come up, you'll know right away01:01
fsufitchok, will do01:04
fsufitchaelkner: super tired, feel like im going to spontaneously fall asleep01:59
fsufitchim setting off now01:59
fsufitchi'll finish up and commit/push tonight after taking a nap01:59
fsufitchthanks for all the help!01:59
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algath1a: AYT?19:06
algaHave you heard about the latest developments at Ignas's startup?19:12
algaTheir latest bet is that a private Facebook clone is what universities need19:13
algathought you might be interested19:14
th1aHi alga.19:14
th1aWell... I wouldn't want to try to run that sort of thing as a business.19:16
algatrue :)19:18
th1aIt is a messy kind of market.19:18
algaI guess the SIS market is messier :)19:23
algaa not too conservative uni might just pay for a modern LMS/communication tool mashup19:25
th1aIt's just a narrow band between a school LMS and "just use facebook."19:38
ignasjust as narrow as a band between a CRM  and facebook :) which is wide enough for yammer to fit into19:40
ignasif we are cloning anything, it's probably yammer not facebook really19:44
algaignas: did you know that the last mention of ututi in #schooltool logs was in 2009? :)19:48
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mattva01hey guys, I'm having a weird issue23:51
mattva01I set up schooltool-cando  from the lucid ppa, but it won't start23:52
mattva01the paste log shows23:52
mattva01Reading configuration from /etc/schooltool/schooltool-cando/main.conf chooltool: 'rest-access-log-file' is not a known key name chooltool: 'rest-access-log-file' is not a known key name (line 47 in file:///etc/schooltool/schooltool-cando/main.conf) Reading configuration from /etc/schooltool/schooltool-cando/main.conf schooltool: 'rest-access-log-file' is not a known key name (line 47 in file:///etc/schooltool/schooltool-cando/main.conf) Readin23:52
mattva01any idea what's going on?23:53
mattva01removing that line from the config makes it work fine23:57

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