IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-04-29

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fsufitchaelkner: ping!21:08
aelknerhey fsufitch21:09
aelknerhow's it going?21:09
aelknerare you home?21:09
fsufitchat gmu, it's too hard to focus on work at home21:09
fsufitch(what with having a gaming PC next to me and all)21:09
aelknergood thinking, create a work environment21:10
aelknerso how' the connectivitiy21:10
fsufitchit's good, i might drop now and then because it needs me to authenticate again, but other than that it shouldnt cause problems21:10
aelknerso where did you leave off?21:11
fsufitchuhmm, after the small commit last time21:11
fsufitchi had to go urgently...21:11
aelknerdo you remember what you're doing next?21:12
* fsufitch is looking up chat logs21:13
aelknerwell, we have to pick one to start with21:18
aelknerwhat was it, proposed courses container view?21:18
aelknerand you needed to create a test-only view to put some courses in it21:18
fsufitchproposed and current courses, and a dummy test-only view that adds courseinfos21:18
aelknerwell, let's just go with proposed for now21:19
aelknerbut yes21:19
aelknerdo you have any questions before you start21:19
fsufitchnope, i can look at the logs from last time, and what i need to do is pretty clear21:19
aelkneras always, if i don't respond to ping, please call me21:20
aelkneri don't want to waste any of your limited time here21:20
fsufitchok :)21:23
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replaceafillth1a let me know when you're done with the new so i can translate it to spanish :)22:26
fsufitchaelkner: ping22:52
aelknerfsufitch, tsup?22:52
fsufitchis there a way to count how many nodes an xpath got a hit on? (i'm writing the ftest for this and that would be really useful)22:53
aelknerwe have two methods that are useful22:53
aelkneryou are probably using printQuery which does not help you for what you're asking22:54
fsufitchyeah i was using printQuery22:54
aelknerqueryHTML returns a list22:54
aelknerthat's the one you want for that specific purpose22:54
fsufitchsame syntax as printQuery?22:54
aelknerprintQuery is the one we use 98% of the time22:54
aelkneri also have used queryHTML in the rare case where i want to extract values from the page22:55
aelknerlike link urls22:55
aelknerbut again, it's the exception, not the rule22:56
fsufitchwait so i can't use printQuery to get the href of an <a> tag?23:07
replaceafillfsufitch, if you want an attribute, like href, finish your expression with .../@href23:12
fsufitchokay, cool23:13
aelkneryeah, that's what i meant by extracting a link23:24
fsufitchaelkner: ping23:42
fsufitchim getting a strange error when i try to run the test-only view23:42
fsufitchForbiddenAttribute: ('__getitem__', <schooltool.courseinfo.courseinfo.ProposedCourseInfoContainer object at 0xe562eac>)23:43
replaceafillfsufitch do you have a <class ...> declaration in you zcml for that container?23:48
fsufitchwhoops, i do not23:49
replaceafillyou can check any container for an example23:50
replaceafillschoolyear, course, section, etc23:50
fsufitchi did, trying it now23:54
fsufitchforgot containers have to be defined in zcml23:54
fsufitchreplaceafill: what does teh <require> directive do?23:57
replaceafilldefines the permission needed to access whatever you specify with it23:58
replaceafillrequires this permission to access this on this23:58
fsufitcher... i meant in the context of embedding it within <class>23:58
replaceafillZCML Reference23:58
replaceafill"Indicate that the a specified list of names or the names in a given Interface require a given permission for access."23:59

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